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LeafFilter North

2144 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Rd Ste 400, Rochester, New York, United States, 14623-2700

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On June 1st, I was sold this 'wonderful, no more gutter debris product. The installation was scheduled for the next morning between 9 a - 11 a. Fortunately I arrived before these 'professionally trained' installers departed. I was extremely dismayed the installers were not wearing any clothing item stating who they worked for (its a well-known company, right). The 'junkyard' appearance of the vehicle used to transport product and supplies was a disgrace as an image of professionalism. Instead of few lengths, there were multiple pieces, not level with preceding or following piece, gutters not pitched, was the upper edge supposed to be under roof trim or over (no consistency); gutter ends do not look like website photos nor did the two installers use ladders like shown. I can't check the rear gutters as the are up too high as it has a walkout basement. I will be sending pictures to corporate office. I was told I could get both senior and military discount when financing for 24 months/0% interest. Without a doubt I was had by the local salesman - shame on me!

LeafFilter North Response time Jun 09, 2020

Thank you for reaching out. Service is scheduled for 6/9/20. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I will preface with PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND BUYER BEWARE!!!!!! Unfortunately we did not and ended up paying the price, literally. If you look at all these reviews you will see a pattern of horrendous workmanship followed by lack of customer service and suspect
misrepresentation at time of sales. We were never told they use subcontractors and the “crew” that arrived never even spoke to us. We were asked by Leaf Filter upon our first complaint after the fact who came out? How would we know? We believed the installers were employees of Leaf Filter. The end result was a crooked roof line with buckling and miscoloration with some edging looking gray and some white. I called immediately and was told they would contact “the crew” to come back out. Why would I have the same crew who did the poor job to begin? I stated I preferred a different crew with more careful oversight which they could not guarantee and we would have to be put on the schedule for a “reviewer to come look”. At this point I asked to speak to a Manager. First he was at Lunch. Then he was busy. I asked to hold. Ultimately he came on the call and said he would send “someone” but “maybe next week”. He could not say what day and he could not expedite the day and finally said “someone would call me Monday”. I was promised a “reviewer” would call between 9-12 and set up a day. He never called that day and I called Leaf Filter. They said I was not on any schedule and did not know what I was talking about. “So do you want to be scheduled or not”? I was Left with no choice and scheduled in a week and told it would be between 9-12. We waited. I called shortly before 12 and was told I was on the schedule and he would come. At 12.30 still no one came and I called back only to be told he had car trouble. I asked why after already calling once no one bothered to let us know? The office offered no explanation but said I could reschedule but would be yet another week. So now 2+ weeks have gone by. I asked for the manager who now was “on the road”. I told them I needed to have the issue addressed and after pushing the issue they got him on the line. I asked, given the wait and multiple calls with no resolution, could he intervene and do anything to make this right? He said there was nothing more he could do and we could reschedule but we would have to wait. I told him at this point he left me no choice but to call *** and file a complaint to which he responded “go ahead, you do what you have to” and hung up on me. I then called the salesman to see if perhaps he could intervene to which he responded “Hmmm, I have never heard of any problems before”. ( Read the reviews and see how this is possible). I asked he follow up with me. I never heard from him again. I then called *** and filed a complaint. The same day a “regional manager” called and stated the manager should not have hung up on me and he would send someone out Monday. The “reviewer” came and his first words were
“They did a crap job”. He took more pictures
and would file his report but didn’t know when they would be out. No one called. At this point we had lost all no confidence and asked the product be removed which they refused. They said they would redo the work “with a good crew” and at a discount”. Why would you use a “bad crew” in the first place? Again we asked to have the product removed which again he refused. He stated you can file a grievance with *** but they won’t do anything. It seemed I was not the first. From there it was a waiting game despite multiple calls made by us to Leaf Filter to get action. They told *** and they couldn’t reach us and we “were not responding”. Clearly they had my Husband’s cell and my cell # and received no such calls and, even if true, there was no letter or email. I asked them for a conference call right then which never happened and to date we have never heard from a Manager again. Months went by with no calls. In the meantime we were left with a horrendous looking roof and little did we know that come Fall it would also start to leak. Despite our attempts to resolve the issue with *** a decision was made that, irrespective of all issues, because the company offered to “redo the job” there was nothing they could do. Again we waited with no calls from Leaf Filter. After weeks we then received a call from a “reviewer” stating he would be coming out to “take a look” and “redo the job”. We told him a “reviewer” had already come out before. He said he Needed to come out as would also be redoing the job. We told him we were promised a discount and wanted that clarified first. (There was also 2 inches of ice and snow on the roof). He stated he had to check with a Manager regarding the money. To date we have never received a discount nor have we heard from any Manager. The “reviewer” came back 2 weeks later. He redid the job by himself. There was no crew of any kind. If you see the company’s responses to the numerous one star reviews, given our experience, these are no more than patent statements. Everything we were promised never happened required multiple attempts on our part, one of which resulted in a Manager hanging up on me. Please do not be misled as once they make the sale and install the product you are left on your own. PLEASE investigate on your own and make your own decision before you make that purchase. BUYER BEWARE!!!!

