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LCS Lawn Service

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Review: The lawn care company failed to treat my entire lawn initially. They have no weekend assistance. I emailed 3 separate times, but they never responded. Finally [redacted], the President, emails me stating that they can assist me in canceling my services so he proceeded with that request. I asked that they waive all charges because the work performed was done incorrectly, but I have yet to receive an email promising a credit. I just want to be sure that they do not bill me for services moving forward or for the service they billed me for which was done incorrectly. [redacted] refuses to cooperate with this.Desired Settlement: Make sure I do not get billed in the future. Make sure I get a credit for the services performed incorrectly.



As to the complaint I have a time line based on email exchanges I will breifly descibe

[redacted] came on board as a customer.

1st treatment to Lawn done on 5/8/14

Email sent to LCS sales person ([redacted]) from customer on 5/8/14 3:00 pm asking if our technician did not treat a 3 foot strip of grass behing his tree line.

LCS Employee [redacted] did not respond, as he did not check his email befor leaving work at the close of his day on Thursday, and unfortunatly [redacted] was then out of work on Friday 5/9/14

Then started a chain of e-mails from the customer during non-business hours over the weekend, in his defence ,the customer did not know we dont work on the weekends, but his anger rose as we did not respond to emails he sent on Sat and Sunday, 5/10/14 and 5/11/14.

Monday morning the 12th of May 9:37 our office saw a emial from the customer in a general Email account, at that point office staff reached out to him by phone. Leaving him a message that we could come back out and treat the area missed. At 10:16 Am on 5/12/14 customer emailed back to our office and said, "no" and dont call me by phone as I dont have the oppertunity to talk on the phone I only can be reache dby e-mail". He also stated just cancel my services and I dont want to be billed for this treatment".

On 5/12/14 3:00 PM the owner [redacted] sent customer a email saying sorry for not getting back to you sooner But [redacted] was not in on Friday of last week and we are not in our office over the weekend to respond to emails. And asked again if there was any way we could resolve this and move forward. 5/12/14 4:42 pm customer emailed back and said thanks for follow up, but "no just want to cancel and not pay for this bill. 5/13/14 9:00 AM [redacted] wrote email to customer and said services have been cancelled. 5/13/14 4:05 PM customer emailed back and said verify I am not getting billed or I will be contacting the Again this is sent to [redacted] after his normal work day He works from 8 am to 4 PM. So [redacted] did not respond. 5/14/14 6:17 AM customer writes email saying Im sending you to [redacted] didnt respond, why? Not at his desk at 6:17 AM. [redacted] sends customer email at 9:06AM on 5/14/14 stating billing has been removed. Customer sends email back at 9:14 AM saying it takes threat to remove a bill? I sent email back at 9:44 Am 5/14/14 trying to explain our accounts receivable process and that upon the request it takes 48 hours to remove bill associated with each account, at which point a cancel code is given and balance is then removed. Our office was scheduled to contact customer at 11:00 on the morning of 5/14/14 to give him that info, he wrote back on 5/14/14 saying dont give me your ignorant excusses. We have been in business now for 20 years and have a proven track record of great customer service, our only mistake in this situation was that the initial contact that the customer was dealing with ([redacted]) was sick on Friday, and left early on thursday for that same reason. Then started a chain of late returned e-mails that were deliverd to us during non working hours. I should also say the missed area of turf grass that was behind a row of pines that was easily mistaken as his property line. In our business property line issues happens from time to time, it is easily resoved with a return visit to clarify the property lines. customer said I dont want that done as I will feel I have to babysit the lawn service from this point forward. Mistakes happen in every industry and resolving them is a part of every industry as well. Wish we would have had the oppertunity to show this customer what we are all about. We have been a A rated company for the last 15 years.



Review: Over 2 years ago I was not happy with a spraying of my lawn during a heat wave. Whatever was put on the grass managed to burn out my lawn in many places.I expressed my dissatisfaction with that spraying but no

adjustment was made to my bill of $70. I continue to get a bill for it and a note to protect my credit rating I should pay the bill. When you are not happy they do not respond to you.Desired Settlement: Adjust bill to $0



In response to this complaint, the customer is correct, there should have been a credit to this account last year, should have been scheduled for 8/13/13, was listed in our data base to issue the credit but did not get processed, on 6/14/14 the account had been adjusted. We will send a copy of that credit to the customer, we are truly sorry that this went to this level before being resolved.

If you have more Questions please feel free to contact our office.


Review: LCS lawn service without any notification or contract came and provided 2 services to which I did not want. After service 1 I called and notified them they were not needed. They then applied a 2nd fertilization to which they credited me for. I'm still being charged for service #1. I finally got a hold of someone and they indicated that I was notified of the service. In August they sent me a document that was dated March 5th. I had never seen the document which stated that I needed to notify them that I didn't want the service. In both instances I applied fertilizer in the days leading up to them coming out to my residence and applying spring applications. AFter calling they threatened a collection service which would harm my credit rating.Desired Settlement: I'm looking for them to dismiss the charge and send me an invoice with a zero balance. If a collection agency is contacted I will be looking for add'l monetary compensation due to negatively affecting my credit rating. This amount is yet to be determined. I cannot put a dollar total on what the damage to one's credit rating is worth. I'm hoping it does not come to this.



I have reviewed the call log and Mr. [redacted] s complaint is valid, he did Identify the correct dates of contact, 4/10/13, 6/12/13 and 8/14/13. In our defence there is anoughter letter given to our customers upon them starting our services. Which this letter is a service agreement that explains what services were ordered, within that letter, it does state that L.C.S. lawn service is a continual lawn service, if for any reason you would like to discontinue your service, please call our office. That letter was sent out on March 26th 2012. On March 5th of this year we send all of our customers a renewal letter that explains the services that the customer is set up for for the upcoming season, (this is the letter Mr. [redacted] is reffering to that he stated he didnt recieve, we sent him a copy of this earlier this month.) and it also states if you would like to discontinue our service to please call our office. I am sorry Mr. [redacted] did not recieve this letter, I do have a concern inner office related, to why the account was not cancelled after Mr. [redacted] called in the spring after we did his first application. For that I am very sorry. In the future, if Mr. [redacted] does start lawn applications again with another service, keep in mind all lawn care companys in WI opperate on a continual service agreement.

I called LCS to come out and look at my "problem" lawn on my newly purchased home in the early spring of 2014. They recommended a fertilization program along with fall aeration and overseeding. I didn't want to spend the money on a lawn that I was convinced I was going to have to kill off and start from scratch, so I informed them I didn't want to pay for anything until I saw how the lawn responded to applying weed and feed myself the first season. I told them if I decided to not completely renovate the lawn I might have them come out in the fall to do the overseeding. That is where it was left. I had no other correspondence with this company until October (6 months later) when my fiancé who works nights was awoken unexpectedly to L.C.S. overseeding our lawn. No contract was signed, no phone call given that they were planning on stopping out. They just came and did it and now expect to be paid for it. I explained the situation and told them to stop sending me invoices every month, but they keep coming with threatening words, warning me to pay to protect my credit.
L.C.S. believes they can bully people into paying for service they didn't agree to. Also no improvement was seen from the work they did. The lawn was very long when they aerated it so the plug tines did not even reach the soil. Virtually no germination was noticed from the seed they applied.

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