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Lake Country Home Services

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• Sep 13, 2021

I would not recommend this company to even a enemy
I was kind of shocked at my experience with this company… I had heard a few good reviews about them… I also read the reviews online before I called them… All were very positive, so I called and scheduled a repair for my washing machine…

The first appointment was scheduled for September 1rst… The person that booked the appointment said the repair person would call or text me in the morning of the appointment. The day before I did get a text confirming which I replied yes, confirming the appointment… The next day I waited until about 4 Pm, and they never showed or called… So I called the same number I originally booked the appointment… The lady said the repair person would not be coming because the parts needed to do my repair did not come in… I said that doesn't make sense because nobody was every here to diagnose the issue. The repair person doesn't even know what the issue is. Her response was the repair person has many years experience, and he knows what he is doing. From my initial phone contact for service, I mentioned a series of leaks. From this preliminary info, he assumed he knew what parts to order. I kind of thought there was noway I gave enough details to diagnose the issue over the phone because I really didn't know what was causing the leak… I can't get into the machine far enough to really tell, and I told her that… But regardless, I didn't want to argue about them not showing or calling… I just rescheduled for today.
Yesterday I received a confirming text for the appointment. Again, I replied with yes, confirming the appointment. This morning a repair person named Dean called me about 7:38 AM confirming he would be at my house after 2pm. He called from 262-691-3947… I said sure I will be here all day. At 12;30 I went to the store to get a loaf of bread and I stopped at Kwik trip for something to eat… I was gone about 40 minutes, returning at 1:15 PM… When I got home, I noticed somebody called the phone… I did not take the phone with me to the store. It was the same repair guy named Dean. This time he called from 262-443-0492 at 12;37 exactly… He left a message saying he was at my house… He said it appears somebody is home because the garage door is open… He said he waited 10 minutes and left. He said nobody answered the door. He said he would return. So I called him back when I got home at 1;15. He didn't answer, so I left a message… I said sorry I wasn't here but this morning you said you would get here at 2pm or later… I made sure I was home well before 2pm… So I waited until about 3;30, and he never comes back or calls… I called the same number I originally called to book the appointment to find out where the guy is. The lady tells me I must have misunderstood because he was supposed to be there anytime from noon to 3pm… I specifically remember him telling me he would arrive some time around 2pm. So I just said forget it… I will find a company that is a little more professional. Last week, your repair person never showed up or called. This week he said he was coming around 2pm, and he shows up at 12;37… So I called another company which is coming tomorrow… I thought this was over. I was wrong.
About 30 minutes later, Dean the repair man calls me from number 262-443-0492… When I answered, his exact words were “Hey dum[censored], don't you know how to tell time”… He said “I told you I would be there at Noon not 2PM… I said, excuse me. He then said, what are you, some drunken old man that likes to call and make complaints about your own f[censord] mistakes? Or can't you hear very well? At that point, I got defensive, and I said, “why don't you bring your coward a[censored] back over here, so I can kick your punk a[censored].” I told the big coward, It's easy to smart off on the phone when you know where I live, but I don't know where you live… I invited him to come back over, so I could kick his punk a[censored] but the coward never showed up.
I am calling LG Philips tomorrow and reporting the type of language their recommended repair company used today with me today.

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me I've received an electronic receipt through [redacted] for the $refund credit back to my card from Lake Country Home Services.I think we can close out the issue

We did apologize for not making it out on the scheduled day and also offered to come out on a Saturday to try and resolve the problem and that wasn't good enough so we did refund him all the charges and he still kept calling are office and harassing the office staff

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response.  If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.  I've received an electronic receipt through [redacted] for the $126.07 refund credit back to my card from Lake Country Home Services.I think we can close out the issue.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
The business owner/technician, [redacted], responded...

