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La-Z-Boy Reviews (28),Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. We definitely want to respond to our clients in a swift manner.We've contacted our client and issued their refund check already, and are having it overnighted to them to get it to them quicker. They were very happy with...

this result.Thank you so much for your time.[redacted]Store Manager at La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries in Champaign Illinois.Response to ID 12531988

Good afternoon,    I was unaware of this situation until I received this complaint, seeing [redacted] is a third party service provider. I have since been in contact with [redacted] and Comfort Care, La-Z-Boy's service department. They were in Contact with Mrs. [redacted] looking to...

repair or replace her chair and she stated"I don't even have the chair anymore, so don't bother"? I'm not sure how to proceed at this point as replacing a chair that she no longer has is no longer an option. This customer was provided a warranty from [redacted], and not La-Z-Boy. I'm not sure why her complaint is not with [redacted] themselves? Comfort Care's phone number is [redacted]. An [redacted] Representative will be happy to assist her further. With that being said, if anyone at the has a suggestion on how I should proceed at this point, with these circumstances, I am certainly open to any suggestions and eager to help this customer out as best as I am able. Please feel free to contact me using the info below.Regards Thomas [redacted] General manger     [redacted]     [redacted]    [redacted]

Review: May 6, 2013

Dear Sir:

My L A Z B O Y chair was delivered on Friday, May 3. I presumed it would have protective arms and head rest covers. I presumed wrong. On a call to customer Service (1-781-233-6599) I was told I could purchase a 3-piece set for $75. - the arm rests are not fitted - and pick up the set at the Saugus store. Having spent over $1,000 for the chair (receipt enclosed) my disbelief should be understandable. My hobby is quilting so I could certainly make the arms and head rests easily. Again to my dismay, the cost of a yard of fabric was quoted at $59.00. Is this your company's policy of customer satisfaction? It certainly isn't mine. Or -- were the costs misquoted? I look forward to hearing from you.


[redacted]Desired Settlement: a 3-piece set of protective arms and head rest covers




I have had a chance to review your complaint and thank you for your submission. Unfortunately, La-Z-Boy does not provide fitted arm covers for any of their chairs. That program was discontinued several years ago. You have the correct information, the covers are now a "napkin" style that is not fitted and they would be at a cost.

I wish I could give you better news that they would be free but they are no longer offered at no charge.

Thank you again,

Store Manager

Review: Sales Ticket Number: [redacted] Date of Purchase: 4/29/2014I am writing to voice my dissatisfaction with the customer service (lack of service to be more specific) provided by the staff of your [redacted] store. I have lost faith in dealing directly with them as the individuals I have spoken with have consistently failed to keep their promises on almost every occasion.I purchased a reclining couch and loveseat without center counsel, the couch was in stock and delivered on or about May 2 with no issues. Delivery driver and helper were polite and helpful.At the time of the purchase, the sales associate ([redacted]) indicated that the custom order loveseat without a center counsel would take about a month but they had to put down that it would be 4-6 weeks just in case. He indicated that someone would call to schedule a delivery within that time frame. Never happened.On 6-18 @ 11:15 AM I called the Newington store and spoke to [redacted] (sp?) inquiring as to when the loveseat I paid for would be delivered. She indicated she could not help me. I requested to speak with a manager at which time she indicated that the manager was busy with a customer that he would call me back in a few minutes. Never happened.At 1:37 pm on the same day I called and talked to [redacted] again and she indicated that the manager had left and she had me talk to a sales associate named [redacted]. I explained that I had paid for a loveseat and that I was not called as promised and that nobody thus far could tell me why it had not been delivered. He was able to determine that the fabric was back ordered and that the piece would probably be ready for deliver in early July. He scheduled a tentative delivery for 7-2. He also offered to credit me the cost of delivery ($99 plus tax) for all of my trouble. He indicated that when the final piece of furniture was delivered that all I had to do was call him at the store and he would process the refund to my credit card. A call to confirm all of this was promised. Never happened.On 7-1-2014 (afternoon) I called and spoke to [redacted] as [redacted] was not there. After checking, he indicated that the loveseat was available for delivery. I asked to schedule the delivery for the following week as I had made plans to work having not heard back from anyone to confirm delivery. He promised to call me by 4:30 that afternoon to confirm a day for delivery the following week. Never happened.Over the Holiday weekend (Saturday, 7-5) I got a call from a store representative to tell me that they could not deliver the loveseat any day the following week. We ultimately scheduled it for delivery on 7-25. The piece was delivered by 3 very polite and efficient young men.As instructed by [redacted], I called the store after the delivery and spoke to a [redacted]. She was vague about the whereabouts of [redacted] but insisted she could help me. I explained the whole story again and said that I simply wanted the delivery fee refund that was promised and to put the hassles behind me. She then informed me that it was store policy that I had to drive to the store to process the refund in person. I took exception to this as I felt that I had been inconvenienced enough by now. It is a minimum 20 minute drive to the store and I could not be assured that a manager would be there to process the refund. At that point I asked to speak to a manager and for a telephone number for corporate customer service. After being put on hold she informed me that she would be able to process a refund and she took all of my credit card information. She assured me twice that she would call me right back if there were any problems processing the transaction and that she would mail me a receipt as well. Never got a call. Never got a receipt.It has been 7 days since that conversation and I have checked my [redacted] account on line to see if anything had been processed. It has not.I cannot remember ever being lied to so much by so many different associates of what I believed to be a legitimate, reputable company. So far we are enjoying the product but have nothing good to say about the experience. I can honestly say that I will not recommend Lazboy furniture to anyone because of this. I am done calling the store ergo this long letter chronicling their lack of sincere response to reasonable requests. There were many opportunities for the store staff and management to recover from this but, simply put, they failed miserably to do so.All I want is for Lazboy to refund the delivery fee as promised.As a side note, as I have been forced to resort to type this all out, I will be forwarding this correspondence to any and all consumer protection agencies available i.e., Consumer Protection Agency, etc. I will tell my story to anyone who will listen at this point as I am that amazed at how poorly this store performed.Desired Settlement: Promised refund of delivery fees. $99.99 Plus Tax.



