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Non availability of approved equipment, portable exygen concentrator
Last October I was prescribe and insurance-approved for a portable oxygen concentrator. Landauer told me it was being shipped. As time went by, they finally admitted it was on back-order with an indefinite wait and that nobody was getting this equipment (except a very few).

I waited, hoping this would be sorted out at their end. I checked every month or so. I was told the same thing, and could get no satisfactory reason for this "back-order". I tried again today with the same result. I can't get it, no estimated date for them to be arriving, nothing, no explanation that made sense.

Result - it's 11 months since this item was prescribed and approved. No change and no hope on the horizon from Landauer Medstar.

I am not a hater and don't usually complain. Other services I have from them are better, but this is so inbelievable I feel the need to mention it.

• Apr 27, 2020

This company should be shut down
It is a racket. The staff is nothing more than salespeople and that is all they do: sale. They will call you incessantly trying to sell you more supplies. Even if you say you don't need or want they supples they will send them anyway! Then the bills start... OMG! Trying to stop the billing is impossible! Please DO NOT get involved with this little ripoff "compnay" in any way!

Worst company ever! Absolutely zero customer support. Been waiting eight hours for them to show up for an appointment. I sat in my wheelchair by my front door waiting for them for eight hours. My appointment was at 12:30 PM. 2 PM they never showed up I called them they said they would come by 5:30 pm. Jill at 5:30 nobody showed up I called again and got service. I asked them to call me back and let me know if they were still coming. Nobody called me back. 630 I called again. I got the service I asked him to call me and let me know if they are coming. Nobody called me back. 7 o’clock I called again because still nobody showed up. At 7:30 I got a call back and they lied to me and told me they knocked on my door at 5 o’clock and nobody answered the door. Which was a total lie because I was sitting by my front door for eight hours waiting for them just so I would not miss them. This happens on a routine basis. They are not dependable! I’ve been using this company for over a year and not by my choice so I am stuck with them. On multiple occasions they have not delivered items they should have and it took me nine months for them to for fill my wheelchair script. Stay far away from this company. You will regret it from day one! Also there was no way to speak to anybody from building in person there is only a machine and they are known for charging you money for items that you didn’t have to pay for or double billing and getting my money back took months! Stay far away!

• Oct 11, 2019

Worst customer service especially at the Oxygen Department,the guy on the phone is so rude and has a bad attitude,I think he’s not happy with his job,the company should teach them good attitude towards their customers

Our *** *** called the patients home and left a voice message for a return phone call to discuss resolving the issue

The worst company ever, employees are in a hurry, don't take notes of order, seems patients have to adapt to when they are good and ready. Customer service need serious training, attitudes and condescending tones, jeez. I want out, whomever regulates these companies should jump on these one, what a mess. My husband is a renal patient that depends on oxygen 24/7, its been a nightmare with home fill units that don't work e tank regulator that doen't show how many litters the tank has, a true dangerous mess, should be investigated

This is the worst company ever. If you are trying to get them on the phone, hang up now. I am trying to get them to pick up a wheelchair and each attempt to reach them has resulted in being on hold for over an hour and then not making contact. Of course, they charge you per day so not being able to get through to them has a benefit to them. Outrageous. If you have an alternative, use it because this company is unprofessional, unresponsive and ultimately dishonest since one cannot get through to schedule equipment pick up.

I am a Visiting Nurse and the communication with Landauer/Medstar was poor to mediocre. There was never any follow up. I had one service representative who was extremely helpful. Michael Malik assisted me with oxygen service for a patient and went above and beyond and I was grateful for his help. Since then the communication and response time has improved. We all need to work together to improve the lives of our patients.

The business has responded.  Please see below:
The electric hospital bed was provided by another vendor, therefore Landauer Medstar will not replace it.
Landauer Medstar serviced the mattress issue on 11/* leaving the patient happy with the outcome.
At this time, I have not been contacted by Landauer Metropolitan Home Health Care regarding complaint ID [redacted].

In Re: Landauer MedStar:

My Father passed away on 1/20/2017. He was in the hospital for the week prior to his death. Landauer has been sending bills citing delivery of oxygen and related equipment from 1/17/2017, while my father was in the hospital and then well after his death. The last bill says delivery was made on 4/17/2017. The phone numbers for billing questions all go to an automated response saying they have "higher than normal" call volume. Their online bill pay site ( does not allow for electronic communication and directs you to the same bogus customer billing phone number - where there is no one live to talk to and no one calls you back (as the automated response says someone will within 24 hours). Next click for me is, but thought I'd warn others of seemingly deceptive practices here first...

