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Leboeuf Rubbish Removal

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Customer service, Company policy and service contract.I contacted Leboeuf at the beginning of [redacted] with an issue regarding service pickup and customer service wasnt helpful and rude. At that time I threatened to terminate our trash removal but they never informed/reminded me of my contract. On [redacted] we had another issue with pick up. I take responsibility for improper recycling of foam and do not discredit driver for not taking that box of recycling, however his attitude and driving off with the container still attached to the truck was uncalled for. So when my husband called Leboeuf to terminate service on [redacted] they conveniently remembered we have a contract which renewed [redacted] When I called to inquire about this contract I was informed I had signed it 5yrs ago and its automatically renewed every yr. I paid my quarterly bill through [redacted] and now he wants to charge me an extra [redacted] because of this ridiculous contract. I asked if he could be lenient given the situation and my long history with the company but he refused. The gentleman on the phone was rude and disrespectful. Some of his comments were: "your lucky some people have early termination fees in the thousands" "thats how it works" "it could be worse" "be grateful you and your family are healthy" He knows nothing about me, my family or my health. We live pay check to pay check and I could write a book about what we have been through and are going through but I'm not about to give a sob story over trash removal. He on the other hand had no problem telling me about his wife's heart attack and the office assistant who's husband was diagnosed with cancer. I feel for them but it is unrelated. I am disgusted that I have had this companies service since 2001 and this is how they treat thier customers. He even bashed his competition and made sure to tell me its [redacted] state law that if another trash company dropped of thier containers they must pick them back up with no cost to the consumer because they (the consumer) forgot they had a contract with another company" and he tells me "well you didnt HAVE TO sign the contract, we send contracts to everyone, some people dont sign them" really?! I didnt have to sign it?! it doesnt say I dont have to sign it. Their contract and the way they do business is shady and lousy business practice. I feel like I should have been reminded about this contract when I called in [redacted] He had no trouble telling me I have had Leboeuf since 2001 and spouted off the 3/4 times I have called in the last 15yrs to complain except [redacted] phone conversation. I asked him to send my a copy of my signed contract and he did so. I recieved it today [redacted] The contract also states they must receive a 60 days termination notice. Some people dont even know they are moving within 60 days, how is that fair business practice?Desired SettlementAs required under the contract I wrote a termination letter but I dont know if it will meet the 60 day deadline. I'm paid through September, I asked them to pick up their trash containers as soon as possible and I do not want service through [redacted] I do not expect a refund however I do not think it is fair for them to charge me an early termination fee due to their lack of informing me in [redacted] of my contract, their rudeness and my 15 year history with the company. I would like for them to be satisfied with the amout of money already paid and for my balance due to be $0. Thank you for your attention to this matter.Business Response IT IS NOT UNCOMMON FOR SOMEONE TO FORGET THEY HAVE A CONTRACT AND WHEN IT BECOMES AN ISSUE,REMINDING PEOPLE OF SOMETHING THEY DO NOT WANT TO HEAR IS SOMETIMES WRONGLY CALLED RUDE. AT TIMES IT IS NECESSARY TO BE DIRECT BUT THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DIRECT AND RUDE. IT IS THE CUSTOMERS RESPONSABILITY TO KNOW THEY HAVE A CONTRACT AND ONLY BECOMES OUR RESONSABILITY TO REMIND THEM IF THE CUSTOMER IS IN VIOLATION OF ITS TERMS. WE HAVE PROCESSED THIS CANCELLATION REQUEST AND CREDIT THE CUSTOMER FOR THE 60 DAY PERIOD, WE HAVE CHARGED THE EARLY TERMINATION FEE AS OUTLINED IN THE AGREEMENT LEAVING A $14.00 BALANCE PLUS A $12.00 OVERAGE CHARGE [redacted] FOR EXTRA TRASH. CUSTOMER HAS A HABIT OF HANGING UP IN THE MIDDLE OF CONVERSATION, HENCE, WE DO NOT GET THE CHANCE TO GIVE THEM ALL THE INFORMATION THEY NEED.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)Yes... I will except the terms of this response since I agree with not getting a refund for not giving a 60 day termination notice and I already paid my quarterly bill. Getting a credit for my bill instead of paying the contract early termination fee will have to suffice considerding the arrogance the company possesses. Most people would forget a contract they signed 5yrs ago unless it was a loan. I have a timed cell phone conversation with the man of half an hour, he had plenty of time to give me all the information I needed...if you call that hanging up in the middle of a conversation it is only because I was sick of listening to him rant about how I should be greatful that my family is healthy and that his isnt and that of his coworkers isnt...well news flash, just because I didnt feel the need to broadcast my families health issues and death certificates doesnt mean I do not have struggles of my own. Anyways, I would hardly call hanging up on someone once a habit. The extra trash fee is a joke. They are just trying to get more money because they are mad. the previous 2 trash pick ups we were charged $5 each for the same amount of "extra trash" I am just glad I dont have to deal with them anymore.

