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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2017/11/28) */
My name is Lashawn and I'm responding to [redacted] complaint against the service she made a complaint about. Above is text messages between she and I. The grey text is from [redacted] the green is from Lashawn.
[redacted] as she...

stated came into the salon asking for a sew in with her own hair. We discussed options and she with her own choice decided to get a wig made in August 2017 After about 2 to 2/12 months later she called just hollering and threatening about her combs had came loose and can I fix them. I said sure. We arranged a day to meet right away to retighten the combs and I kept the appointment until she later retexted the message printed above that same evening from her saying I will no longer use your service because she thought I glued her wig, was her second complaint. She did not give me a chance to fix and show her that wasn't true , the wig was constructed on a sewing machine which is the best method why the labor cost is $200. After the text from [redacted] I still after that called many times that same day thereafter several times to show my concern to her because I love to warranty my work and it's hurt to see a customer disappointed. I stand on producing the best customer satisfaction. In my opinion [redacted] did not want it resolved because she would call me but each time I sent text and called several times to meet with her she would not pick up the phone nor respond to any text or call. Then she called again On a Sunday in October she called screaming in the phone with harsh threatening words about what she will do and saying I better take her wig down. I explained to her that it is Sunday and the salon is closed on Sunday and Monday. I then said to her I will make an exception and call her on FaceTime to show her how to remove the tracks from the wig. She agreed it was ok because she had FaceTime too. In 25 minutes after I got myself together I called several times and she again never answered my phone call or my text message. Then the last threatening text a week later was I'll be up to your shop and you are going to fix it with angered violent tones. I responded to the text and again calling and texting several times she wouldn't answer or reply. Then I received a call from the person who cleans the salon about an anger woman who came up there with threatening words and she took my business cards and left out. I called her and immediately she was screaming to the top of her lungs I'm reporting you to She was not in a calm state nor did she ask for assistance. Her mind was made up to resolve it with the only in my opinion. Please read the above text with me reaching out several times to her. but again she would
put forth a lot of anger instead of meeting with me fix the issue. She stated at first the wig fell apart, which is not true. The wig was constructed on a sewing machine which is the best stitch offered to wigs. Please think about my statement if the wig fell apart why did she ask me to remove the tracks from it because She did not know how to because that stitching is very small and tight. I'm claiming against her statement that if it was glued she could have easily removed it. She also added it fell apart, if it fell apart as she said there would be no need for me to remove the sewing machine stitches. she wanted a sew in instead and had a change of mind. My proof above shows me reaching out several times with several failed attempts from her not answering my calls or text messages. I called both her phone numbers that I have on file several times. Please tell me how this can be quickly resolved. I'm still here on her behalf as my intentions was from the beginning. She personally changed her mind. I provided her a good quality wig that was hand made by a sewing machine.
Thank you
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 8, 2017/11/29) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This is new as soon as I went to her shop and now I have a complaint she is being professional I paid her just like I paid for my extensions nothing but excuses what pain and suffering has there been for her I already discussed the text and so forth she has no merit with me I just want to receive my money for paying her for a bad service and the cost of my extensions I stated that before hand. Thanks
Final Business Response /* (4000, 11, 2017/12/18) */
In response to [redacted] complaint against me was done in pure spite. She wore the wig for two months before her first complaint and she only at first complained about the combs inside the wig had come loose. Next before allowing me to fix it she cancelled with the text message I previously provided saying I glued her wig and $200 was wasted down the drain. So I was unable due to her decision resolve her first problem. Most wig or sew in extension service will need maintenance or a touch up so I feel her complaint could have been easily fixed but she went straight to without her allowing me to help her. In spite of her being rude and disrespectful and full of rage I still reached out to resolve the matter. In my opinion she wanted to report me instead of letting me fix it.
From time to time it can be normal for clients to ask if something can be changed that they may not like. Clients don't usually run right to the to be spiteful. I over reached out to her many times and she denied my texts and several phone calls made to her. Next I just received a letter from which was unnecessary when I tried to fix it and she would never come back answer return my calls or texts. The wig was done on a sewing machine and professionally done. If there was an real issue she would have complained the same day instead she wore it two months then complained. I believe she changed her mind and wanted a sew in that's why she was in rage telling me I better take it down because it was too hard and tried to say it was done bad but the text messages proves that the wig wasn't glued and she wanted me to take it down for her due to her after two months changing her mind. This client wanted revenge and not resolve. I'm a fair responsible person who will never mistress anyone who trust my services but she did not allow me to fix it until she reached out to

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