LeafFilter North Response time Apr 20, 2020

Each and every customer is important to us. LeafFilter has every desire to address your needs and provide the best solution available to resolve your issue as soon as possible. Please expect our service team to be reaching out to you shortly to see how we can provide support.

Jan 12, 2020

They forget to put spouts on end of gutters to pull water away from house. I made a follow up appointment and no one showed. They ended up dumping 3 10 foot pieces on my lawn that are not what I needed. I also asked for another gutter to be installed in front as one is not suffice and have never heard from them. So disappointed.

LeafFilter North Response time Jan 16, 2020

I will generate a service request for you, we should be in touch by end of next business day to further discuss. Thank you for your patience.

Terrible installation and terrible customer service. The only nice person was the sales person, to get the sale. They don’t show up when scheduled or just show up Unscheduled to start a job an hour before it’s dark. The installers don’t have id, trucks don’t have name of company....they are sub contractors. Price is extremely high. They damaged my roof and it’s visible from street. Left their trash for me to dispose of. Dirt and grit all over an expensive deck. They don’t carry a broom? Two repair people have been out, one asked that I text my photos which I did immediately and he would contact corporate. The person today, on a half hour notice, took his own pictures and didn’t have the pictures from the first person. Second person said the whole job would need to be redone.....I should trust them a second time?
BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY. I’ve worked with many contractors and LeafFilter is by far the WORST. Empty promises, fraudulent practices, horrible customer service. If I could I would leave minus 100 stars.

LeafFilter North Response time Dec 17, 2019

Hi *** - It's our goal to ensure every customer is completely satisfied. We will have someone follow up with your experience.

Aug 12, 2019

I called them for an estimate, little did I know these people were so bad at doing business. They begun by giving me a high estimate of "$2952 When I said ok sounds good I Schedule the work to be done on Monday 12 2019, but he was trying for Friday 9 2019 said no Monday or won’t do it he agreed. later I changed our minds not to have the work done he immediately went down "$2300.00". I said I will have to think about it some more and will let him know. So I agreed to have work down, but not til Monday as I was out of town on Friday he agreed. Well they showed up on Friday and did the work as my cameras went off. So I called Anthony M said what’s going on he said sorry they did see the change in the date of contract. So I get home Saturday do an inspection and man did they do a bad job. Drain gutters are Loose. One not even Fastened to the wall. All my drain gutter cups into the ground are all loosen. One don’t even contact anymore.
So Today called Corporate Office Zack, Troy, and Nick of course all are in a meeting. they said they call you back when done.
Finally I get a hold my sales rep Anthony came over I was showing him everything they did wrong guess what his phone camera don’t work he got frustrated blame the work installation manager and left nice job Anthony M never buying something from you again. O to me left his phone home on Saturday that’s why did call me.
(After reading other reviews I see is the same sales pitch). BEWARE of their deceptive speech. The product may actually be a good. I am writing this review let people know get just don’t go with first company no matter how good it seems.
Per my attorney they breached the contract by showing up on Friday but nobody wants to take responsibility for the shabby job they did and why the did work on Friday when they we’re not authorized to be done until a Monday day per contract.

LeafFilter North Response time Aug 13, 2019

Hi *** - It's our goal to ensure every customer is completely satisfied. We will have someone follow up with your experience.

