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Law Office of D Scott Carruthers

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Review: On, Thursday, June 11, 2015 I received a voicemail from a Mrs. [redacted] with a D Scott Carruthers Law Office. Mrs. [redacted] left a voicemail on my cell phone and my home phone and called me again later that day around 2:00PM. I answered the phone and from the start of the phone call it was very argumentative and confrontationally from the start. Mrs. [redacted] stated I had a debt with Cash Call and did not explain when the debt was received, how much was due or who it was purchased from and for how much, just you seem angry and you need to pay your bills. The Law Office of D Scott Carruthers has rogue collectors working for it and Mrs. [redacted] is one of them. I asked Mrs. TP if she was trying to intimidate me and she laughed and I told Mrs. [redacted] she was now harassing me and hung up on her. Mrs. ** proceeded to call me back and asked if the call was disconnected and I said no, I had nothing else to say to you and Mrs. [redacted] disconnected the call. Mrs. [redacted] is pursuing contact and using intimidation techniques to get the party to in hopes for her to Pay in Full or scare the party. Mrs. TP [redacted] did not even care to hear my side of the story that my car was broken into and all my accounting on this matter was stolen. Just my way or the highway from rogue Mrs. [redacted].Desired Settlement: I am asking the Law Office of D Scott Carruthers to provide additional phone training to Mrs. [redacted] and explain there are collection laws and a Fair Credit Act that Mrs. ** needs to become familiar with. D Scott Carruthers is a roque collection company and use intimitadation techniques and scare tactics to scare a person. I received a letter dated 6/2/15 stating I owe $2,015.56 to CashCall + $899.24 in interest totaling $2,914.80 and when asked for the real balance due and payments received Mrs. TP again went rogue. I believe this balance due is hyperinflated and asking that the Law Office of D Scott Carruthers submit a full detailed accounting of what is owed on the original balance with Cash Call and show how much was loaned and paid and show how this debt has been bought and sold. I lost all my accounting due to a vehicle break in that happened 3-4 years ago. I do want to pay back this balance and asking for a installment loan of $25.00 a month once a overall balance is reached.






I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

This collection company uses nothing more than scare tactics to settle on balances. Yes, they mailed evidence there is a debt outstanding but what is owed is what's in question. I gave this collection company a figure and offered a $25.00 a month installment agreement and they refuse to listen or acknowledge this. Just pay in full now and our way or the highway. I will work with this company once a pay down balance is agreed upon at $25.00 a month and more when I'm working again. This is a terrible collection company and are real life ss using rogue collectors.


Quit calling my job harassing me cease and desist I've asked [redacted] to cease and desist last Tuesday 2-16-16. She called to my job again today 2-25-16. I cannot work with this Scott Caruthers Law firm if this unprofessional tactic does not stop immediately. [redacted] representing this Scott Caruthers Law Firm is unprofessional. Any debt collector has to respect when asked not to call someone's job. I explained it could cause problems on my job!

Review: In correspondence dated 2-11-2015, I sent this company a request for validation via certified mail. The company failed to provide me with the contractual agreements and statements that I had asked for. The company has ignored my request and also continued to report this account as a valid account on my credit report instead of a disputed account. This is a blatant disregard of my rights. It's obvious this is frivolous debt which cannot be validated.Desired Settlement: This company has violated the FDCPA, I am demanding that the debt be removed from my credit report with immediate effect. I will take this matter up with the Attorney General's Office if this company fails to remove this debt.

Review: On numerous occasions I have had a woman named [redacted] call me attempting to collect a debt. I never received anything in the mail and asked her if she could mail me a statement of what I owed and to whom, in which she refused. She also has called my place of work numerous times in a day. I work at a hospital, I am a nurse, and her calling more than 10 a day at my place of work is interferring with my job duties. I asked her on numerous occasions to not call my place of work and to contact me by mail. I still have yet to receive a statement in the mail. She claims she works at a law office and will sue me. That is fine. I dont think any professional would speak in the manner that she speaks to me in, none the less tell me "I need to pay or else" I take that as a threat, and I doubt anyone in a law office would be threatening a civilian. She is very unprofessional and at this point her phone calls are harrassing. Also I would NEVER give my information, credit card numbers, bank account information over the phone. Like I said I have asked numerous times for a statement to be mailed to my house and her to quit calling my place of work. None of these have happened.Desired Settlement: I Would like no further contact by phone by this business. If there is a serious matter and inquirery they can mail it to the address they have on file.

