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I am rejecting this response because:
It's simply bogusAccurate is leaving out, well not leaving out, but clearly lying through their teeth about important dates, and detailsMany dates are left out, deliberately, by themPlease see emails and recordings of conversations with Accurate employees, including where Hanna states that it was "against their policy" and that they would adjust it to a zero balanceAccurate is only relaying half of conversationsFor example, when we said in email that it was "working." This was per their request, also by email, in attempts for them to get payment from our warranty companyThey were told that it was not cooling and was suppose to send their technician out to repair, and they never didRyan, their technician, got us quotes for a new unit, not PARTSWhen we didn't pay, because it wasn't fixed, and we were told by their employee that it would be a zero balance, then they changed it to partsWe have asked multiple times, also per emails and recordings, as to why they changed it from a whole new unit, which was covered, to parts, which are not and would require payment from usWe've paid for their diagnostic, and the $200 which was to cover the furnace, only to have neither unit workingIf you go through the recordings and emails, you will quickly see how big of a scam this company isOur warranty company, who we welcome you to call, did tell us that they would replace the unitIt was only after Accurate changed it to parts that they said they would notWhen the new company came out, it was in fact a new unit that was needed, and the air conditioning unit was not fixed properly which is why we had no cooling-also reported to accurate after they 'fixed" our unitThe day that we had the new company out, we paid in full for their servicesIf Accurate would have fixed the issues, we would have paid them, but they didn'tThey never returned and left everything in pieces in regards to our furnace, and left the AC leaking which only wasted their refrigerantAccurate never should have contacted our warranty companyHad they followed their own policy, this mess would have been avoidedEven if they would have fixed it, we would be in a different situation, but they did NOT fix anythingThere were employees involved in thisTeresa, the last lady, has been nothing but rude and threateningShe has continued to threaten collections, even though for several WEEKS, she, nor any other employee would return phone calls or emailsI am sending my info directly to Revdex.comClearly, the info I have only substantiates that Accurate loves to change their stories, and flat out lieIf you would like the name of the other company ( only) we will gladly supply it so you can talk directly to them about the issues with the furnace and the ACThey fixed both and had nothing nice to say about how Accurate treats their customers, or the work that Accurate performs, only for them to have to come later and fix correctlyI will be working on a proper timelineUnlike Accurate, I will not leave out any dates in attempts to falsify facts

Accurate heating and cooling has, after approxmonths, decided to settle and has sent ckfor $to help replace lost propane, due to leak in the Generac GeneratorThis is the amount I requested and Thank You, for helping, as I could not resolve this alone. Any questions, called me at ###-###-####Otherwise consider compaint closed. Sincerely,

