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Review: Both my engagement and wedding rings purchased from Lauren B, by myself and my husband, have had repeated issues. Engagement ring: sent in for resizing 3 months after proposal, only to be told it could not be resized (this was not stated at the time of purchase), ring returned with sizing bar attached and next day a diamond is missing. Sent engagement ring back for repair and to have wedding band made in September. Within 1 week of receiving my "repaired" engagement ring, two diamonds were missing, also noted that diamonds in the wedding band were not set correctly and that the band was not a circle. At this time we requested a refund because we did not trust the craftsmanship of Lauren B, however they said this was so rare and offered to re-set my center stone into a new setting. Now yesterday (one month to the day of wearing my wedding band), a larger diamond fell out of the setting. I contacted Lauren B asking them to not continue with the new setting as I was very unhappy that both pieces were falling a part so soon and that the only acceptable outcome would be a refund. Aric at Lauren B repeatedly accused me of "improperly wearing the ring" (it did not come with warnings or directions), and said that the only thing they are willing to offer is to fix the ring. Aric also suggested that the ring is very delicateso maybe it should only be worn on "nights out" (this was never stated prior to purchase and should have been if the ring is that delicate as I have taken great care with both rings) and that I am lucky they have even responded to my email complaints. This is unacceptable as they have now proven that their products are not made with quality craftsmanship, we do not want to continue to have them make products that cannot withstand careful daily use.Desired Settlement: Only acceptable outcome is for a full refund for the cost of the engagement and wedding band. After I insisted on a refund, Aric stated he is sending back my ring as is and that they are finished. I will happily mail them back to Lauren B for full refunds of both rings.



Hello We would like to address the following claim 1. We are able to size all rings- it is a matter of which sizing method we use that varies on a case by case basis. The ring was sent in to be re-sized. After examining the ring we concluded it could not be re-sized with cutting the ring open, removing metal, and soldering back together. Instead we told the client the safer way is to add a gold sizing bar inside the ring which we did do and the sizing was finished. 2. We sell countless diamond pave rings on a daily basis and have not had anywhere near the amount of issues your ring has had. We sell hundreds of rings and would never be able to keep up with the workload of repairs if this was the norm. Pave diamonds can fall out of the settings and when this happens we service the ring without any issue. We offered to make the client a brand new setting free of any charge which costs us a lot of money. This was offered on our part to make the client happy. The engagement ring was purchased in November of 2014 and we are not able to offer any refund over a year after the fact on a custom ordered item. The ring was custom made down to the mm size of each diamond and custom fit to a very small finger size of about 4.5-4.75. We worked with this couple for well over a year and have sent almost 200 emails back and forth to them with the utmost respect and courtesy that each client deserves. Our return policy is stated on the website and on all of our official invoices. 3. The client repeatedly yelled at us over the phone that it is "none of our business" what she does at home with her rings and that she can "wear her ring any way she pleases" without negatively affecting the piece. We did our best to listen however it is not possible to communicate when being yelled at. Unfortunately, jewelry is strong but not indestructible and pave rings obviously need to be worn more carefully than a solid ring. Pave rings have tiny metal prongs holding each small stone in place. If it is knocked or hit in any way it affect the ring. With all of that being said we have absolutely no problem servicing the ring to fix any issues and satisfy the client. 4. We responded to each email from the client without any exceptions. When the client began screaming and yelling at us over the phone that she does not want to work with us, accept a store credit, or a brand new setting free of charge we told her we would ship the ring back so she can decide the best way to go about it.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

They are falsifying claims. Aric claimed to have recorded the phone conversation. If so, I would like for that to be reviewed as you will be able to hear the truth of how the conversation played out. He was extremely condescending, answering the phone with "There are bigger problems in the world then your ring", and the rude behavior continued throughout the conversation, After Aric repeatedly told me that I was not telling the truth about how I wear my ring (it was never worn in the shower, cleaning, cooking or exercising), I finally told him it was none of his business what I do with my ring. He then followed with telling me that these rings are very delicate and maybe they just need to be pieces worn for nights out. I was told multiple times through my requests for a refund these rings was delicate but shouldn't be falling a part, logic says it cannot be both. If these rings are so delicate that they cannot withstand a petite woman with a desk job then they need to include disclaimers and warnings to people at the time of purchase. I can assure you neither myself or my husband would purchase a ring that couldn't withstand a normal life. When I finally had to ask him to stop berating me so that I could speak, I told him that if he could not offer a refund the next step is he would hear from my lawyer, to which he told me they get inquiries from lawyers "all the time and they are just dismissed with a quick email". He later denied this via email but if the conversation was indeed recorded then there will be proof of this. Also, store credit was never offered, although this still would not be an acceptable solution. All three pieces of jewelry we purchased from them have had defects; the final straw was that when they were getting ready to remake my engagement ring, a diamond fell out of my wedding band a mere 30 days after my wedding (approximately 40 days after receiving the ring). Since all three pieces (engagement ring, wedding band and my husbands wedding band) had issues, this shows the problem is craftsmanship. Why would we want another ring made by a business who has yet to produce anything of quality. Regarding that the ring was purchased in November 2014, my husband did not propose until March 2015, there is nothing I can do about the time passed when I didn't even know the ring existed. The fact that they are saying they never have issues like this is preposterous. Upon scanning their [redacted] page, you will find multiple complaints about the similar issues. But if this issue was so rare I do not understand their resistance in resolving it in a way that makes me, the customer, happy. I offered a solution of giving me a refund for the bands (~$5000) and we would keep the diamond and they would keep the sale of the diamond (~$7000). Upon which I was accused of trying to "barter" (see attached email). Then Aric proceeded to respond to my [redacted] review to which he claimed he had proof of me improperly wearing my ring (the ring did not come with warnings or disclaimers that it should not be warn in certain ways) and that if anyone wanted to see the proof they had of me wearing the ring improperly to contact them and they would be happy to share the image. First, it is highly inappropriate for him to go onto my social media to search for "proof" but then to offer to send my picture to strangers on the internet is scary for a young woman (see attached files for [redacted] reviews/comments). Ultimately someone reported him on [redacted] and the review was taken down but I have no way of knowing how many people he sent my picture to. The minimum resolution I am willing to accept is that we keep the center diamond from my engagement ring and they refund the cost of the setting. I will keep my faulty wedding band as it is not worth it to go round and round anymore with such a despicable business.

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