Review: Good morning,On December 31,2014, I received a tersely worded missive from [redacted] threatening legal action against me if I did not remit payment of of debt owed to its client, [redacted] within a thirty day period. For more years than I can count, I continued to make monthly payment on the [redacted] loan as I received each monthly mailed notice (complete with due date and pay envelop). Several months to a year ago, I stopped receiving the notices in the mail. On occasion, I received a reminder via my worksite email concerning a [redacted] option. As I had sent payments by mail, I had no need of the option. While I have not remitted payments on the whatever the seemingly bottomless well of a balance as lossely determined by [redacted] client, I have remitted payments so that the threat certainly came as a shock. Were I in a position to pay whatever the determined balance is, I assure you, I would already have done so. I am twenty-hour a week employee with not enough discretionary income to allow me to pay such an enormous amount in such a limited amount of time and certainly not all at once. I most assuredly am without the funds for legal representation. I feel the action taken by [redacted] on behalf of its client is unreasonable, extreme, and punitive. I seek your assistance.Thank you,[redacted]Desired Settlement: If I may propose a resolution to the, I would request a resumption of affordable monthly payments until the balance of the loan is paid in full. The previous amount was set at $160-180 monthly. Such an amount is as much as I can afford as I am the sole provider of my household.



Good afternoon,I contacted you very recently regarding the same company's strong-arm tactics. You patiently worked with me to attempt to resolve conflicts reasonably and fairly. I thank you for the effort on my behalf. However, the above company chose not to cooperate. Rather, [redacted]' firm ignored your request for a response. What he and those employed by his firm have now chosen to do is to harass me directly, making repeated calls and leaving messages at my place of employment, specifically, revealing information about this matter to professional colleagues. Obviously, this goes beyond the bounds of proper professional conduct. Neither Carruthers nor his firm has contacted me in writing which I would prefer, for the purposes of maintaining an accurate record and maintaining privacy. Whatever you can do to further assist me in the matter will be appreciated.Thank you,[redacted]. Again, I would like to resolve the matter reasonably and privately. My personal information is not for public consumption. The firm must cease its efforts to contact me at work.Thank you again,[redacted]

Review: Harassing phone calls

This office keeps calling me about a debt from Cash Call. I have already settled my debt with Cash Call. I called Cash Call asking if they deal with this office which they replied that they do not. I asked this company to provide me by mail a copy of my debt which I never received. They have called me at work. They call my cell phone multiple times a day after I have told them numerous times to stop calling me. The rep who leaves a message is [redacted].Desired Settlement: They are starting to cause me anxiety and stress from repeatedly calling me and leaving voice messages.

Review: This company continues to call my place of business, even though the calls are not allowed and they have been asked in writting to stop. Also they refuse to provide a debt validation letter and instead informed me I would have to pay $250 to file for discovery to see what the bill is for, how it was calculated, ect. The are in violation of the FDCPA which protects consumers from abusive, harrassing, or unfair debt collections practices. I just want to not be called at work, I want to be treated like a human being. I don't think THEY would blindly pay anyone anything with a credit card, especially without written proof.Desired Settlement: I want them to stop harrassing me and to stop contacting my place of business and other 3rd parties.