Accurate has failed to mention several very important detailsWe DID NOT call our warranty companyWe simply mentioned to Ryan who was the technician that we had a home warrantyHe then asked for their number so he could call themWe gave it to himWhen he returned inside, he said they would cover the refrigerant, and to repair the air conditioning unitHe finished the work on the AC unitHe left the furnace in pieces, telling us that we would need a new UNITHe called someone on his own phone, which there will be record of, along with his call to the warranty company, to get estimates for a new UNITAt his point, the other parts had not been mentionedThe Unit would have been covered by warrantySeveral days later when he never returned, we called the company to see what was going onWe spoke to HannaHanna told us that the warranty wouldn't cover the cost of the refrigerant and I told her that it was their technician that talked to them and told us it was all coveredShe told me that she was sorry and that he never should have called them, it was against policy, and that they would adjust it to a zero balance, since I had paid for the service call and the remaining was the cost of refrigerantI asked about our unit and she said she would checkThere wasn't a call backI called again to find out what was going on, as our furnace was still in pieces in our living roomI was told then that it was just a few parts that needed replacedI asked then, and several times since, how it went from being us needing a new unit which would have been covered under warranty, to just a few parts which were not coveredTo this day, no answer from themSince that call, I've called at least six additional times and emailed multiple times to try to get our furnace fixed, since we paid for the service callEach time I was given the "I'll check and call you back, or I'll have so and so call you." After several months of this nonsense I told a manager, Teresa that I would be going somewhere else to have our unit fixedShe tried to say we owed money for refrigerant, even though Hanna said it would be adjusted to a zero balance since Ryan entered into a verbal contract with us saying we wouldn't be charged anything, and he violated their own policiesI told he I wouldn't pay them anything else and she threatened collections-even though, again, neither units were fixedAfter they added the refrigerant, the unit still continued to not workWe got tired of dealing with the run-around and went elsewhereWhen that company came this week, he said that we did in fact need another unit, and that the reason the a/c wasn't working was because hoses were not properly connectedNot only did Accurate's employee leave our house a mess with furnace pieces, but he didn't fix the A/C unitWe were patient, but we had to get the units fixedIn this process we talked to Mike M*** and also Rene who stated multiple times they were sorry and that it was our warranty companies fault for not paying, even though, again, it was their own employee who called and told us that they would payHad he not violated their own policy, there wouldn't have been any debate over this $He didn't even fix the problem so the refrigerant was pointless regardlessI believe accurate not only conducted dishonest business, but I believe they broke the law in doing soRyan stated very specifically that we needed a new unit-even got prices for one-his phone record will have that call loggedLater, when they found out they couldn't get money from us because of their mistake, they changed it to parts and labor needed instead which would have cost usI wholeheartedly believe they tried to switch over the diagnosis to get money for the refrigerantAccurate likes to threaten collections; however their own email states that they just want regular payments, no minimum set, and yet they continue to threaten even though the law is specific about contracts, this is also by email from themAccurate employees have changed their word, changed their diagnosis, and changed their stories multiple timesOur entire furnace was replaced; our AC fixed by another companyWe had to pay them to fix what accurate promised to fix, but never did, even though they received payment for the service call to fix it

Thank you for sending complaint Generac have stated, they will replace rebuilt generator with a new one Also, Accurate has stated, they will send a ckfor part of damages requestedAs soon as they make this happen, I will e-mail you Again, I thank you ***

We have responded to this complaint in the past. Unsure why we are seeing this again. Ms. [redacted]'s generator has been replaced and additional compensation was paid to address her stated loss.

Accurate Heating and Cooling facts about this case are not accurate. When their first technician came out, I told him that the furnace/AC works for a while and after a while it will shuts down. If you go to the breaker box and turn the furnace switch off then back on, the system works again. The technician checked the furnace and said that it must be a bad circuit board. The technician installed the new circuit board after camp had closed for the year. We have not run the air conditioner after camp. A couple weeks later we had a board meeting in the dining hall and noticed that the furnace would again shut down. Again we could get the AC to run by flipping the furnace switch off than back on. Today, we are here in camp for a work weekend, and the AC works for a while and then shuts down. So, since we have the same situation as before we spent $470 to get it fixed, we feel that we should receive a refund because the problem is not fixed. It's true that I'm looking out for the camp's best interest, but even more, I just want to be treated fairly.

Accurate agrees to credit the $69 invoice and related finance charges if the complaint is dropped by Mr. [redacted] and the [redacted] Campground.

The comments come from a homeowner that is not an Accurate customer. Accurate installed a system for the previous homeowner in early 2013. At the time of the installation, Accurate informed the customer that due to the unusual design and location of a bonus room that was added over a garage, that...

room may heat and cool unevenly. Our customer was okay with the plan. That customer was fine with that issue and subsequent to installation believed the system provided comfortable heating and cooling for several years.The new owner, who is not an Accurate customer, subsequently installed a high end wood burning furnace into the existing ductwork system that produces significant BTU's. The homeowner expects the Accurate installed unit to produce similar BTU's and the system is not designed to do so. The Accurate unit is designed for the heating/cooling load of the house. The new homeowner has adamantly demanded that Accurate replace the system we installed for the previous homeowner with a larger unit at our cost.The complainants demand is unrealistic and his attitude is belligerent.

