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L & L Evergreen, Inc.

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User Reviewer12808315

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID *** and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meThank you, I couldn't believe my eyes when I went into the backyard yesterday!!!
*** ***

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User Reviewer11047233

*** *** *** ***
*** *** *** *** *** *** **
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*** ** * *** To whom it may concern at the Revdex.com and Mr* *** *** I have received a letter of complaint regarding a
*** Spruce to be replaced at Highland Ave in Norwalk, Ct. I am writing to let you know that the tree has been replaced today, June 15, 2017. Please note the tree was replaced within the one year guarantee time and all watering to obtain the health of the tree is required and the responsibility of the homeownerWe will not be returning to the residence to water the replaced treeIt took a little longer than expected to replace the tree as availability of plant material and a work crew is dependent upon the weather and time in the day to provide the maintenance and landscaping needs of every customer

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User Reviewer13145206

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:I personally picked up the plants and had my landscaper, who does a very large amount of work with L&L plant themThis is not the issueThe issue is that I went back weeks after the plants were planted to ask what I could do to help the plants surviveI was told by the owner, *** *** , who gave me his business card, that he should be getting more in before fall and HE WOULD REPLACE THEM NO CHARGEIn fact, I asked if I should bring the bad plants back and he told me"throw them out"I went back when I was told that the plants would be in "next week"It is true I stopped back and called way to many times, because I was told every week, "next week"This went on until Thank- giving when *** told me that I would have to wait until next springI asked for a note or some form of letter regarding the replacement, *** said" DON'T WORRY I WILL NOT FORGET"When spring came around I kept on getting the same run around until I was told, "that I was not getting these replacements without payingThere was no discussion or offer of larger plants, only that the ones that I previously bought were coming back in and to wait.This issue is about offering a customer a replacement, advising the customer to discard the original plants and then backing out on his word to replace
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User Reviewer6229478

Complaint ID#:    [redacted]Company Name:    L & L Ever-Green Inc.Company Contact Name:    [redacted]Company Contact Phone:   [redacted]Company Contact Email:   [redacted]Consumer's Name:   [redacted]...

[redacted]Revdex.com Staff Member (if you know):    **No Response**Complaint Information:    Mr[redacted] landscaper purchased plant material from L & L Ever-Green for a job he was doing for Mr[redacted]. We are a wholesale nursery and at the bottom of the invoice, which Mr[redacted] doesn't have, it clearly states, "as we have no control over conditions after the plants leave our nurseries, we will not replace any plant that fails to thrive or live, nor refund any money. Acceptance of our nursery at time of sale is considered to be proof of good health and survivability of these plants. There is no further warranty, expressed or implied. We do not accept returns. Once a product leave the nursery, it will be considered non-returnable." A wholesale plant nursery sells plants to landscapers at a discounted price, who in turn, plant the shrubs and trees at their customers homes. The landscaper is responsible for any problems after they plant the shrubs or trees, not L & L Ever-Green. If L & L Ever-Green had planted the material, then it would've come with a 1 year guarantee. That was not the case. Mr[redacted] called this nursery every week, sometimes two times a day but we did not have the size he was looking for that his landscaper previously purchased from us. When he came into the nursery in May, we did not have the size plant material that he was looking for. We do not always have the same sizes or types of plants every month and year as our vendors vary and so does supply and demand. Mr[redacted] got very upset when he was offered a larger plant size that he would have to pay for. Mr[redacted] was told and should speak with his landscaper who planted the material, as it is out of our hands. Sent on:     6/23/2016 2:47:04 PM

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