Review: Myself and my family are receiving numerous threatening calls from this "Law Office". They are asking for my self and my youngest son. They are giving me and members of my family my sons social security number over the phone and recently called my job and my sons job giving ss# and other personal information to the receptionist. When asked for them to send us in writing the debt information to our home address, they refused stating the only thing they would send over to us were the police with a summons and complaint if we did not send them money immediately. They are scaring my elderly, disabled mother and my other children. We do not know who it is they are looking for since they ask for me but give out my youngest sons social security number and threaten arrest and lawsuitDesired Settlement: I thought these kind of tactics were illegal in the State of California. If this man [redacted] is in fact an Attorney at Law in California he should be disbarred

Review: We received a letter from the Law office of D. Scott Carruthers claiming we owe for an invoice dating back to 2011 that had already been resolved, claiming we owe that company 4x the amount in 2011, we received no itemized invoice or written description of charges from this law office.Desired Settlement: No legal action to be taken and this case to be thrown out.

Review: This company has contacted people whom I have never given them the number for including coworkers and old high school friends. They have called my work phone more than 5 times in a day and contacted my Human Resources (who sent me an email). I work for the State of California so they are continuing to harass me after through large departments who they again were never given the pone number to. I have never received a call or letter at my home so they have not attempted to call or contact me directly. They are causing emotional stress on me and at this time I am not in a place to deal with more than what is already surrounding me. They are stressing out the people they are contacting (1 is over 70 years old) and making them think there is something detrimental to my well being.Desired Settlement: They have not sent me anything in regards to even who they are or what they are calling about. There has been no information left in ANY capacity. They ongoing calls need to cease and I can be contacted by mail. I'm sure if they can obtain phone numbers they were never given my address can't be too far off their radar.

Review: Our business was sent a letter from D. Scott Carruthers, Attorney in Stanton CA, informing us that he is attempting to collect on a debt we don't owe, for a product we didn't order or receive. The letter was threatening and possibly in violation of The Federal Trade Commission and a few other agencies. His paralegal responded to an email of ours in a very rude and accusatory way. We have never received any formal verification of this alleged debt. Information that was given to us regarding the original alleged debtor indicates that they may be working together. The phone number for the original debtor and Mr. Carruthers's Paralegal are the same. I would send a complaint against the original debtor, but I cannot find proof that the organizaion existsDesired Settlement: According to my research, Mr. Carruthers has a long history of this type of seemingly fraudulent behavior. He should be disbarred.

Review: I am being harassed by this business. They are calling me about a debt that is not mine. The debt belongs to mother and she is responsible for it. I passed the information on to her while on the phone with her and them. It is not my issue. I told them to stop calling me, but they will not.Desired Settlement: I would like them to stop calling me.

Review: I was contacted on December 31, 2015 and several times after by a Mr. [redacted] and others at [redacted] in Stanton, CA, who said they were a law firm representing Mountain Lion Acquisitions and were collecting a Cash Call debt for a personal loan in my name. They asserted that I either needed to pay the amount or be served with legal action. I have been contacted by three different organizations about this debt, all of which assert that they are the only ones authorized to collect and the others are fraudulent. None have sent me any type of communication or proof by mail. In a phone call on January 8, 2016, I requested proof or validation in writing of the debt, the amount and that they were the organization that legitimately should be paid. The associate at [redacted] hung up on me. I also requested that they contact me in writing from then on. It has been much more than five days and I have received no written/mailed communication or validation. In addition, after their initial call to me, which was threating and intimidating, they made threatening calls to my husband and my father in law. Today, I have sent a certified letter to request that this firm only contact me in writing, as their tactics and unwillingness to send validation appear to be in violation of fair debt collection practices as well as unduly upsetting.Desired Settlement: I have seen many consumer complaints about this organization and, ideally, a legal or punitive action would be taken against them. In light of not receiving timely mailed validation, it would be appropriate that they cease collection efforts. At the very least, I do not want myself or my family members to be contacted by them by phone again.