to the complaint on 6/13/2017, stating that he’s refunded my money, and that he has apologized for being a “no-show” for scheduled service, but that is untrue. I still haven’t received a refund via my credit card, nor have I received a refund check, and he’s even called my home now with a very hostile attitude. He called me on the phone this morning in a very angry state because I’d filed a complaint, stating to me that he feels I’m trashing his name after he has provided a high level of service these past 3 years on the washer and dryer (which he certainly has NOT). His attitude on the phone today was argumentative and hostile and I was unable to get a word in edge-wise with him yelling over me on the phone. He demanded to know what it was I expected of him 4 or 5 times during his defensive statements to me, and when I tried to respond to any of his questions, each time when I got barely 2 words out to respond to him, he would started yelling over me again. Finally I said to him that only 1 person can talk at a time and if he expects me to respond to his questions he would need to stop talking over me, which he finally then did. I then told him that I viewed his level of service as unsatisfactory because the fact is that he’s fixed NONE of the washer or dryer issues that he’s come out for at different times on, covering different issues, for service calls over these last 3 years, even though for each issue he had made multiple visits. And then on one of the repeat visits scheduled for 6/5/2017 when he was a “no-show”, he was supposed to arrive between 1:00 and 3:00 pm, but then called me at 4:00 pmafter I’d waited all afternoon for him, and when he said he wouldn’t be coming out at all that day, I told him that I’d be willing to wait as long as necessary for him to make it out, and that is when he said to me “sorry but I already told you I’m not going to make it over to that side of town today”. (Apparently he feels that because the word “sorry” was in that sentence, that it qualifies as some sort of “apology”.) That was not an apology by any stretch of the imagination! -- his tone with me was irritated, impatient,  condescending and flippant at that point, apparently because I said I needed for him to follow through and keep the appointment that day. Again, his call saying he wouldn’t be coming out was at 4:00 pm after I’d waited all afternoon for him to show up for a 1:00 – 3:00 pm SCHEDULED arrival time. Just because the word “sorry” happened to be in that sentence doesn’t qualify it as an “apology”, it most certainly was NOT an apology – when I offered to continue waiting for him to arrive is when he became impatient and intolerant in his attitude and said “sorry but I already told you I’m not going to make it out to that side of town today”. THAT IS NOT AN APOLOGY -- THAT IS CALLED “BLOWING OFF A PAYING CUSTOMER”. I’ve worked in the service industry for decades and fully understand these matters; when he reiterated that he was not going to inconvenience himself to “come to this side of town at that time of day” his flippant, arrogant and condescending attitude came across very clearly that he had NO REGARD WHATSOEVER FOR MY TIME, only for his own time. I see now that at the web site his business has NO positive reviews at all, I see that ALL of his reviews are negative, and complaints are for the about the same thing as mine are – poor customer service where his service calls don’t fix the problems, and for him being a “no-show” for scheduled appointments. Because I filed a complaint, he is now stating that I have “harassed” him and his office staff, which is completely untrue to say. Any communication I’ve initiated has remained relative and pertinent, stating the issue at hand, politely and cordially with respect and proper tone to the staff at all times. He told me today that he feels there must be unresolvable problems with my washer and dryer which are the fault of the manufacturer, and are not his fault as the service representative, and he told me to write a letter to the manufacturer outlining any complaint I may have to resolve it with them.

I had lightning strike my home and part of the damage was that the clock on our Dacor Double Oven was damaged. The rest of the oven and all the controls worked just fine. I called this company providing the model and serial number of our Dacor unit. I also explained there was an insurance claim filed and that time was of the essence. The very first appointment I was able to get was a week out. I took the appointment and the 4 hour time slot that came with it. I met the service tech at my home and after just a few minutes, he explained that the entire control board needed replacement and he gave me an estimate of over $900 to repair the unit. The technician then sat at my kitchen table for 20 minutes with his IPad and ordered all the parts. Two days later I received a phone call that the parts were no longer available. There was zero effort to assist me further!
I ordered a brand new $4000 duplicate oven from another company and they installed it.
Three weeks after Lake Country Services visited my home, I received an invoice via e-mail for $84. When I called to inquire about the invoice, I was told this is their normal service call fee. I explained that the tech did virtually nothing to solve my problem.
I'm less concerned about the money and more concerned that a professional organization would not have verified that the parts for my unit were still available. Again, they had the model and serial numbers and they were aware that the clock was damaged ! I am also concerned that while I offered to pay a lesser price for a call that helped me in no way what-so-ever, they were completely inflexible regarding their invoice. Since my insurance claim is already closed out in the THREE WEEKS it took them to invoice me, I now have to decide if I am going to pay them or not. The other company ordered, installed and invoiced the new oven faster than Lake Country Services could write an invoice! I own and operate a business and this is not how I would take care of my customers!