From: [redacted]

Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2014 9:12 AM

To: [email protected]

Subject: Fw: You have a New Message from Serving Connecticut Regarding Complaint #[redacted]

Please note that the business did contact me and apologized for the incidents leading up to the complaint and have provided the promised refund. I have confirmed with my credit card company that this was processed. Thank you for your help in resolving this matter.

Review: This is a customer service and product issue. Bought a new lazyboy power/message chair in early Dec 2014. Chair was delivered on 1/22/2015. On 1/23, the message and power would shut down at different times. Visited the store where the Asst Manager would not come over to assist in a resolution (which happened to be the original sales person). Did not even come over to apoligize. I was told by a new salesperson that I had to contact the service department where they would more than likely want to repair the chair. This is only a 3 day old chair. I am not willing to pay 1200.00 dollars for a chair that becomes refurbished after a repair. I was willing to exchange for another chair but again, the Asst Manager would not come over to work with me. Keeping the chair in not an option to me since it was over 1100 dollars. Your help would be appreciatedDesired Settlement: Willing to exchange for a chair without heat/message as I feel there is a defect with the heat/message and overage paid back to me or a total refund.



Customer purchased a massage power chair from our store on 12/7/14 during a special sales event. She paid $953 for the chair itself, $40 for fabric protection and $79 for delivery, for a total sale of $1147.04. Her salesperson was [redacted], who is also our Assistant Store Manager. The chair was ordered in for the customer and was delivered to her on 1/22/15.

On Sunday, 1/25/15, customer came into the store and because our salespeople are on an up system, the available salesperson, [redacted], greeted her. Customer began talking about how they got a chair that was defective and they were looking for a chair to replace it with. [redacted] approached our Assistant Store Manager, [redacted], and she explained that because she sold to her, she could not get involved in a service issue and that the customer would need to contact our customer service department. That is our policy. It is difficult for her to handle service issues for her own clients because it can be perceived as favoritism by other members of the sales force, so she is not allowed to intervene with clients that she sells to. Customer was clearly agitated and expected immediate answers to requests, but unfortunately, Sundays are the one day that our office and service staff is not available. [redacted] explained to the customer that a service issue would have to be handled by our service coordinator, [redacted]. He gave the customer her business card and hours that she can be reached.

Customer called [redacted] on Monday, 1/26 in the morning. Because this was purchased during a special sales event, [redacted] explained that returning the chair was not an option for the sales contract clearly stated that. Customer was told that we would honor the manufacturer’s warranty, but that an exchange or refund would not be an option. Customer requested a copy of the sales contract (they should have received a copy the day the purchased) and we made a copy and mailed it to the customer. We even scheduled a special house call to accommodate the client’s schedule outside of our normal house call days. Our service man is going out to see what might be the problem on Thursday, 1/29. This could be a simple issue that the connections are not tight enough, or could be something else, but until we have a chance to look at the chair, I have no way of determining that.