Review: In 2013, I started receiving harassment calls and voice messages from this law firm threatening me with a law suit. I contacted the law firm and asked for documentation of this debt and asked them to stop calling my family, and husbands place of employment. I never received any paperwork work from them to support their claim, but the harassing calls continued to a point that they would call my husband at work and threaten to call his human resource department to get his wages attached. He coherced me into paying them $100 a month and in return he would provide us with the documentation. At that time I explained that I had been a victim of identity theft and did not want my credit further ruined. After talking with an attorney, he stated that I should not have agreed to any payment plan since I was the victim and recommended that we request in writing the alleged debt documentation from Mr. [redacted]. Again, we proceeded to write the law office of [redacted] to request the disputed debt and to cited the Fair Debt Collection practices Act (15 USC, 1692(a)(b)(c)), but we did not receive any documents nor did they stop harassing us at the place of employment and our family. called them one last time to request the information and again let him know that I was a victim of identity theft. He and his associates yelled at me for over 30 minutes and would not allow me to talk. They called me a liar and threatened to go after my husband since I did not have a job. I At this point, we are considering hiring a lawyer to file a restraint order against their office, but feel that something needs to be done about this unethical business.Desired Settlement: We would like the business to: 1) cease and assist. 2) Provide copies of the alleged debt in question; 3) Stop contacting my husband at his place of employment; 4) Stop calling my family and friends. 5) Refund the amounts paid to their firm, as we were coherced to pay them money without providing documentation of the debt. 6) Accept our explanation of identity theft which we have the name of the individual.

Review: This company called my cell phone without permission stating that they were a law firm. They did not even try to verify my identity. When I told them to contact me by mail I was told they didn't have to and that a [redacted] would be at my home shortly to serve me papers. When I hung up on him he immediately called me back. The next day someone else called me and left me a message telling me good luck. They then contacted my ex-husband of 13 years and told him that I had been receiving mail addressed to him at my home and that I had been using his credit information. I live over 50 miles away and have not had any contact with him in over 4 years. This company has also contacted my former employer as well as coworkers and friends and family. I went online and found that they are not a law office (they are not licensed with the California Bar Association) and have a history of doing this to other people. I have filed a complaint with the FTC and will be filing a complaint with the Bar association and doing a police report.Desired Settlement: I would like to see them closed down and also for them to pay a fine to all of the people they have damaged. They also need to be sued for breaking the law.

Review: This company is representing an imaging company that claims to have sent ink cartridges to our office that we did not authorize.Desired Settlement: Stop contacting our office.

Review: Imaging Supply Center has harrassed us shortly after I came to this office in June/2010. We never ordered any toner cartridges from this company. We have a contract with a local copier company where we have and continue purchasing all of our toners from. Imaging Supply are "toner pirates", they cold call and get an employee's name and then send a few cartridges, forging some false signature for the person and then bill for numerous more. They sent two that the accounts payable rep paid before she left without investigating-I returned the two back and have my receipt for the returns, so in fact we paid for the returned toners! I sent a letter (with a copy of the invoice for the returns) of this nature to Imaging Supply on 11/3/2010 requesting that they cease and desist contacting our office. I have an inch thick file of messages and faxes from the company and various different collection agencies regarding this issue. Our accountant has the cancelled check #6361 dated 5/14/10 in the amount of $399.25 (noting ONE cartridge).Desired Settlement: This issue needs to be CLOSED as there is no legimate service/product supplied.

Review: This collection company keeps calling to harass me at work and at home. They even call and are rude and disrespectful to the receptionist and others in my office. They call repeated times a day. This is harassment. They have never sent me any kind of letter or provided me with information as to what they think I owe. I want them to cease and desist immediately. They are damaging my reputation at work and annoying everyone.Desired Settlement: cease contacting me

Our business was sent a letter from D. Scott Carruthers, Attorney in Stanton CA, informing us that he is attempting to collect on a debt we don't owe, for a product we didn't order or receive. The letter was threatening and possibly in violation of The Federal Trade Commission and a few other agencies. His paralegal responded to an email of ours in a very rude and accusatory way. We have never received any formal verification of this alleged debt. Information that was given to us regarding the original alleged debtor indicates that they may be working together. The phone number for the original debtor and Mr. Carruthers's Paralegal are the same. I would send a complaint against the original debtor, but I cannot find proof that the organizaion exists

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Description: Attorneys & Lawyers, Collection Agencies

Address: 8448 Katella Ave #100, Stanton, California, United States, 90680


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