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Lake Country Marine

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Review: I brought in a [redacted] jet boat to Lake Country Marine. When I dropped it off I left a list of things that I wanted repaired with the boat. On that list was a tune up, as well as checking some components. I left a list of what I wanted done and also talked a little with **, the service manager. ** told me the boat was a "turd" and he was going to check the compression before doing anything else. After about 3 days I received a call from ** and he stated the compression was fine and that he was going to do a tune up that would cost about 500.00 for the labor plus cost of supplies. I asked what needed to be done in the "tune up" as I had just done some basic things to the boat the day before bringing it in. Some of which was written on the note I left when dropping it off. ** told me they had to put in new fuel filters, spark plugs and change out oil lines. I explained to him that I had just put in new plugs and 1 new fuel filter and that the second fuel filter was NIB on the seat of the boat and that they could install it when they replaced the oil lines. He said "ok" and that he would adjust the bill when I came in. When I came in to pick up the boat the bill was the same as the estimate to my surprise. I asked ** to adjust the bill because I told him not to replace the plugs and he told me that he would not, that he knew myself and the boat were going to be a problem and that I insulted his integrity and those were "fighting words". The boat ran worse than it did when I brought it in so I have taken it to a second mechanic where he told me they also put in the wrong plugs. The boat manufacturer says to use BR8HS, Lake Country used BR8HS-10, so the plugs do not really fit as they should in the engine.

Another issue I have is that a manhole cover "blew out" according to **. I was unsure how this could happen since the plug/man hole cover has a clamp that locks it into place and logic tells me that if something "blows out" the clamp that locks it or holds it in place would also be damaged, unless the boat was being operated while the plug was not locked into place. Which is adviced against by the manufacturer because of potential damage to the boat or physical injury.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund for the cost of the spark plugs and the labor charge to put them in. I would also like a refund on the charge of the manhole/plug replacement although I cannot prove that it was caused by them running it without it being locked into place, although to me, I would think the locking device would also be damaged if it were to blow out. I would also like a letter of apology from [redacted] (sp?), for the way he acted when I question the work that was done even though it was not approved and in fact they were told not to do it. For telling me that I insulted his integrity and making threats of my questioning him being "fighting words"



I would like to start from the beginning of how this boat came to Lake Country Marine for service. A couple days before I was at a another local business having

some legal papers notarized by the secretary in that office. It did take her some time to do this so we offered to compensate her. She did not want to be compensated but

asked if we could work on her [redacted] boat. She knew that we were very busy and backed up weeks in service repairs so the request was made to "jump the line". Being acquainted with

her for a number of years I told her to drop it off and we will "jump the line"for her. The boat showed up on May 20 with a [redacted] dropping it off. The service writer listed 7 different

job requests and estimates for work. Also attached to the repair order was a hand written list of 14 different items to check. Note that one of the listed jobs on the repair order was that

the boat has sat for 4 years unused. Because the boat had not been run for several years I did advise him the first thing to be checked is the engine compression before proceeding

with any repairs. I and my service techs have quite a few years of experience working on these older [redacted] 2 stroke engines. We have a company policy to check the compression

on all 2 stroke engines before doing any other work on the boat.

If a engine has a compression problem on a cylinder or cylinders engine failure will follow if not corrected. My point is there is no sense in repairing other items on a boat if the engine is

nearing failure. This is why we always check 2 stroke compression before proceeding with any other repairs. All cylinders checked good and we proceeded with other requested work on

the boat. The oil lines were replaced, we installed a customer supplied fuel filter as requested. Removed and checked the spark plugs and they were carboned up black. We installed

new spark plugs. The boat was then taken to the water and test ran on the lake. During the water test, one of the clean out plugs blew out. The tech determined the clean out plug lock

failed and the plug would need to be replaced.

On May 22 I called [redacted] and advised him the oil lines were replaced, filters installed, and new spark plugs installed. I also advised him of the clean out plug needing replacing

and its cost. He approved the part being replaced and the part was ordered from [redacted] at that time.

Note is was also obvious someone had tried working on this boat before it came to this dealership. If the spark plugs were in fact "new" they should not have been carboned up.

I also communicated with [redacted] on May 22 and gave him all the work estimates he requested for a fuel gauge, horn and bilge pump. He did not approve any of the estimates.

The tech checked further and did repair the faulty bilge pump wiring.

On May 31 the clean out plug arrived and was installed and [redacted] was notified by me of completion of approved work. I believe he showed up the next day to pick up the boat

but could not make full payment for some reason. While here he did question the service writer at the counter about the invoice but did not settle the invoice. The next morning he

came into my office and wanted to go over each item on the repair order. He questioned every item and I answered all his questions the best I could. [redacted], not being satisfied

started "copping an attitude" and stated he had heard that Lake Country Marine was expensive and rips people off. If there were any "fighting words" they came from [redacted]

arrogance in questioning our integrity/honesty. I did say to him I knew he would be a problem from the get-go and would prefer not to do any further business with him in the future.

I wanted him to be satisfied that we repaired this boat correctly for the owner and had the tech go to the boat with him and explain what was done and why. After that he settled his

bill with the service writer and towed the boat away.

This company repaired this boat in a professional manner and did no work without approval. We repaired the boat so it would be safe and run correctly for the customer. If he can show

we did not repair the boat correctly and that the boat does not run properly we will refund the disputed amount.



I have reviewed the offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]


I reviewed the reply from Lake Country Marine. There are two issues I have with the response. In the paragraph below Al states that he replaced spark plugs, fuel filter and oil lines and then called me on the 22nd. What actually happened was he did the compression check to make sure they should continue with the tuneup. After it passed he called me on the 22nd and gave me an estimate of the cost for labor of 500.00 for labor plus the cost of parts for a tune up. I asked him what needed to be done as part of a tuneup and he explained they change the plugs and fuel filters and my boat needed new oil lines. I then explained to him that one fuel filter was brand new and the other new one I brought in with the boat and that the spark plugs had just been installed before I brought the boat in for service. he said no problem I will adjust the bill accordingly. When I came to pick the boat up the mechanic told me he was never told the plugs had been replaced.

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