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Lawver Construction Inc.

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This complaint was filed before we were even able to finish the jobWe kept in contact with her husband regarding the dates we would be there to workThe stairs that were there before were very unsafe for her son and had been there since they purchased the houseThis woman was very hostile and would slam doors making it very hard to be around her while workingI would recommend she have a contractor come out and pay them to redo what she wants to change, but we will not do any more work for herShe made it very difficult to work around her schedule, but we accommodated the best we couldHer complaint is highly inaccurate and doesn't reflect the truth at allThe customer received exactly what she asked and contracted for us to doWe strongly feel this is retaliation, as the customer was paying our daughter as an employee and didn't pay her correctly for time/hours worked for almost a year and our daughter had to file a claim against her through the labor boardWe feel because our daughter quit working for her, this is what she is trying to get back at usWe are also very sorry she is using her autistic son to make us look badNothing we have done is unsafe for her son or anyone elseWe, unlike her have provided pictures, all she keeps saying is she invites you to come look at it yourself and who is really going to do that? We are a reputable company who goes above and beyond to take care of our customersUnfortunately, there are some people you can never please not matter what you doThe customer has blocked us from a group we were a part of on Facebook and has been smearing our name with out us being able to respond. Absolutely NO refund will be issued

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
Yes, the complainants daughter did work for us which is why we hired him in the first place.  She was a great employee and when she referred her father, she explained they were having financial difficulties. We figured since he was a contractor and we trusted her, we would interview him.  We did and felt comfortable giving him the job. Unfortunately the job was bad and when we complained, she gave her notice to quit.  I have all correspondence and feel bad that we ever hired in in the first place because we lost a good employee for our son over this mess.  She quit showing up for work once we had asked her dad to fix the issues, again, not sure if you want this paperwork, but I have no problem showing this to you along with the payroll records which show she was paid as well as given food and clothing due to her situation.  It is sad that this family is using that for reasons that have nothing to do with her ex employment.  We understand why she left, she is being loyal to her father.However, he did a horrible job. I cannot take pictures if the underside of the stairs to show you it pulling away, which is why I ask you to come look at it.  I never saw them working, they worked in the guest house, so not sure why slamming doors was even mentioned.  The hours? We work from home so again, not sure why the hours were a problem mentioned now and never before as they could work from morning till night.  This is grabbing at straws nothing to do with the work.  We did have other contractors look at the job, they all said they have to pull out the work that was done to fix it as an amateur with a toy tool set could do a better job.  If you like, I can provide you with that information.We are not bad mouthing anyone, however, we own a website and we allowed his daughter to refer her dad on that website, but after what he did to us, we are trying to warn others before they are next in line writing to you.  The work is shoddy, period.  Its uneven, unlevel, not even sitting on the floor, low clearance, bad materials.  It would be impossible to show you pictures of splintering wood for the railings, someone has to come and see it.  If you look at if from afar as the pictures he provided, it looks okay but walk up to it? Its obvious.  This is the most unprofessional job ever.  His daughters employement, slamming doors is RIDICULOUS and has nothing to do with this other than she quit showing up AFTER our issue with him, and that can be proven at any time.  Please understand we want nothing to do with this company including them trying to fix anything, which was after we already made the complaint.  They are incompetent, and it is a shame they call themselves contractors.  We did block them from contacting us due to the instability of the situation and the scary way this family actually operates.  We would like them to remain as far from us as possible as their are some serious issues there.  As this has NOTHING to do with the work performed, we are taking it up with an attorney instead of doing it here.  We are in the process of filing the final complaint with the state of Colorado against the license he holds.  We will let you know the outcome.  We are asing for 100% refund, he can definitely come and get and reuse this outdoor decking material if he so desires.  Thank you

The contracted work to replace their "rickety spiral staircase" has been completed. Clearance is above code standard, she needs to measure it again correctly. Customer stated to use existing material, which was what was used. There is no splintering, no nail holes and everything is level. Lawver...

Construction, Inc. was paid in full only after the customer walked the job and stated it all looked great. No refund will be issued.

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Address: 7515 W 17th Ave, Lakewood, Colorado, United States, 80214-5202


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