Customer Response time Aug 17, 2019

They came out and fixed most of what had to be fixed. Today we had our first rain fall Since they fixed the most of the gutters problems but you can’t come in to my front door its look like a waterfall never over shooting the gutter never did that before I put this Product! I wish I can put Video picture on to show you’re. “NOT HAPPY”

LeafFilter North Response time Aug 19, 2019

Mr., I'm sorry to hear you are still experiencing issues. I will let the manager in your area know. We should be reaching out to you shortly. Thank you!

they did not install the leaf filter cover as I assumed they would after all they call themselves "leaf filter" so no covers. when I called to complain the individual hung up on me. I received a violation notice from the city of buffalo because they did not connect a downspout to flow into the gutters they installed, again this was "extra" which was never mentioned. about six more inches of gutter would have done the job. Be careful with this company , have your lawyer there when they right up the contract. I paid $574.oo for about 40 feet of gutter, should have gotten better treatment than this.

LeafFilter North Response time Aug 13, 2019

Hi *** - It's our goal to ensure every customer is completely satisfied. We will have someone follow up with your experience.

I called them for an estimate, little did I know these people were so bad at doing business. They begun by giving me a high estimate of "$4200.00". When I told him this was extremely high, he immediately went down "$3581.00". I said I will have to think about it some more and will let him know in a few days. Then the price had suddenly changed to "$3074.00" because he had a large business order where he could order extra material. I still said I'll have to think about it and discuss with my spouse. At 9pm that night I got a call, now the price was suddenly $1900.00 because they had "unused product in the warehouse that allowed them to lower the price further. (After reading other reviews I see is the same sales pitch). BEWARE of their deceptive speech. The product may actually be a good product but I felt like they were pressuring me into accepting their offer. I am writing this review to let this company know their business practices scream RUN AWAY. If you have to pressure someone into buying your product then your product is not that great.

LeafFilter North Response time Jun 26, 2019

Hi ***- It's our goal to ensure every customer is completely satisfied. We will have someone follow up with your experience.

If possible, I would give them a Zero star rating! They installed their product on my mother's house and it is not functioning properly. They are giving us a run-around and saying it is a roof issue. When my mother went to their office in Rochester, the service representative did not even get out of his chair. They are not responsive and are late returning the calls. They charged her $4,000 for a product that does not function properly, and spend less than 8 man-hours total on the installment. They can only sell well but not install and follow up properly. Very poor job! We will pursue a legal action.

LeafFilter North Response time Feb 12, 2019

Thank you for reaching out, I would be more than happy to help you and your mother. We would need additional information in order to pull up your account. If you could please contact our Service Department at

The product may be good if installed properly. Had them installed Oct. 2017 in New Jersey. Did ok in winter. Now getting water in my basement for the first time during heavy rains. Had architect and landscape contractor here. These professionals tell me gutters are slanted wrong way or not enough and leader(s) are missing. Rain overflowing gutters down into foundation and basement. Called and emailed service several times over 4 day period. Finally got a call back for a service 4 days later with a service call scheduled almost a month away! Meanwhile, we continue to take water into our basement. Terrible service. Paid a premium for these gutters and lifetime warranty. What good is a lifetime warranty if installed improperly. Do yourself a favor. Get gutter helmets for a fraction of the cost from a local gutter company.

LeafFilter North Response time Aug 27, 2018

We have scheduled a service date with the customer for 9/17/18. If the customer should have any additional questions or concerns, please reach out through our Service Department at

Customer Response time Aug 27, 2018 sent me a note from LeafFilter who states that service will be here on September 17th. Meanwhile, the basement leaks for a month. Great Lifetime Guarantee. (eye roll inserted here).

LeafFilter North Response time Aug 30, 2018

We reached out to the customer. The customer will call us back to move the service to an earlier date. Otherwise, we will still go out on 9/17/18.

After having LeafFilter out to our home last week, we decided to move forward with their services. WE COULDN'T BE HAPPIER WITH THE OUTCOME! The estimator was friendly and professional and was able to answer all of our questions. He provided us with a reasonable price and showed us a savings that made the project a no-brainer.
The installers showed up the very next day and completed the job quickly and without any hassle. David and his crew explained the process and got right to work.
Since the installation we have had several rainstorms and it appears to be working perfectly. I'm so happy that I won't have to clean my gutters ever again.

LeafFilter North Response time Aug 17, 2018

Thank you so much for choosing LeafFilter! We are so very happy to hear you are pleased!
Please don't hesitate to let us know if you need anything in the future!