Web page states fastest service in Milwaukee. Need repair on refrigerator and first appointment is in 1 1/2 weeks!!! Because refrig is under warranty, this is the provider for service. Also have a 6 hour window for service call which limits activities for that day.

I was given this company by LG to assist with a washer repair. Lake Country was one of three companies provided. I had called on a Friday (Sept 4, 2015) and was told they could not come out until 1 1/2 weeks later Sept 15th 2015. I said this was too long to wait & I would not need the service. Subsequently I was able to get an appointment with another company who was very helpful to connect me with an LG supervisor who agreed to cover our repair parts & labor. They arrived on Thursday Sept 10th & ordered the part needed. I then received a call the following Monday Sept 14th to confirm an appt. Tuesday Sept 15th. I was at work when I took the call & assumed this was the other provider able to now fix the washer with the part ordered. On Tuesday when the repair man showed up, it was someone from Lake Country. I then realized I made a mistake & let him know I would not need there services. The repair man said he would have to charge me for the visit anyway. I asked if there was any way to waive or reduce the charge, he refused. he called someone at the office to confirm that I did confirm the call the day before & I was informed it was Lake Country. I asked if I could speak to whomever he called or someone who could make a decision. he then stated the person he called couldn't make any decisions. I then asked who could make a decision, and then he finally told me he was the owner. So I again requested as a good client service company to waive or reduce the fee. The owner then started to give me the "I have employees to pay, could have had another service appointment, etc".So I then just caved in & asked how much I owed him for his 10 minutes of service. I paid $85 with a check just to make him leave. Very poor client service, he could have easily waived or reduced any fee, but clearly was not budging. I understand I may have made a mistake, but he has now lost my business in the future as well as I will be "spreading the word". I hope his $85 earned is worth the lost revenue from future customers.

Review: Lake Country Home Services was recommended by the seller of our refrigerator and LG. We made an appointment for a repairman to come to our home on July 17th. The repairman showed up as expected, but told us he was not qualified to repair a compressor. Another appointment was made for July 23rd, but the repairman ([redacted]) said he could not make it after 3:00pm, as scheduled. He asked us to reschedule. We did, for Aug. 5th, after 3:00pm. [redacted] called on 8/5 at 2:00pm to tell me he was on his way to our home. I reminded him the appointment was for after 3:00pm. He said that he would not be in our area that long and we should reschedule and that he could not guarantee late appointments. I told him I had no intention of rescheduling with his company (apparently, he is [redacted]). I also told him that I planned to complain to LG (they have his company on file as a "preferred repair service"). His response was "fine".Desired Settlement: How about an apology? I would like this complaint on record so maybe someone in the future will be spared having to deal with this guy. I would like an explanation how this guy figures he can deal with customers this way. If he can't make an appointment time, don't tell me to make the appointment!



We are truly sorry for any inconvience this caused you. We try our best to accommodate everyones busy schedule. We try and schedule calls between 7am-12pm or 12pm-5pm. When someone requests a before or after a certain time we always inform our customers we can't guarantee it but we will try our best. And that is because we have no idea how long a job may take and our technicians may not be in that area during the time requested. We try and at times it just doesn't work out. Again, we are truly sorry we were not able to accommodate your time and apologize if our tech was rude.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

I had this company come out to do some warranty work on my washer that is only 18 months old. When the technician arrived he tried to trouble shoot the issue and said he found nothing wrong. When my wife explained the issue we were having he did not listen and was very rude to her. Also,they were trying to charge us a service call when this is covered under warranty. The tech.said he had no knowledge of the warranty. When my wife showed him the paper work that in fact it was under warranty he really did not seem to care and said " I need to get to my next service call " Whirpool actually directed me to this company for the warranty work. When I tried to call the business the next day the woman I spoke with was also very rude and called my wife a [redacted] - I feel that the customer should always be right. This was totally uncalled for that this woman spoke about my wife in this nature due to the fact that she was not even here and I assume was going off of the techs. story. I would rate this company as a "F"

[redacted] is quick and efficient. He provides fair pricing and does quality work.

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