I have included a copy of the sales contract the customer signed and a copy of the back that states the terms of the sale. At this time, we will not be issuing a refund or an exchange to this customer. We are honoring the manufacturer’s warranty as per our contract (#7 Service Policy).

If you have any further question or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Store Manager

La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery

3859 South Street

Lafayette, IN 47905


F 765-446-8844

Review: My wife and I ([redacted] and [redacted] ordered a sectional from La-Z-Boy furniture. Of course, they take a while to make and ship. This we were aware of and OK with. After waiting for our product, it was finally delivered on November 1, 2013. There are 7 pieces to our sectional. Out of the 7 pieces three items were either broke or missing parts. On November 2nd, after a few phone calls to the store, a service tech did arrive at the house to look at/fix the sectional. The technician was able to fix 2 of the items, but 1 piece remains broke. From the factory, this piece was missing items that makes it recline. On November 4th the store manager called me and apologized for the problems we were having. He made sure that I was not going to be charged any fees for repair. This confused me a little. Why would I be charged any fees? This was delivered from the factory with issues. On November 13th or 14th, I called La-Z-Boy to find out what was going on. I spoke with the manager once again and asked him about our parts. He had stated that they were ordered and was not sure when they would arrive. Since my wife and I ordered a completely functional sectional, and paid well over $5,000, I was actually quite surprised that we still had a partially functioning sectional. I asked why have we been waiting 2 weeks since delivery, for these repair parts. He stated that they have been ordered and that is all he can do. He was not going to expedite any parts, that I would just have to wait until they came in. The next day we received a call from La-Z-Boy saying that our parts have arrived. We called back on November 15th to schedule a time the technician could come out and repair our sectional. We set up a time for Wednesday, the 20th. We were told that the technician would call us 2 days before to give us a window of time that he would be there. On Monday the 18th, the technician called and we set up a time for in between 11 and 1 pm. Now, Wednesday comes and we receive a call that informs us of the wrong part being shipped. Now we are in the exact same position that we were in on November 2nd. Still a partially functioning sectional. It is going on 3 weeks now!! We paid good money for a completely functional sectional.Desired Settlement: This needs to be made right! I need this fixed. Not another 3 weeks from now, but NOW!!! I am in the customer service industry myself and deal with shipping multiple times a day. If I have a customer that received a faulty product, I expedite the part and pay for it myself. I understand that we live in Alaska, and expedited shipping is expensive, but I paid a lot of money for a product and it is still not fully functional. We brought our business to La-Z-Boy because they should have great customer service and a great product. Today, I am not sure about either. I am not upset, shocked a little, at the problems. I am extremely upset in the way the way that this store is dealing with it. They are quick to take your money for a product, but not so quick in dealing with the problems.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2013/12/02) */

I regret that [redacted] and his wife are frustrated. I expect I would feel the same in his shoes. He is accurate when he relates that he's paid good money for his furniture and it should work. I am grateful to them for choosing our La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery for this purchase; we do value their business.

Our warranty service group has been making every effort to get the replacement parts needed to complete this installation. We use air freight to get parts up to Alaska. We do not have control over how fast the manufacturer fills our parts orders; in some cases this can be several weeks.

I will keep in close contact with my service team to ensure that [redacted] is contacted promptly when the parts are arrive and the repairs can be completed.

Final Consumer Response /* (3000, 8, 2013/12/14) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

It is now December 14th and still no resolution. the manager did call me, but that was only after I called and emailed the factory in Michingan. I am assuming that they contacted him. I did speak with another person from the factory and she assured me that parts take 7-10 business days to reach us. I then pointed out that I have been waiting since November 1st, and she had no response. I just want my couch the way that we paid for it. That is all!! What is it going to take for this to be fixed? In a timely fashion has well gone by.

Final Business Response /* (4000, 10, 2013/12/30) */

I apologize that receipt of the part and scheduling has not been faster. We do review our processes in light of our customers' feedback.

A repair call has been scheduled to install the parts. I hope that customer will be able to enjoy their furniture very soon.