Other reviews here are the normal business practices of this company. You will get a very high estimate, when you say no, the salesman will "be authorized" to offer you an immediate discount of XX which will lower your estimate significantly. If you say no again, they will have some other discount or "unused product in the warehouse" or an open appointment tomorrow that allows them to lower the price further. Be aware that the final price may be SIGNIFICANTLY less than the first estimate.
In their brochure, they claim,
"To maintain structural integrity of your roof, LeafFilter is not installed underneath your shingles or attached to your roof. This will also protect your roof warranty".
When I got home after the install there were bright metal straps 4 or 5 inches long screwed to my roof every few feet. This is HUNDREDS of screws going directly through my roofing material. I called to complain and was told that roofing material is made to seal around screws and nails and that there would be no problem. I have facia that is perpendicular to the roof, not vertical, so there needs to be a way of keeping the gutter level. I have a vacation property with the same facia where aluminum brackets were used on the back of the gutter. They have worked great in the Adirondacks for years with significant snowfall. When I asked why they don't use these instead of straps, I was told "our product requires the straps". I suspect this is because it is faster, cheaper and more standard. The LeafFilter should need no support from above, as it is attached directly to the gutter.
On the positive side, there were two other problems with the install that were fixed quickly, and the service tech did paint the straps darker to make them less noticeable. Time will tell if the product itself works.
Still a very unsatisfactory method of installation. I would absolutely advise against allowing them to install if they mention using roofstraps. How can you claim it will not be attached to the roof, then install long straps with screws through the roofing material? If I had know what it would look like, there is no way I would have had them install at ANY price.

LeafFilter North Response time Aug 09, 2018

We have reviewed the customer's comments and we have reached out to discuss their concerns. We are more than happy to schedule follow up service as needed. If the customer should have any other concerns or questions, they may please reach out through our Service Department at ***.

Customer Response time Sep 18, 2018

After three service visits, the hanging straps and twisted gutter were repaired. The people at the service number and the service techs that came out were great and did what they could.
However, my biggest complaint is that in spite of their advertising brochure that claims they never attach anything to the roof, there are hundreds of screws through my roof shingles and ice and water shield. I have been told by my roofing contractor that this voids my roof shingle warranty. And it looks terrible with all the metal straps on the roof.
I called the local manager, and left him a message to discuss this issue. After two weeks I have not received a return call. Apparently, there is nothing they are willing to do and have no answer on why their brochure claims something that they ignore.
If you give LeafFilter a try, be careful about the quoted price, it will likely decrease significantly if you don't agree to their first or second price. Then be sure to ask in detail how the system will be installed on your home. Get it in writing!

We had a sales manager visit our home to tell us about their product. his name was Arnie W. After about 2 hrs of telling us about their product I said no. he was very pushy and asked us about our home and wanted to see our home inside. My husband took him around. I still said no! this morning I looked up the business on I cannot understand why they have a A+ rating. please do not do business with this company! Negative experience! They were here on Tuesday May 8 at 7PM.

LeafFilter North Response time May 10, 2018

We appreciate the customer's feedback on their experience and our Regional Operations Manager has reached out to the customer to help address any concerns they may have.

I signed up to receive a quote while at a trade fair. Somebody called the next day to set up an appointment. An appointment was set up for the following day after that. Mitch B. came out and spoke with my husband initially, then I came home after they had already been talking for an hour and a half. We told Mitch that we don't make any major decisions the day of. He called and was able to get a Factory Direct quote (so once again the magic dollar amount continues to fall) from his boss; we reiterated that we will discuss it and decide. By now, Mitch's attitude has changed and packs up. He asked what we thought would happen when we made the appointment; why weren't we ready to make a decision at this appointment? I told him one thing that would have helped was having LOCAL people who have testimonies for their product. After he left, both my husband and I expressed our ill feelings towards the situation, we both feel very uncomfortable now after allowing this man into our home.
I just wish I had read the other reviews (even nation wide!) prior to setting up this appointment!

LeafFilter North Response time May 10, 2018

We appreciate the customer's feedback on their experience, as we are committed to the very best for each customer. A manager will be reaching out to the customer in regards to their feedback.

