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Law Offices of Mark A Reder

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We hired attorney Mark Reder to complete the legal aspects of an infant adoption. We had previously hired Mr. Reder for an adoption but the mother decided to parent. Mr. Reder verbally told us the $1500 retainer fee we had paid him for the first adoption would be credited to our account toward another adoption if we chose to continue our desire to adopt. For this reason only, we hired Mr. Reder for a second time. We have more than 1 issue with this attorney other than fee disputes. We have been trying to adopt for 2 years and was forced to fire our first attorney due to lack of morals. After termination of this attorney, the adoption coordinator contacted us about her wanting to find us the baby we were meant to adopt. She did find a "match" for us. We were told by this coordinator that she did not want to be involved in this adoption and that she was simply the driver of the birth father. Very strange, but this 2nd attorney we hired (Mr. Reder) used to employ this same coordinator. They have a very strange relationship in that they say such harsh words about each other. Even though we had become closer to this coordinator, we expected that our conversations with our attorney stay with the attorney. After each meeting, the coordinator spoke word for word about all that was discussed in the meeting. Mr. Reder claims that our confidentiality doesn't apply to her because we were using her as a median. We did tell him that we never gave him our written or verbal consent to discuss our information with anyone and expected him to act the same way he would with other clients. Upon meeting the birth father of our potential "match" we were told by this birth father that Mr. Reder asked him if he was aware he had other options of families and that by choosing us the child would be likely be exposed to racism because of the small town we live in. Of course we were very upset bc it seemed as if the attorney we hired was trying to sabotage the adoption we had paid him to perform an adoption. Mr. Reder claims we sabotaged our own adoption by commenting about his work attire to the birth father by mentioning his "skinny jeans.," which we find very absurd! Mr. Reder claims this is one of the reasons he fired us as clients bc we spoke inappropriately about him (skinny jeans.) We feel Mr. Reders termination of our agreement came bc he knew we were very upset with him. We hired him and was not told he would be unavailable for half of the month due to being out of the country. We had hired him and paid him 2 weeks before this trip and feel it was necessary for him to mention it to us considering the child we were pursuing was just put in foster care and time was of the essence. While all this was going on, Mr. Reder agreed to refund $500 of the $2000 paid because he stated to us he did not see this adoption moving forward and since $1500 was to be used toward the retainer and $500:was to be used for a visit to the prison to the birth mother to sign consents he would refund this amount. He refuses to honor this refund (we do have an email from Mr. Reder confirming he agreed to this.) At this point our relationship also became volatile with the coordinator because we kept receiving lies and excuses of why we kept being cancelled on. We allowed this coordinator to borrow money from us in June with the agreement she would pay it back. We did not get this money $900 returned. On several occasions we offered for her to keep the money as a gift because we knew that she was struggling. Each time we were told she could not accept money bc someone could view it as facilitating an adoption so she had to pay it back. She was told just pay it back when you are able. We were told 3 different times of returning payment and it never happened. We got very frustrated with not only this but bc we kept receiving cancellations. After addressing this issue we were told that she would just tell the birth father we were not interested, which wasn't the truth. We told her that if she chose to lie to him then we would act accordingly. She was also told we planned on turning her in to her boss for disclosing information that should be confidential about other birth moms. Mr.Reder told us at this point he was firing us bc of illegal activity to further an adoption. It most definitely did not further an adoption it ended it! He then threatened us that if we contacted or the Indiana bar association then he would contact the state of our "illegal behaviors." We believe he was trying to use intimidation so we would not contact you by telling us he could possibly get our adoption license revoked. We have most definitely had contact with our caseworkers and they are well aware of the situation and have found no harm. We made it known to Mr. Reder we were less than pleased of him not telling us that he would be unavailable for most of the month, especially since we had just hired him 2 weeks prior and the trip was probably already planned. We found out about this trip 2 days before he left. Conveniently he fired us right before he left refusing any refund, including the $500 he told us would be returned.

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Address: 870 Virginia Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States, 46203


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