I've never been so frustrated in my life. My ** year old, bedridden aunt requires a new hospital bed and another mattress. On February [redacted] the doctor wrote a script for a mattress. I continually followed up after faxing to [redacted] who sent it to Landauer. Approximately, a month later a hospital bed was also ordered. I have received no satisfaction. When I get someone from Landauer on the phone (often times they keep you on hold for an inordinate period of time, and than hang up) they tell me the doctor forgot to include something in the script. I call the doctor who tells me the company continually request more information instead of expressing the need up front. It is now April [redacted], we have rec'd no mattress or bed. If I knew this was going to be the case, I would have purchased it privately.

No one seems to care. Even when I'm transferred to a supervisor she doesn't get back to me. The doctor is paying a visit tomorrow so I'm hopeful we will straighten this out, but these people should be ashamed of themselves, and this company should be out of business.

If you're even considering ordering from Landauer, "DON'T" By the way, 0 on the scale below isn't low enough.

Review: We ordered a wheelchair for my daughter, [redacted], 3 YEARS ago! It was incorrectly fitted 3x's. We paid through private ins & out of pocket in full (3 years ago). Certain items they promised were never delivered. Broken parts were never fixed,& [redacted] needed to be refitted for the chair.

I met with a man named Noel at [redacted] in April 2015. I was told he was the new contact person because the others left the company. He PROMISED to fix the broken parts ASAP. NOTHING has been done yet even after many calls by myself & the [redacted].

I spoke to Ruth Tiska at Landauer on July [redacted], 2015. She said theparts were ordered & she'd call me back & give me a date for the repair. I have NOT heard from her as of yet.

This wheelchair is now being held together with duct tape!!! The side armrest is broken,a footplate is broken, the headrest is incorrectly positioned , the seating is incorrect & my daughter's posture is causing health problems. No one is helping us. Please HELP!Desired Settlement: I want a new wheelchair with everything we paid for & everything we were promised. I want an apology. I want immediate action. My daughter has cerebral palsy & she doesn't deserve to be treated like she doesn't matter.



At this time, I have not been contacted by Landauer Metropolitan Home Health Care regarding complaint ID [redacted].Sincerely,[redacted]

Review: Metropolitan Landauer was paid twice for the same item, by me and by Medicare. When I was ready for discharge from The Osborn rehabilitation facility in Rye, NY they ordered me a walker from Metropolitan Landauer. It was delivered on 1/*/16 and Metropolitan Landauer informed me that Medicare would not pay for it due to the deductible. I paid $83.26 via my [redacted] charge card. When I received my Medicare summary I see that Medicare also paid Metropolitan Landauer $78.34 through my Medicare Part B insurance and $19.98 through my Medicare Supplement plan for a total of $99.92 on 1/**/16. Thus they double billed and were paid twice for the same item. Item ordered was Heavy duty wlker (E0149-NUKX)Desired Settlement: I expect Metropolitan Landauer to reimburse me for $83.26 since they have been paid in full by Medicare.



At this time, my complaint, ID [redacted] regarding Landauer Medstar has been resolved.

(By clicking "OK", your complaint will be closed as Resolved.) Business did not contact me, but I filed a dispute with [redacted] and after investigation they credited my account for the disputed amount.


Review: They have not filled a prescription that was given to them on behalf of my grandmother [redacted] that was sent over a year ago. She was to receive a rechargeable portable oxygen concentrator with wheels to enable her to go out for longer periods without having to carry oxygen tanks as she is unable to carry them.Desired Settlement: That my grandmother would receive the CORRECT rechargeable portable oxygen concentrator with WHEELS.



At Landauer Metropolitan we take all patient concerns seriously. I have been working with [redacted] and the patient’s family to provide the patient with the a portable oxygen concentrator (POC). Initially a POC was delivered to the patient, however it was refused as it was not the type that was on wheels. What was delivered was a POC which was light weight, approximately 7 pounds, and one that the patient or assistant could carry.

I reached the patient’s granddaughter [redacted] and discussed exactly what was required for the patient. Apparently the assistant felt it was not possible to carry the POC and assist the patient at the same time. The patient was not physically able to carry the POC either. It was decided to provide a POC on wheels even though these are considerably heavier, approximately 18 pounds. However, we did not have any of these in stock. [redacted] was agreeable to waiting until one was available. We kept in touch for a few weeks and ultimately when one was available it was delivered to the home, on 12/**/13. [redacted] was specific about timing and that we were authorized to instruct both the patient and her assistant at that time. [redacted] herself was out of town. I advised her to inform the assistant to use the POC while the patient was still in the home until she became comfortable with it. After the POC was delivered I myself reinforced this with the assistant.

[redacted] returned home the other day, and per our agreement she and I spoke today. She has not seen the POC herself yet. She has been in touch with her grandmother and stated the assistant is totally comfortable with the unit. However the patient herself is still a little uncomfortable and forgets how to turn it on. [redacted] felt that they just need a little more time and practice at home for the patient to be completely comfortable. She said she will visit her grandmother shortly to see exactly how everything is working out. She will inform me as soon as this is done and if any modifications are required she will contact me. We will remain in contact with her also in regards to this matter.

