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L & K Enterprises (DBA)

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Mr *** came in to take a look at this Mazda Speed3, took it for a test drive and proceeded with finalizing the purchaseThe car has just over 100K miles on it, so we explained to him there is no NYS lemon law warranty on the car because of high mileage, and told him several times this would be
an saleWith that said, the car still had to pass NYS emissions and safety inspections which we explained to Mr***He was more than happy with the car and the purchase at the point of saleWhen he called me to tell me he was having an issue with the car, I kindly told him that my shop will be more than happy to take a look at the car, and the light that popped up on the dashWe did not turn him awayThe car was never brought back to the shop for a diagnosis, and then I received a phone call a couple weeks later, saying that the motor blew and I needed to fix itI explained that it was not our fault, and that we could cover half of the labor cost to get fixed whatever was needed out of pure compassionHe declined the offer, and demanded a refund or a motor replacementThe purchase agreement/bill of sale and buyers guide Mr *** has, and we have a copy of, both show this being an saleThis car drove well upon sale, and with the nature of it being a “tuner” car, there is no telling what the car has been through since it left our lot

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Address: 688 State Fair Blvd, Syracuse, NY, 13209


(610) 565-9202
(315) 487-2949

Website: https://www.strategicclaims.net/

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