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Review: Just over 2 weeks ago, ( I believe it was December 1, 2014), I took my 2004 Chevrolet Impala to LMP Au[redacted]otive, 4106 Clark Ave, Cleveland Ohio 44109. The week before I had spoken with the owner [redacted] in regards to my vehicle. It was experiencing problems with the anti lock brake system, the traction control system, these were making the vehicle unsafe to drive as the brakes were acting erratically . [redacted] told me that he needed to use computer diagnostics to pinpoint the troubles with these systems. The speedometer was also acting erratically, but not a concern as it did work sporadically, and did not make the vehicle unsafe. [redacted] also assured me that his mechanics were very competent and that they sometimes were able to fix problems of this nature during the diagnostics, citing the possibility of shorted wire and various other potential problems. The diagnostics he stated would be $125.00 and that they could spend anywhere from 2 - 4 hours waiting for codes to generate and be deciphered.

He called me later that day and gave me a verbal estimate of parts he would need to replace. His original verbal estimate included an anti lock brake vacuum pump and installation (wrote these down but cannot find the original paper) I believe this was in the area of $500 parts and labor, an o2 sensor I believe was in the area of $ 300 parts and labor, and replacement of the faulty instrument cluster (with the speedometer) 349 for the part and 200 labor for installation. I asked him for a couple of days to decide as I was looking at new vehicles and trying to make up my mind as to whether to keep this and sink money into it, or get some peace of mind and buy a new one. Well, as usual, I made the wrong choice. My vehicle still has problems with the anti lock brakes and traction control systems. I have still not picked up the vehicle, [redacted] is threatening civil action. [redacted] claims he will be filing a mechanic's lien to obtain title, He is demanding $1049.00, cash only no checks, no credit cards. [redacted] states he will start to charge $25 per day storage fee, and will initiate the mechanic's lien filings if I do not pick up my car by tomorrow morning.

The vehicle in question is a 2004 Chevrolet Impala VIN#: [redacted].Desired Settlement: I would like to have my old parts put back onto the vehicle. I would prefer not to have any out of pocket expenses, but if necessary the computer diagnostics would be paid if he were to provide me with a written report of his diagnostic analysis.



Mr. [redacted] called me to perform diagnostics for multiple issues w his 2004 Chevy Impala. The Check engine light was on. The Traction Control light was on. The ABS light was on. The were multiple EVAP system codes. The horn did not work. The speedometer did not work. I did the diagnostics for a reduced rate of $125.00. The standard application for the fee is $125.00 diagnostic fee PER issue. 5 noted issues for $125.00. The actual time we had in diagnostics was well over 5 hours. I called Mr. [redacted] with a very detailed work order and estimate of repairs. I have attached this work order to this e mail. That was on December 1st. He did not approve of the work until December 10. We stored the car and waived the $25.00 a day storage fee. That alone was a savings of $250.00. When we spoke on the phone I provided a very detailed estimate, which Mr. [redacted] stated in his complaint that he cannot find. I explained that all the electrical parts were not returnable once they were installed. And that the speedometer cluster, which did not work, had to be given back to the parts supplier so there would be no core charge. A core charge is money added to the part until the old part is returned. This is charged by the part supplier, not me. He verbally approved of all the estimated repairs. No where is there any type of quote to repair the ABS, anti lock brake system. I went over each job individually. I clearly stated the part. Its cost. The amount the labor charge would be. And the tax. I did each job individually so Mr. [redacted] could pick and choose the repairs his budget would allow. He verbally, on the phone approved of all the quoted repairs. After this he continued to demand that more work be done. He wanted us to test a replacement seat he was going to purchase. I agreed to this, at no charge. Typical fee is $75.00 He wanted an estimate for the rust repairs. Mr. [redacted] wanted the brakes inspected. I agreed to this, at no charge. The typical fee is $20.00. Once all the repairs were done and confirmed, horn working, Check engine light off, Evap system functioning correctly, speedometer working correctly, that is when Mr. [redacted] began his attempt to not pay for the repairs because the ABS light and traction control light were still on. It is clearly stated on the repair order that NO ABS work was quoted. As of 12/18 , before 10: 00AM Mr. [redacted] contacted me and authorized the repairs to be done on the ABS system. He filed this complaint two hours AFTER he gave me approval to make the ABS repairs. This clearly show that Mr [redacted] had no intentions on paying the bill. He was going to try to pay w a credit card. I knew he would dispute the claim, essentially having all the repairs made and not paying for them. A this point Mr. [redacted] owes me $1.095.97, $475.00 in storage. And another $250.00 dollars in diagnostics he wanted done AFTER he filed this complaint. That's a total of $1,820.97. I also gave Mr. [redacted] two new horns, my cost of $38.00, no charge. A factory gas cap, my cost $32.00, no charge. A front end wheel alignment, my cost of $60.00, no charge. I will give him until Monday December 29 to pay the $1,820.97 , in cash, or I will apply for the title of the vehicle, and seek further restitution in small claims court. Also there is no anti lock brake vacuum pump part that exists. The quote for the instrument cluster, clearly stated on the bill, is one price. Not part cost and labor as Mr [redacted] stated. Mr. [redacted] stated in his complaint " Well as usual I made the wrong decision. " shows his negligence in the handling of this matter. As of today, I will no longer talk or discuss this matter with him, unless its through a neutral party. [redacted] Jr.LMP Automotive, Inc.

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Description: Auto Repair & Service

Address: 4106 Clark Ave, Cleveland, Ohio, United States, 44109-1130


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