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L & W Investigations, Inc.

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My firm was contracted by L&W to do work which was completed. L&W acknowledges our good work, but hasn't paid our invoice that is 15 months past due.On 09/17/2012, L&W asked my company, Blue Eagle, to perform investigative work in Kansas City (see attached email).On 09/18/2012, I corresponded with [redacted] and [redacted] regarding other outstanding invoices. They assured me they would pay the invoices immediately and to please start this new investigation. (see attached emails).On 09/19-21/2012, Blue Eagle completed the investigative work and invoiced L&W $1,162.50. (see invoice)Despite repeated emails/phone calls/reminders, L&W has failed to pay this invoice.On 10/18/2013, I corresponded with [redacted], the [redacted] for L&W. She assured me that they appreciated our work and would pay the invoices.Later that day, she stated via email "OK... while I know that the main issue is the invoice for $1,162.50, I am unable to put any check on the check log for payment without a second signature, and the boss is not in today" (see attached email)On 10/23/2013, [redacted] stated via email "...The invoice is fine - don't misunderstand me - the work was very good, and the invoice is fair..." She further stated that since their client had not paid them, they were unable to pay us. She offered to pay 1/2 the invoice. (see attached email)Our agreement with L&W does not include whether or not they get paid by their own client. It is not relevant if they have not been paid. They need to pay our invoice in full for the work they acknowledge is good.Desired SettlementPayment in full of $1,162.50.Business Response Contact Name and Title: L&W Investigations Inc.Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXFirst [redacted] is listed as contact.Mr.[redacted] has never been Mr.[redacted] contact,talked to him on any occasion.Attached is an email from [redacted] with L&W dated October 15th 2013,asking for his current P.I. license as the one we have has expired.We do not pay any vendors that do not provide current license and Insurgence that is required by the state the perform our work in.Also L&W has made payments on several cases worked prior to this case in question and have fully paid Blue Eagle.Also attached is the signed code of conduct personal signed by Mr.[redacted].It clearly lays out licensing requirements and rules of conduct.Many of these rules have been violated as we have been told by many Investigators Blue Eagle has disparage L&W in the industry.Also attached is an email on October 23rd 2013 where L&W explains our client would only pay 54% of invoice.Offering to pay Blue Eagle the same percent to them equaling $627.75.I was told they said ok and we put check in for processing. L&W was then served with a law suit in small claims court dated October 18th 2013 suing for the entire amount of invoice plus cost.Blue Eagle never disclosed this when making a deal for 54% of the invoice.When Blue Eagle was contacted asking them to dismiss this suit due to the agreed amount owed they refused.Meaning we would not only pay them the amount agreed but still would be in court over the remaining balance.Blue Eagle was fully aware that the Summons was on the way when they accepted our offer not disclosing we would still be sued in their local jurisdiction in Kansas.L&W still is willing to pay the agreed to amount to Blue Eagle of $627.75. Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Blue Eagle's was one of the first company's ever licensed in Kansas, and our license is and has always been current and in good standing.The work in question was completed in September 2012. We have not worked with L&W since that time due to their inability to honor their payments. So the email referred to on October 15th 2013 (over 1 year AFTER) we last worked for L&W is a mute point.Blue Eagle has not violated any of the rules of conduct. Our reputation in this industry is impeccable, and we do not ever "disparage" other firms in our field, regardless of their ineptness and/or refusal to pay for "good work".We now know that L&W was, in fact, paid by their own client for the work Blue Eagle did. Regardless of this payment, however, L&W needs to pay Blue Eagle in full. Nowhere in our signed agreement with L&W does it state or even suggest that L&W will only pay an invoice after it is paid by their client.Blue Eagle has been more than patient with L&W, as this invoice is over 15 months past due. Legal action was our only recourse when L&W refused to remit payment in full. Their offer to pay 54% was going to be accepted AS A DOWNPAYMENT - it was never accepted as full payment, as our correspondence with L&W clearly shows. Our civil action will be withdrawn when, and only when, we receive payment in full.Final Business Response The fact is no one has ever called into question Blue Eagles reputation.But we still needed the current license and Insurance,the one we had was simply expired. And as Blue Eagle has referenced they have contacted our client causing damage.And clearly in the contract they signed it is a breach.And what did they say to the client?They state they know we where paid,how do they know that?Next we never agreed to a down payment it was a fair settlement and because of our lack of payment from our client.Blue Eagle did breach their agreement with L&W when they contact our client,not theirs.L&W was the client.This is a serious breach with long damaging results.Also keep in mind Blue Eagle filed on October 13th 2013 a small claims action in Kansas against L&W.Never making us aware during settlement discussions.And yes by the agreement you are also in default for any conversations about L&W and our contract clearly says so.

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Description: Investigators

Address: 182 Turnpike Rd, Suite 101, Westborough, Massachusetts, United States, 01581-2834


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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with L & W Investigations, Inc., but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

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