Review: In Nov 2011, my husband and I bought 5 pieces of recliners from Laz Boy. Since last year, we both started experiencing lower back pain. Since we were both complaining about the pain in the same region, our family doctor asked us to examine where we spend quite a bit of time. On examining, we both realized that we felt back strain and pain whenever we sat on specifically 2 couches. We went to the Monmouth store and they asked us to call [redacted] (Ticket#[redacted])We called Laz boy and they sent us a technician to examine after we paid for the technician's cost (Over$100). The technician came 2 weeks back, examined the couches, took pictures and said that both the couches lacked the level of fill that should have gone into the couches. He said this was a manufacturer defect that the couches were not filled with the poly-fill, as much as they should have filled with. He even showed us how much more poly-fill should go into the couches. We told him that we had no issues regarding the other 3 recliners. He said he would go back and put in his recommendation that this was clearly a manufacturer defect. 2 weeks went by and we did not hear from laz Boy. I just called them and spoke to [redacted] first who said that he saw in the technician's assessment that this was a manufacturer defect so they could send a technician to fix it by putting in more poly fill. Since we have no issues on the other 3 recliners, we are afraid that this manufacturer defect is much more than just the polyfill and we would like to either get a refund or a store credit so we can reselect. We are afraid that Lazy boy will just put a band aid fix and we may have this issue again 2 years down the road and at that time, since more time would have passed, lazy boy would not help us. The 2 pieces are indeed defective which the lazyboy technician, [redacted], and the escalation supervisor [redacted] have acknowledged.Desired Settlement: We would like to either get a refund or store credit to reselect. We don't want to go with a replacement,a s we are afraid that this defect may be design flaw in the styles; instead we are happy if we can reselect one of the other pieces that we have tried and know that they are good.



In response to your letter of August 29, 2013 concerning the above complaint, I have researched the customer’s concerns from our records and have found the following:

Mr. and Mrs. [redacted] purchased 4 pieces of furniture from our South Brunswick store on 11/27/11. The items were 2 reclining sofas and 2 reclining love seats. Those pieces were delivered on 12-22-11 to their home. There was no contact from the customer concerning any issues until 7/8/13.

At that point, it was explained to the customer that our labor warranty covers issues for a period of one (1) year from the date of delivery and that we were well past that point. She agreed to a service call, at which point it was found that the stuffing in two of the pieces had compressed and that new fiber was needed. Even though the one (1) year warranty on the foam has passed, our service department has offered to supply the foam and the labor for installation at no charge to the customer.

The customer is stating that this is not acceptable to them because they want the merchandise replaced. La-Z-Boy’s warranty covers repair to these covered items for a period of one (1) year from the date of delivery. (Please see copy of warranty attached to this email.) No contact was made to our company until that period was well past. La-Z-Boy is still trying to work with the customer, but replacing furniture for a foam concern is not warranted.

We will work with Comfort Care (La-Z-Boy’s customer service division) to help this customer with the solution that has been offered by them. If there are any further questions about this case, please feel free to contact me via return mail.



The following response was sent to your office on 8/26/13.

I have, again, contacted La-Z-Boy Comfort Care concerning Ms. [redacted]’s complaint. I was told that they offered to supply the parts at no cost, even though the warranty period had expired. When the technician visited her house to examine the furniture this was explained to her. It was explained again when the main center spoke with her on 7/29.

What has been offered to Ms. [redacted] is an accommodation from La-Z-Boy and already above what they are obligated to offer under the warranty coverage. There is nothing else that can be offered to the customer from this point. The issue that has occurred with the furniture can be repaired and that is what has been proposed to the customer. A replacement will not be offered for merchandise that can be corrected.

We will work with Comfort Care (La-Z-Boy’s customer service division) to help this customer with the solution that has been offered by them. If there are any further questions about this case, please feel free to contact me via return mail.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and would like to pursue to resolution offered by the business.

Pls let me know if you can whom should I get in touch with from the business to pursue the resolution.


Review: Furniture order placed at the store on April 30th. As of today, the furniture has not been delivered and there has not been an accurate date for delivery provided.

When I have contacted the store, I am told that I need to contact the La Z Boy service number listed on my invoice. The number listed is [redacted]. I have called the service number on several occasions and have been given ship dates by the reception staff. Each time the ship date arrives and I still do not have the furniture, I contact the service line number staff again and have been given another date in the future. During my last call to this number, I ask to speak with a supervisor and was instructed that it was not possible. After pursuing this request, I was able to speak with a La Z Boy representative by the name of [redacted] was not helpful and at times during the call, she appeared to by annoyed by my call. The sales person at the La Z Boy store has been nice, but unable to assist in correcting this delivery service issue.Desired Settlement: I was expected to pay in full for the furniture that was ordered, which I did pay for the furniture on the date it was ordered.

The store policy is that special order furniture cannot be canceled for any reason after the order has been placed.

The store policy needs to be changed to accommodate delays in processing of the order through the La Z Boy factory.

Order placed April 30th, as of today, July 16 there has not been an accurate delivery date for the order. In addition, La Z Boy did not initiate contact with me to explain the failure to deliver the product.



Hello [redacted],

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