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Lake Heights LLC

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Tho whom this may concern: Today (05/21/2017), we received a forth letter regarding the same? Tenant? Service Issue (ID [redacted] ) and have reviewed the consumer's rebuttal as previously did According to your record, could you please let us know: 1) ? What was the condition of the premises when the Tenant moved in (reviewed and signed by the Tenant)? 2) ? When (the date) did the Tenant provided the days written notice for the early lease termination (meeting the Lease Agreement reviewed and signed by the Tenant)? 3) ? What's the condition of the premises after the Tenant's sudden departure? All matters were clearly itemized in the Inspection Checklist dated 05/01/and mailed to the Tenant the next day Please dismiss this case.? Thank you Kind regards, Howard L [redacted] Lake Heights 4101, LLC

Hi [redacted] , We received your letter regarding [redacted] **'s Service Issues last week Below is our understanding: On 08/01/2016, Ms [redacted] examined the lease premises and accepted the premises are in good and satisfactory order for herOn 03/27/2017, Ms [redacted] wants to save the last months of rent and let us know that her sister and cousins would like to stay at the premises for nights (on 3/and 4/3)On 04/01/2017, Ms [redacted] provided sudden early lease break notice to usWe feel uncomfortable about Ms**'s sudden actions and her early lease break for her financial interest, and are concerned about Ms **'s credit worthiness, but we are doing our best to accommodate her interest while being fairWe are currently in the process of closing out her early lease break paper work and will be mailed to her early next weekKind regards, Howard L [redacted] Lake Heights 4101, LLC

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I am not pleased with MrHoward L**’s quality and integrity of the businessOn 5/6/17, I received a final receipt from MrL [redacted] and a check for $out of $deposit (please see attachment)So he charged me $The majority of the charge was cleaningAs far as cleaning and wiping things out, all the lease states that the room is to be cleaned and it wasI had witnesses that when I moved out, they see the room and the surfaces were cleanedNow he charged me for the hooks at the back of the door, which had already there before I moved inPlus, when I first moved in, during my couch-surfing time before I even saw my contract on 8/1/16, MrL [redacted] suggested me to clean up my space in the fridge if I wanted to use it because the previous tenant did not clean itI didn’t know that he was supposed to clean it himself since he probably charged the previous tenant hours for not cleaning up the fridgeTherefore, MrL**’s pattern of over charging tenant was a clear habit of unethical business practiceI have also contacted two other ladies who moved out before me in order to understand whether they experienced what I went through with MrL**They said that MrL [redacted] does the same things to them that he went back and forth arguing about cleaning and charged them a huge amount of money out of depositSo eventually, he has ripped off deposit from tenants for a long time and has not upgrade the rusty sink or the poky springy mattress for years.Moreover, since he charged $lease break on the rental check-out list , which means that the April and May rent should not be charged anymoreThere is no such agreement in the lease about the chargeIn his response, MrL [redacted] accused me of favoring my financial interest, which was incorrectI believe that he values his own financial interest more than the well being of the tenants in his houseMy reason of leaving was that I had to stay somewhere else healthier (at my partner’s place) while paying for the rental room where the living condition was so bad, which was not worth itI had persevered as long as I could just to be close to work, but eventually I could not stand itThe mattress on the bed in my room had a hole on it where the spring poked me in the back during the nightThe electricity went off during the winter in the nightI was so cold and I could not get a hold on the landlord until the next dayAnd the bathroom sink had a big rusted hole in it, which was grossThat was just a few thing about the placeI did not know all of these conditions when I signed the contract on 8/1/because MrL [redacted] briefly showed me around the room, the bathroom, and the hallway in the basement just to show that the place was livableHe neither exactly pointed out the hole in the mattress nor the rusty hold in the sinkHe did not even show the back of the door where the excessive hooks were, which were left by the previous tenantPerhaps, he charged the previous tenants about the hooks and never had time working on it because the day the previous tenant left was right before I moved inSo his strategy was that I could continue use those hooks and then he would charge me in the end of my term if I did not take them offWhen my sister arrived to Seattle from Houston and planned to stay on 3/29/and 4/1/with me , after seeing the living condition that I was in, she prompted me to move outSo I gave him a notice on 3/27/and I did move out on 3/31/My sister and my cousin did not stay for those requested nights because we did not feel comfortable with the living condition and we respected the low key aspect of the houseIn conclusion, out of my $deposit, the only things he should charge me were $break lease as he wrote on the check-out list and $cleaning (if he really cleaned whatever he said he would clean, perhaps the next tenant will be the one who do all the work again)That means he should only charge $max out of $According to the tenant's right, the last month rent $should be charged in a separate checkEven though the last month rent $was paid as a deposit with $deposit in the beginning of the contract, those $deposit should be paid back in the endInvestigating what MrL [redacted] did, he took that last month rent $and calculated in the way that the cleaning charge took over all of the last month rent depositI would like my $deposit back and I would like for other future tenants to be warned about the way he does business Sincerely, [redacted] **

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Address: 2369 South Forest St, Seattle, Washington, United States, 98144


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