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Below is our response to the ***'* complaint regarding warranty issues for the landscape project installed at their property.The trees in questions were planted in October of The landscape project was large and per the owners request was split into piecesThe first piece was
interlocking walls, stone steps, irrigation, fine grading and tree planting which consisted of approximately 95% of the total price of the projectThe second phase which was completed months later was the planting of the proposed shrubsThe reason for this was their desire to plant the shrubs in the spring instead of the winterWe completed the first 95% of the landscape project at the end of November of The trees in question were planted on October 8, and were cared for by us until the last day of phase IThe trees at that time were in excellent conditionWe did have to hand water the trees for the last weeks we were there for phase I as *** *** said his contractor who installed the Cistern which provided the water source for our irrigation system "winterized" the system which means turned it offI have that message from *** *** in a text he forwarded on to me between him and *** from the Cistern company on November 16. We did hear from *** in through an email that he was concerned with the trees, hired and Arborist who stated that the trees were fine and they were " sleeping". *** emailed me in April of 2017 and said the trees in question looked bad and would like us to come check it outWe did so and found that there was no water to our irrigation system we installed and let *** know thatHe called his Cistern Company and stated that the problem with no water was due to a faulty pump that was installed by the Cistern company and they were going to fix the problem. We did come back in May to complete the last approximate % of planting the shrubsAt that time the trees were dead, no mention was made to me about our responsibility for the dead trees as I believe they thought it was due to no watering caused by the faulty pumpWe were paid in full for the balance of the 5% with again no mention of any responsibility.Our warranty is per individual project specifications and does not include trees dying from no water which was the responsibility of the ***s as we were not on the project for a period of monthsIf they believed it was our responsibility why was it not addressed at the time we returned or before final payment was issued.This was a really nice design and a intricate install project for us which we were proud of and enjoyed the process with the ***'sWe do not feel that we had any responsibility for the demise fo the trees and if we did we would have replaced the trees as we have an excelelent reputation whuch we worked hard for in the many years of our company

Complaint: [redacted]We are rejecting this response because: 1)      Cistern irrigation connection: it is not true that we “set up” a field meeting with the cistern company (verifiable by [redacted] [redacted] [redacted]). Mr. L[redacted] happened to be there when the cistern was being put in and after speaking with the cistern company, he asked [redacted] if it was ok to tie in to the cistern pipe (she agreed).  However, this point is irrelevant to our claim. Note: When we requested a credit for the difference in cost of not following the contract specifications to run a line to the main water line (about 50 feet less line, up a hill, and under a retaining wall), he refused. 2)      “Sleeping trees:” This is a partial truth.  In the same text referring to what the Arborist told us, he said that we wouldn’t know if the trees were dead for 2-3 months. This is redundant. 3)      Final work: at the time of the final work, we were deciding how to address the demise of the trees. [redacted] wanted to withhold payment to compensate for the trees, and [redacted] felt we should honor the contract and make final payment, and then claim any other plant material or work that might need to be done, which is what we did.  Mr. L[redacted] told us the trees died from the water pump malfunction (in retrospect, his attempt to defer blame to another party); and we did consider asking the cistern company to pay for the trees.  But upon reflection, we realized that the trees had been dying a long time before the pump failed in April, and it definitely was not the cause.  AGAIN for the last time, the trees were not watered for less than 7 days and NO OTHER TREES OR PLANTS ON THAT SYSTEM WERE ADVERSLY EFFECTED. When we reviewed past emails and texts, it was clear that we had documented problems as early as December 2016. 4)      No Complaints: LaBarge only began with on 6/11/15 and also has no positive reviews (the listed A+ rating is as of 5/8/2017); any claim prior to that would have been filed directly with company and the lack of complaints cannot be verified. Note: Mr. L[redacted] removed the one year warranty statement from his website after this claim was made. What does this say about the company?
[redacted] & [redacted][To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, the consumer must give a reason why they are rejecting the response. If the consumer does not provide a reason the complaint will be closed Answered]

There are numerous items to address in the rejection that were not stated in the original so we will address those as well -The point of connection for our irrigation system was provided to us in the work done by the Cistern Company. We were shown where to connect to our system in a field meeting with the Cistern company set up by [redacted]. The City Water was connected into and brought in a PVC pipe by the Cistern Co. and is right next to the provided connection for us. If Mr. [redacted] has now determine he would like it switched to the City water it is a few feet away from our connection and would be a simple change.I have the text from [redacted] saying the arborist said the trees were fine and "were sleeping".As I stated after 6 months of being off the project we came back to finish the remaining 5% of the project and the trees were dead. We completed the last 5%, were never asked to pay for or even participate in the removal and replacement of the trees and that it was determine by the [redacted]'s at the time the demise of the trees were a result of a faulty pump coming from Cistern Co., which provided the water source to the irrigation system we installed and therefore the trees had not been watered. I was informed by Sandy [redacted] on the last day I was at the project that a letter was sent to the Cistern Co. by [redacted] Farely requesting payment for the dead trees due to the faulty pump.We have never had a complaint filed against LaBarge Landscape in all our years of business, installing over 1 thousand projects due to we strive to take care of our customers and back our workmanship and products. We believe we have no fault in any way in the demise of the trees. Jack L[redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]
We are rejecting this response because: the trees always received water, as per LaBarge instruction.  We did NOT "winterize" the cistern in November 2016 because we wanted the trees to receive consistent watering.  (Rather than using the main water line for his installed irrigation, as per contract, Mr. L[redacted] hooked into the cistern which was more convenient for him not us.  So, now we cannot shut down the cistern in the winter.)  When the LaBarge foreman came out in February 2017, he knew the trees were being watered because he planted new trees and set them up with the existing irrigation lines - at that time he saw the 8 trees in this claim were browning and suggested that we change from watering once/week to twice/week.  The arborist never said the trees were "fine." He said they were not dead yet, and that we would know in 2-3 months if they were actually dead.  So, we waited until the end of that time, which was after the project was completed to declare them dead.  In good faith, we paid the contractor in full because he was out money for the plants he installed in May.  When the arborist came back in June, we contacted LaBarge requesting that he honor his warranty. NOTE: We also noted that after we mentioned the warranty in our complaint to him , we had trouble finding it again on his website.There are many variables with living plants - how they were planted, how much water the emitters put out, and how much water they received initially when they were hand watered to handle the transplant shock. That was the reason we asked for the year warranty.  As Mr. LaBarge stated, this was a very large, complex job.  The company worked diligently to meet our requests and we could see the effort they made to meet those requests.   The cost of the dead tree is less than 1/2% of the overall cost of the project.  This is a small amount for a company but a huge amount for us individually.  We respectfully request that he honor his warranty and refund us the tree cost and remove the dead arborvitae.  We feel there is no need for further correspondence.From the viewpoint, what are next steps?
[redacted] & [redacted][To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, the consumer must give a reason why they are rejecting the response. If the consumer does not provide a reason the complaint will be closed Answered]

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