Beware. They're plan is to deceive. Nowhere on any of their web sites will show an actual cost of the product. What they do is lie about the job. For example, after hours of listening to the canned sales pitch I was guoted a price of $3200. At this time I said "No Thank You" . Then came the lies!. I was told in no uncertain terms that their work required the total removal of the existing gutters to reshape them, reinstall them with these special hangers and rework the gutter pitch to insure proper flow. Again, I was also told of the job cancelled at another site and his entire crew we come over to do the work promised. The salesman made it sound very much like he was running the crew. I then said I can understand the price because of the great amount of manpower needed to perform the work. After agreeing to this the salesman took all the paperwork with him implying he was coming back with his crew. He lied , never to be seen again with no paper trail. So one guy with a ladder snapped on some covers in six hours and drove away! At this time I called his office and told them I'll pay for the work they did do but not for the lies. Or come back and take it down. Listen people, this product is not exclusive. Equivalent an/or superior products are available for $2.00 to $2.75 per foot. Doing the math this proves they are trying to charge me $3,200 for a $500 job. The manager has tried to backstep this contract offering nothing but talk. Furthermore they submitted the bill to a second party for payment. This fraudulent business practice is off the chart. Stay far away from these people. This still is not settled since September 20th 2017. Sincerely ***.

LeafFilter North Response time May 03, 2018

We have delivered everything as per the contract he negotiated and signed, and while he claims there are no workmanship issues to be addressed, he would like to renegotiate terms after the fact. The examples of pricing he is referencing seem to be non vetted DIY products sold with no post sale installation or service and are therefore not valid comparisons. The pricing for our product and services has been set based upon market pricing for warranty backed products in our market segment and are often times less expensive than competitive offerings. We encourage him to call us @ *** if he wishes to reconsider his position and accept previous plans of resolution.

Last October I had Leaf Filter installed at my residence, was assured that by installing this system, I would eliminate the need to have my gutters cleaned and also save on electricity by removing the heating elements from my roof and gutters since Leaf Filter was going to take care of extreme ice buildup. it did not solve but created bigger ice build up on my gutters and the overflow created on ice rink on my walkway. contacted the company on several occasion and instead of solving the problem I got a lesson on how icicles are made. I would not recommend but discourage customers to stay away from this product.

LeafFilter North Response time Jan 19, 2018

We appreciate the customer's feedback on their situation and we have notified the appropriate management of their concerns. We have reached out to the customer in order to work for a resolution.

BE FORWARNED! The LeafFilter salesman may tell you that a big job has just cancelled, and he could schedule your installation for tomorrow at a price break. However, the contract states that you agree to pay their installer w/ cash or bank check, and failure to pay in full in cash upon completion is subject to "financing." What large company does business like that, and what homeowner wouldn't inspect a completed job first before paying in full? When my neighbor said that LeafFilter sent over an unsupervised sub-contractor w/ no special equipment (no phone, no phone numbers, no pocket money) as the salesperson described, who wanted his part of the bill paid in cash separately to him (what???), and who then hit up the retired neighbor for gas money when I said I had arranged to pay the salesman after I inspected the job, I knew I had to get out the ladders, get up on the roof and take photos. I observed that the sub-contractor did a shoddy job in several areas, damaged one area, and totally failed to install the LeafFilter on about 35' of gutter. After forwarding the photos to both the salesman and regional manager, they tried to claim that this installer had never performed or behaved in this manner before. No, LeafFilter has only been in business in this area since 12/1/14, and I may have been the first customer to have climbed the ladder to inspect and document his or their work. LeafFilter said they would dismiss the sub-contractor immediately, send an experienced installer back to re-do the job, and pay back the retired neighbor the gas money she lent. I would say that they lived up to their promise in fear of negative social media, and not b/c they have a sound business model (consisting of employees vs unsupervised sub-contractors, LeafFilter trucks and equipment, and a policy of payment upon satisfactory completion and inspection of the job. Do not assume that you are dealing w/ the likes of big, reputable companies *** or ***, ***, or ***, b/c that is not who they are at this time.

LeafFilter North Response

We apologize for any dissatisfaction the customer had with her sales and installation experience. We have followed up with the customer in response to her concerns both before the review was posted and management has reached out afterwards. Our customer's satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us and our actions to resolve the concerns reflect that. We are always more than willing to address any customer concerns, regardless of the customer's intent to share the experience online. We appreciate the customer's feedback on her situation and if she would like to speak with management further, she may reach out to us at any time.

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Address: 2144 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Rd Ste 400, Rochester, New York, United States, 14623-2700


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+1 (800) 290-6106
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