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LaBrec Realty Solutions

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Complaint[redacted] in Aug. 2012, stated he will buy my home Found out recently he falsely put a $5,000 lien on my property on [redacted] st in [redacted]I met [redacted] through a note he sent to my home address at [redacted]. in [redacted] Ma in August of 2012. He stated, he was going to buy the house & claimed he has been doing this for years. He stated the whole process will take about 6 months & I should not worry. he never mentioned a fee.At the time, my marriage of several years was ending and I was left with 2 young children ages 6 & 7 to care for.I was working in [redacted] could not catch-up with my payments, & was planning to move my family closer to work. He was going to help me by buying the home through short sale and save me from foreclosure. I told him I previously put the home on the market for $80,000. 9 mos later, he called me stating that he has been unsuccessful with the bank and that my home will be foreclosed and he was very sorry. Even then. he never mentioned any money owed for negotiating short sale.I got on the phone and started calling [redacted] mortgage services , my lender myself every week, faxing the required documents to get my home off foreclosure and get short sale approval. Each time I asked about documents [redacted] claimed he submitted, to [redacted] they were never available, even my financial statement. I had to submit a handwritten copy after being advised by the bank's to do so.I finally got pre- approved to participate in short sale. I notified [redacted] who appeared to be happy.On the approval, they were FHA guidelines to follow in order to get everything through smoothly and in a timely fashion, as well as the required sale price. At my greatest surprise, [redacted] has forged my signature on a sale/purchase agreement he had fax to the bank with a sale price of $42, 000 without my knowledge. when I saw that I became suspicious, asking him if he wanted my home to foreclosed on purpose in order for him to buy at at such a low price. He told me he will find someone else to buy my house. but he never listed it within a week of the approval, which is one of the FHA requirements.I became very suspicious and called the bank to remove him from my file once I realized I may have been a victim of a scam.The fact that he had asked to put a tenant in my home after I moved out and collecting rent for himself even confirmed my suspicions. I am grateful to the fact that I did not agree to him renting my home out like it was his.He also never contacted me to find out what had happened.I continues to work with the bank & found a new realtor as well a lawyer to represent me in my short sale, only to find out that my pre-approval to participate to participate has expired due to [redacted] incompetence and dishonesty.The buyer I had had to withdraw because they thought with the approval on hand they should be able to purchase the home faster.My realtor & lawyer got into fights. and I had to move on, getting a brans new realtor and an attorney who worked better together, again after lots of handwork getting a new offer form a new buyer, come to find out [redacted] has not really been through with me or his scams.My new attorney [redacted], surprisingly found out that [redacted] had placed an unjustified lien of $5,000 lien on my property, claiming all sorts of thins, first it was pipes repair, then short sale negotiation.She also found out Mr [redacted] has similar liens on several properties around [redacted], MA.I am unclear of the nature of these lien , I told my attorney I recognized him asking for about $200 and change to winterize my home after pipes busted, he did and those pipes remained busted till dateThis lien is holding up my current short sale lien. I did not owe [redacted] more than the money for winterizing my home & he is aware of this.I asked him how much was the cost of negotiation if the bank would have foreclosed on me without an answer.I am just a single mom who is trying to maintain her credit so I could move on and be able to provided a steady home to my children in the future. Please helpDesired SettlementI am asking [redacted] to remove the $5,000 lien on my property in order for my short sale to go through.I am asking him to free other home owners in the worcester area he had put similar fraudulent liens on their property.I am asking him to pay for all the damage and suffering the cost me through the process of selling my home for almost 18 months that.I believe that if [redacted] was not on my path, My home would have been sold by now and I would have bee getting reading to move on.Business Response We are sorry to hear that Ms [redacted] is upset about this situation. LaBrec Realty Solutions never gave up on this file and finally received approval from [redacted] to move forward after 1 year of efforts. At this point Ms [redacted] disappeared and removed our firm from the file. She could not be reached and never contacted us for the reasons of removing us. It took her another year to gain another buyer and law firm (3rd one in 4 years) to negotiate this file. We protect our interests and Ms [redacted] agreed to the lien at the time of this file execution. We are amenable to an equitable solution and continue to communicate with her legal counsel but we ask to be compensated for our time and efforts. We have money into this file and there has been no consideration to this fact. We never gave up on this file as we never give up regardless of our difficult the banks may be. Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I do not accept this company's response because they hare not realy saying the truth. 1- The buisness owner [redacted] is the one who went silent on me and not the other way around. He is always out of the country and unreachable. He will need to show proff of calls and attempts to contact me without response. I am always the one chasing him because I was protecting my interest & avoiding foreclosure. But his only answer to me was: "Sorry [redacted], The bank denies short sale & will foreclose on you"he never handed me a bill to pay for his work.2. I am the person who without missing a week called the bank evey friday as this is set on my phone without Mr. [redacted]'s help.He was too busy fraudy my signature as well as other homeowners around worcester.I will like to include all this other hoemowners if possible by going through the media to help proof that this buisness is a fraud and that no homeowner should ever trust them like I did. He even attest that I have better success with the bank than he does.3. He never want to mention that my hardship was due to going through a divorce.I was the one who told the bank.4.I am the one who provided a hand-written finacial statemnt to the bank after being adviced to do so by bank's liquidation department & this finally got me approved.5. Even with approval,the short sale would have never gobe through with his $42,00 offer rather than the $60-$70,000 the bank & FHA guidelines required and he knew that. 6. This lien he placed is because he wanted for my home to be foreclosed so he could get it at a cheaper price, even though I told him that foreclosure is not an option since I am the main guardian & provider for my 2 young children.This lien is just because he has not been able to reach his goal and is lookking for some compensation.A compensation that was never discussed.with me.He recently redues the cost to $3475 and made a charge to 25/hr on 3/31/14. this was not discussed. again he stated he was maintaineing my home, and I asked him why my pipes got busted & my home fill with mold if you were maintaining it. I paid him for cutting the grass but he never did. The bank representative was doing that and my home was also locked by them.[redacted] did not even know where the keys were.How could you maintain a property, you don't have keys to access it?I will come up with this money of Mr. [redacted] can make my home mold free and well as repair all the broken pipes on first floor and basement. Since he has self declare himself as the one repsonsible to maintain this property on[redacted]., [redacted], MA.all I ask for is that Mr. [redacted] stopped obstructing my short sale.Enough is enough, his lien has no grant if he thinks the opposite, he should have declare all his fees upfraon & not behave like he is the victim here, because I am.- I do owe him $250 as we both discussedbefore he winterized my home, nothing more. Even after the fact, he did not provide me with a receipt. until 3/31/14 after the lien for $300. I did told him this will be disburse to him once the home closes. I am begging Mr. [redacted] to let me move on from my divorce, sell my property and take care of my two innocent children.Thank you, [redacted]Final Business Response Again we are sorry Ms [redacted] believes that for some reason our firm did something wrong, we were just trying to purchase her property after 1 year of tough negotiations she disappeared leaving us with expense invested in this property and now for some reason we did something wrong to her. This is her 3rd negotiations in 3 years and she can only seem to blame everybody else. Our goal is to help people and in the process we make some money. Our firm stands to lose 10's of 1000's of dollars because of Ms [redacted] indiscretions and not following through with her word that is the fact and we will not comment any longer. We help dozens of people annually and all the people we have helped Ms [redacted] is only person who has had a problem and it is because she can not follow through with her word and contract and realize she had a role in this situation. We never gave up on her and that is our policy but at times customers leave us high and dry thinking about themselves and is the reason for filing the lien before we get into years of negotiations with banks. This is contrary to our mission at laBrec Realty Solutions and we only tried to help Ms [redacted] above and beyond anybody who/have done for her. Do not send any more response we are finished we have important work to accomplish with customers who want/need our assistance.

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Address: 81 Pleasant St, North Oxford, Massachusetts, United States, 01537-1004


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