Jay B[redacted] did work with Ms. [redacted] to coordinate the purchase and installation of an 11KW generator by Accurate at her home. Ms. [redacted] is correct that the installation took longer than either party expected. Various factors contributed to that delay. The installation was completed in January 2016. The...

generator is a large national brand and in no way would be classified as a lemon. The weekly test runs worked as scheduled until the unit was put under a heavy load during the first power outage. Accurate's service technician and manager worked with the manufacturer to determine the unit had a defective part (the flywheel). The manufacturer provided the new part and Accurate replaced the part and restored the unit to working order.The manufacturer and Accurate offered on August 17, 2016 to extend Ms. [redacted] warranty from the repair date for 5 years - parts and labor as well as compensate her for damaged food and work time lost. Ms. [redacted] has not responded to that offer as of August 19, 2016 at 10:22 AM.

With all due respect to Mr. [redacted] and especially understanding his objective to protect the interests of the church camp that he represents, I am not sure he understands all the facts. Accurate did replace a faulty circuit board on August 5, 2016. The circuit board that was replaced was in fact...

faulty as the system operated once the new board was installed. Had the original circuit not been bad and the only problem was the smoke detector (as Mr. [redacted] purports) the system would not have worked after replacing the board until the smoke detector was repaired almost three weeks later on August 24, 2016. The HVAC system did in fact function as intended from August 5th to August 24th, clearly confirming both the circuit board and smoke detector were faulty - the circuit board failed on or about July 28, 2016 and the smoke detector failed on or about August 24, 2016.

I am very disappointed at the number of errors in Ms. [redacted]'s response. Honestly some are not errors, they are outright false statements. I will try to address those errors as I lay out a timeline of error interactions with Ms. [redacted]'s HVAC equipment and her personally.May 3 - Ms. [redacted] called us to repair her AC (she called, not her warranty company - if she wants to discuss implied warranty/liability) Our technician diagnosed and repaired the AC unit. Replaced a leaking schrader valve (installed by others) and added 15 pounds of refrigerant. The unit was cooling when we left. We invoiced only the diagnostic as we were working WITH Ms. [redacted] and her warranty company. We did call her warranty company (which is not against our company policy BTW). The call was cut off during the call so our technician did review the warranty paperwork and told Ms. [redacted] that refrigerant was not specifically excluded - not that is was covered. Our payment terms are due upon completion of visit. The diagnostic was billed but not paid. Total charges for the visit were diagnostic - $59, part/labor/refrigerant ($900) - $1058. May 5 - we sent an invoice for the $59 diagnostic. June 8 - we sent an invoice for the $1058 after confirming her warranty company would not pay for the refrigerant. Both parties attempted to contact her warranty company. July 5 - Accurate finally received payment for the May 3rd diagnostic of $59. May 3 - we told Ms. [redacted] that there was a crack in the furnace heat exchanger and collector box. Both make carbon monoxide poisoning a very real risk. We instructed her not to use the furnace until this was repaired. The only part left "all over her living room" was the furnace door which was the door to remind her of the risk and we believe that left off was by others.  The manufacturer's warranty did not cover the necessary furnace repair as [redacted] was not the original owner. We intervened and got the heat exchanger covered but not labor and not the collector box part or labor. The cost that Accurate would have incurred with little chance of payment was $480 of labor, $259 for the collector box, and a $59 diagnostic charge. When she would not pay for the refrigerant (after numerous calls) we offered to go back and remove and remove the charges. She said if you come onto my property it will be trespassing and I will press charges.June 26 - we received a call about AC not working (it must have been working from May 3rd until then since we did not receive a call in that time period). We replaced a capacitor and were paid be her warranty company for that work on July 26th.July 14 - received an email from Ms. [redacted] that the AC is fixed and totally operational. She indicated in her response that it never worked. July 13 - Ms. [redacted] told us ijn an email that her warranty company had approved to pay for the furnace repairs. Based on prior experience with her word, we called to confirm and found this not to be the case and they had no record of an inquiry about this repair.  She paid $200 by credit card on the refrigerant charge only when we promised to turn her account over to collections.