Hopefully this will resolve any outstanding issues. We appreciate your bringing it to our attention.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

the equipment that was sent (although the right one) isn't working properly. The battery is either not charging or connecting properly with the machine. Although left charging all night as instructed by the representative who delivered it, the oxygen concentrator didn't work for longer than 30 minutes. My understanding is that it should last at least 1:30 - 2 hrs on battery. They will pick up the equipment tomorrow in hopes of repairing or exchanging it. So we are seemingly back to square one, but I am hopeful that it will be resolved eventually as no clear timeline has been given except to say that "it is a process." I just hope that it doesn't take another year.




As a follow-up to recent correspondence regarding this Complaint. I discussed the issues with the most current POC delivered to the patient with [redacted] at the time it was returned to us. The company processed the POC through our repair department and determined the battery was not functioning properly. We have since tested other batteries on this specific type of POC and found they are also not functioning properly. The company has decided that we will no longer provide this specific brand of POC.

Our company is in the process of determining what types and manufacturers of POC we will provide to patients. We are still providing all patients who require portability with oxygen tanks as always. [redacted] has continued to be provided with oxygen tanks as requested.

I discussed the situation with [redacted] this evening and explained that it might still be months for our company to explore various options and make a determination how to proceed. I reassured her during this time we will continue to provide the oxygen tanks as requested. We did discuss her exploring other companies who might be able to provide what her grandmother has requested. She is aware we are available to her with any further questions. Also, if we find in the future we have a POC we can offer to her we will contact her.

We appreciate your bringing this matter to our attention.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is not exactly satisfactory to me, but it would appear that I don't have a choice but to accept that she will not be receiving a POC anytime soon.


Review: Ordered hospital bed which was delivered 10-*-14. Brother-in-law ([redacted]) took delivery as I was staying in hospital with my husband following his multi-level, [redacted] surgery. 2-3 days later I noticed a dent in wood floor. Asked [redacted] if anything happened and he stated when he was in the upstairs loft (adjacent to our bedroom, via a short hallway) talking with pet sitter who was below in LR, he heard a loud bang. He stated there was only one delivery person there to set up, and he likely dropped something.

I called Landauer twice during the week of 10-*-14. Asked for [redacted], and rep took message. Called back 3 days later and was told he passed the message along to the logistics (delivery) [redacted] and left message with [redacted] for him. Was told [redacted] would not handle call. Never received call back.Desired Settlement: Pay for repair of flooring to be done by person/business of my choosing.



At this time, I have not been contacted by Landauer Metropolitan Home Health Care regarding complaint ID [redacted].




Our [redacted] called the patients home and left a voice message for a return phone call to discuss resolving the issue.

Review: Landauer Medstar Policy#[redacted], Patient#[redacted],

In September 2014, [redacted]; 95 years old- (her family), asked our assigned nurse at our VNS Choice MLTC for a new high back wheel chair. The old one was wore and falling to pieces plus more importantly, my aunts [redacted]s disease has gotten so severe that she can’t hold up her head. This is the reason for highback wheelchair. Since then we have been getting the runaround from Landauer Medstar and VNS Choice MLTC. [redacted]' Doctor has submitted tons of charts, forms, pages of health info to justify the chair. We can't do anymore. Help please. We need the chair so that we can take her out in the sunshine comfortably.

Thank you.Desired Settlement: Immediate delivery of HighBack Wheeled Chair



Due to HIPPA law, there is some patient information we are not allowed to include in this response as we do not have a written waiver form from the patient to include in this response. As courtesy please be sure to omit the patients insurance ID# as it is related to the patients Social Security number. Please be advised we received a wheelchair order from Visiting Nurses Service on September [redacted], 2014 and December [redacted],2014. The request consisted of an intake with the patients, name address, phone number and a request for equipment. The request was not signed by a physicia. In order to bill the patient’s insurance, we have to provide supporting documenation from the physician prior to dispensing any equipment, as it is an Insurance requirement. Since the patient is on VNS service, the nurse who put in the request for the equipment would need to inform the doctor (the prescriber) so that the doctor can submit necessary documentation. The wheelchair requirements for medicare are attached for your review.The doctor (the prescriber) information provided to Landauer Medstar was Dr. Anwar A[redacted], phone number [redacted]. As the request came over with no supporting documentation, Landauer Medstar made five attempts, as courtesy to obtain paperwork from the doctor. The dates of submission and contact are as follows:9/**/14, 9/**/14, 9/**/14, 12/**/14, 12/**/14,12/**/14. Each fax and phone call resulted in no response from the doctor. Patient was informed that Dr. A[redacted] had not submitted the documentation, and that we've made several attempts and suggested maybe the patient or patient family member can reach out to the doctor and ask him to provide the prescription and supporting documentation to us. On July **, 2015 Landauer Medstar received a prescription from Dr. A[redacted], but no chart notes were provided which is a requirement for the patients insurance. As of the time of this response we received the chart notes to support the need for the wheelchair. The family will be contacted to schedule, and delivery will be made of the wheelchair. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Please understand that without supporting documentation to bill the insurance after delivery is made, we would be denied, and we would be have to pick up the chair. If the prescriber, which in this case is the physician, is unable to provide us with documentation, we would be unable to dispense the order. Thank you