I would prefer not to continue this one sided banter as it adds no value to either party. Unfortunately this discussion is about opinions and perceptions rather than facts. The result: no one wins the debate. But since the complainant wants to continue the banter, we will provide our "defense", which is only our perspective. Certainly he will have another perspective.Related to the combustion venting issue. There is no risk in bringing air into the combustion chamber from the garage. That air is used in combustion process then vented outside the house. It is not circulated throughout the house via the duct system. In addition, that is the same air that the customer is pulling into his garage positioned wood/oil burning heating system. A system installed by the experts who have criticized our install. Having said that, Accurate, without admitting error, did offer to extend the intake vent pipe outside the garage, but the complainant refused until we "fixed everything else wrong with the system". Accurate replaced the unit that was in place at the request of our customer (not the current homeowner). At the time we replaced the previous unit, the house structure was just as it is now and had been for some time. Our customer was replacing the unit, not because the unit did not sufficiently heat the house, but because the unit stopped working. Our customer knew the unit had to be working in order the sell the house. Actually the unit installed by Accurate produced more BTU's than the unit we replaced. Previous unit was 80,000 BTU's at 80% efficiency (64,000 output) with a 3 ton blower. The unit installed by Accurate was 80,000 BTU's at 92% efficiency (73,600 output) with a 4 ton blower. The system is not undersized. If it was the unit would run non-stop and never satisfy the call for heat from the thermostat. That is not the case. The new homeowner uses the bonus room as a master bedroom. He states that his new wood/oil unit keeps the bonus room warm. The fact that the wood/oil burner sits in the garage right below the bonus room contributes to that comfort level. Accurate did discuss potential bonus room issues with our customer before replacing the system. The previous homeowner did not want to modify duct work due to the related cost. Accurate quoted and provided a replacement furnace. That is all Accurate is responsible for.

This customer's complaint is valid. Accurate's challenge has been that the system ([redacted]) was installed by another contractor. When the service call was requested by someone who was staying at the customer's house (the customer was in the hospital), the caller did not inform us the unit was under...

warranty. After running the call, Accurate discovered the unit was covered by a third party warranty company that requires pre-approval BEFORE the work is done. Accurate has attempted to be paid by all parties - manufacturer, distributor,  third party warranty company and the homeowner - with no success.Having exhausted all options, Accurate will write off this service call which, by the way, did resolve the problem for the customer. I did contact the customer to explain our position and informed him that he will be receiving and zero balance statement.

I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find the resolution is satisfactory to me.

Ms. [redacted]'s allegations are totally false. The truth is that we performed work on her air conditioning unit. We repaired the unit to working condition, She informed us that the repair was covered by her home warranty service company ([redacted]). Her warranty company only paid Accurate for the cost to...

replace the damaged part - part cost and labor. They will not pay Accurate for the cost of refrigerant that was lost due to the damaged part - almost $1100. Accurate did not install this equipment and has never serviced the equipment before this time. Accurate has talked to her warranty company on multiple occasions and they are adamant that their contract with Ms. [redacted] precludes them from paying for refrigerant. Although we do not agree their contract provides that exclusion. we have informed Ms. [redacted] on multiple occasions that she owes Accurate $1100. We are not party to her contract with the warranty contract. We also informed her that her heat exchanger (used only in heating mode) is cracked and should not be used as it is a very real carbon monoxide threat. We did check with her home warranty company and they will not pay anything to replace the heat exchanger as it is covered under a parts only warranty from the manufacturer. They will not cover our labor which is approximately $480. Ms. [redacted] continues to tell us when we call her to collect our outstanding balance that she has talked to her warranty company and they have agreed to pay. That is not the truth. She also has threatened Accurate "that my son is an attorney and......." Accurate performed the work and has not been paid. We intend to vigorously pursue collection of the outstanding balance.

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