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved. THE WHEELCHAIR WAS DELIEVERED ON SATURDAY AUGUST **, 2015 AT 4PM.


Review: I am so upset. My severely handicapped daughter is not receiving her monthly supplies. These supplies include the formula she is fed through a tube, all the necessary tubing supplies to feed her with. They were supposed to be delivered an August ** and as of today August ** they have not been delivered. This supplies are crucial for my daughter. She is only fed through a feeding tube, so without the supplies, I will not be able to feed her. I'm scared for the safety of my daughter. Whenever I call they tell me there is a problem with e factory. That very well may be the case but my daughter's needs should come before all of this. I have been dealing with this company and various minor delays but this has been the worse by far.Desired Settlement: I want them to process the order as soon as they can and pay the cost themselves. This is ridiculous and my daughter should not have to suffer because there is some breakdown within their company. This is my daughter's supplies that she needs on a daily basis, which includes her source of nutrition. I am disgusted by this. I call each day only to get a run-around. My daughter is now sick and I have to think it's because we are not able to use the sterile equipment because it hasn't been delivered.



Attention : Dispute Resolution

On 8/**/13 the customer's mother ordered the August monthly order for supplies to be shipped

for 8/**/13. The formula that was ordered was on back order: with our supplier. To ensure that the customer

did not run out of formula we reached out to the doctor on file to make sure that the formula we had in stock would

be ok to send out. The doctor said that it would be fine and a case was shipped to the customer to ensure

they would not run out. The mother called us back on 8/**/13 to ask if we have any estimate a time of delivery

on the order, we still did not have a release date yet. The mother called again on 8/**/13 and we still had no release date

to provide. The mother was upset understandably but we ensured that they still had formula at this time. On 8/**/13

we received an update from the mother that. She was going to be switching to another provider for her monthly supplies.

We asked how much formula was left was told they were running out. On 8/**/13 we delivered a case of formula to they family by

our truck to ensure they would not run out. When out employees arrived at the home with the case the mother informed us that the

monthly order did arrive on the **rd but that she already switched providers and asked that we picked everything up at that time.

Review: I ordered CPAP mask through doctor about March 2015.

Wrong mask arrived. I realized 60 days after arrival

unopened package was wrong item.

I do not know if the error was on doctor’s side or Landauer’s

side. Landauer would not accept return on basis I was

returning item too late. They billed me after the complaint.

I said I would not pay verbally & by letter with full explanation.

Medicare did pay. I thought issue resolved. My doctor

ordered the correct CPAP mask from another vendor which

I received. Landauder put bill to collections & collections

agency ([redacted]) put the unpaid bill in my credit report

as of December 2015 for Experian & Equifax.Desired Settlement: Correction to a credit report – if inaccurate information remains after the complainant disputes it.

Review: NOTE: I am writing this complaint for my mother, [redacted]. She is 82years old and a [redacted].Review: On Friday, February [redacted],2015, A delivery man from Landauer Metropolitan came to my mother house and delivered a new Rollater walker to her, in exchange, she had to relinquish the one she had which was in good condition. Because she just recently been discharge from the hospital, the hospital has been sending her supplies of blood pressure equipement and etc for the visiting nurse. Upon reading the invoice she realize, this rollater walker belongs to the neighbor [redacted], (Patient #[redacted] on invoice) across the hall in apartment **, who was coming down the hallway. They tried to catch the Delivery man, but he had already gotten on the elevator with my mother's rollator walker. [redacted] retrieved her new walker, which was rightfully hers. My mother is now without a rollater walker. I called the company and I spoke to numerous people. One was Mr [redacted] Ext [redacted]. He said I needed to provide him the person name and invoice# which I did. He also stated my mother should have read it more carefully. I told him that my mother is 82years old, a [redacted], and sickly. Not to blame my mother. The delivery guy should take the responsible of this error. My mother lives in apt **, [redacted] Lives in apt **. I can understand the miss up. but it was his job to ask for ID and got to the right apartment.. MY mother really needs her rollater walker. She is on a fix income. She purchase rollator for $275. We just want them to return her original rollater or replace it.Desired Settlement: They are now giving me the run around.....We just want them to return her rollater walker or replace it.

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