This company was very deceptive with their service contract and they do not review the service agreement with you that is for FIVE years. DishonestThis company delivered a container to our house 5 years ago when they delivered a container and the driver did not allow or instruct us about the terms of this contract which is apparently for 5 years. Also, this contract states that it will automatically renew for an additional 12 months every following year. We contacted them on this 5 years ago and we decided it was not worth the fight but now since we have sent them a termination letter they have once again refused to work with us and refund our money. This is a very dishonest company and they should be held accountable for their deceptive practices. Desired SettlementI would like a refund for the remainder of this contact that they say is in effect until feb 2014. Business Response CONTRACTS ARE MAILED TO CUSTOMER AT THERE HOME OR BUSINESS TO ALLOW THEM TIME TO READ BEFORE SIGNING AND DECIDE IF THEY WANT TO AGREE OR NOT TO THE TERMS. THOSE WHO AGREE MAIL THEM BACK TO THE CONPANY AND THOSE THAT DISAGREE SIMPLY DO NOT SIGN NOR RETURN THE CONTRACT. MR.[redacted] SIGNED AND RETURNED THE CONTRACT JUST BELOW THE LARGE BOLDFACE PRINT THAT STATES I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND. MR.[redacted] ONLY HAS 60 DAYS LEFT TO HIS AGREEMENT AND HAD PAID THRU 2/24/14. HE WAS INFORMED THAT HE COULD USE THE SERVICE UNTILL THEN AND THERE WOULD BE NO PENALTY. HE CHOSE TO TERMINATE AND NOTE TO PROVIDE THE 60 DAY NOTICE REQUIRED BY AGREEMENT,HENCE NO REFUND FOR THE 60 DAYS. THIS IS THE AGREEMENT MR.[redacted] FOUND EXCEPTABLE ENOUGH TO SIGN AND RETUR.

Changed service in 2012. Forced to sign contract to accept rate. Fine print says for 5 years on the back. Experienced a 25% price increase soon after.I changed service due to the promise of a price match of a competitor in December 2012 to $57. I was told I had to sign a contract at the time to accept the price. 4 months later there was a minimal price increase. This past quarter there was a 25% price increase. I called the company and they referenced the fine print on the back of the contract that the contract is locked for 5 years and price increases are subject to change.I do not find is reasonable a company can lock a customer into a contract for the length of 5 years and adjust the price at will for trash collecting service when the basis of the contract was to price match. A 25% price increase on top of that makes this beyond immoral and does not protect the customer in fair practice for vender/service selection. The company can raise prices at will for the length of 5 years! The customer has no recourse except to void the contract by paying 50% of the remaining term. Also, if the client moves the contract is still not void. I hope you see the merit of how unjust this is for the customer and protects the customer in no way. Please help me and the residents of Palmer, MA against this provider to ensure proper/fair pricing.Desired SettlementVoid of contract. Or, ensure the price match which sparked the initial contract.Business Response NO ONE IS FORCED TO SIGN AN AGREEMENT FOR RESIDENTIAL SERVICE. WE SIMPLY MAIL THEM TO THE HOMEOWNER AND THOSE THAT WANT AN AGREEMENT, SIGN AND RETURN, THOSE WHO DO NOT WANT AN AGREEMENT DO NOT SIGN NOR RETURN THE AGREEMENT,WITHOUT CONSEQUENCE.THE AGREEMENT HAS PROVISSIONS FOR INCREASES IN FUEL, DUMP FEES, COST OF LIVING INDEX AND OTHER CHARGES BEYOND OUR CONTROL. THE MINIMAL RATE INCRESE MENTIONED WAS NOT 4 MONTHS LATER IT WAS 9 MONTHS LATER. THE MOST RECENT INCREASE WAS THE RESULT OF DUMP FEE,AND FUEL INCREASES,AS WELL AS INCREASES IN HEALTH CARE COST, ELECTRIC, POSTAGE AND MORE. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT EARLY TERMINATION OF AGREEMENT IS NOT 50 PERCENT. IN THIS CASE THE FEE WOULD BE 256.28.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)December 2012 - $57 quarterly. August XXXX- XX$ quarterly. March XXXX- XX$ quarterly. That is a 43% increase in the 14 months. Competitors are still at 58$.see pdf.Final Business Response WE CAN AGREE TO THIS REQUEST. IF YOU PAY 12 MONTHS SERVICE WE GIVE YOU A FREE MONTH AS NOTED ON YOUR STATEMENT NOTE. ONCE THE 13 MONTH OF SERVICE HAS BEEN COMPLETED WE WILL CANCEL THE REMAINING OBLIGATION RELATED TO THE 60 MONTHS PORTION OF THE AGREEMENT. OTHER PARTS OF THE CONTRACT WILL CONTINUE TO REMAIN AS UNDERSTOOD AND AGREED TO IF SERVICE CONTINUES FROM MONTH TO MONTH.Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)In the providers previous response it was mentioned the contract was "optional". I was lead to believe at the time of signing that I had to sign it at the time to maintain service since I had been a customer with the contractor for about 5 years prior to the agreement. For the purpose of being misled into believing I had to sign the contract at the time of service and not being told I did not have to return it "with no consequence" as the contractor stated in previous response, I believe the length of the contract should be nulled. The signed agreement, if not mandatory, has no benefit to the customer and if I knew it was "optional with no consequence" I would have never signed something since 100% of the benefit is for the contractor to have authority to raise prices and lock a consumer in for a term 5 years with no customer right or protection to better service or fair value as competitors are lower for more service. There is no benefit to a consumer signing this contract as the terms signed for are subject to increase once signed.I have faced a 43% increase in 14 months if I maintained the service agreed upon and outlined in said contract. County Waste today is STILL offering 58$ for weekly pickup in a 65 gallon container. The same service that encouraged my change of service in 11/2012.The contract states that rate increases can occur ONLY for rises disposal fees, fuel costs, taxes and ordinances that may impact the contractors price. Not mentioned are health care, employee wages and postal rates which the contractor mentions for this price increase and future price increases.I will not accept the senior discount of $3 as a compromise since the contractor is already mentioning another price increase in the near future. I would like this optional and "if not returned there is no consequence" contract nulled for the remainder of the contract. I may be willing to negotiate maintaining service for an agreed determined time but not for the remainder of the 5 years of this meaningless contract.


Contract complaint trying to cancel service.On multiple occasions the driver has not picked up trash or recycling. I contacted the [redacted] of the company on 4/9/14 to cancel service and he told me that I could not do so without a penalty of [redacted] He stated that the service was contracted for 60 months. He told me to get a smaller bin and to have trash picked up once a month instead of the scheduled twice a month and to continue with recycling pick up twice a month because I stated to him that we have much more recycling than trash. The smaller bin and less frequent pick up only saved me a few dollars so I told him I would keep the 95 gal bin and switch to once a month. The next scheduled pick up for recycling was on 4/10/14. I called the [redacted] at 7:30 PM after arriving home from work to find the recycling had not been picked up again. The [redacted] told me he the driver was running very late because he had so many stops in my area and he would speak to driver when he returned to the lot. The morning of 4/11/14 the [redacted] told me the driver had not picked up because my bin was more than 25 feet from the curb. (My driveway and curb is only a few feet apart so that is impossible). When I spoke to the trash driver about the issue on 4/11.14, he said he would talk with the [redacted] and let him know that there is not a problem with my location and that in fact their trucks have to use my driveway to turn around because I am on a dead end street to avoid backing onto and up a main road. And that there is no issue at all with the arms of the recycling truck in my location. I told the [redacted] that I talked with the trash driver and then the [redacted] told me that the problem with the recycling driver was that he had a flat tire and that to cancel the contract I would have to put a letter in writing and that I would be obligated to the penalty charges. The [redacted] was not willing to come to my location to examine the pick up area of the trash/recycling bins.Desired SettlementTo cancel service as soon as possible. To have them pick up their trash/recycling bins. To not have penalty charges applied for cancelling contract.Business Response UPON NOTIFICATION TO CANCEL,WE HAVE PROCESSED THE HOMEOWNERS REQUEST TO CANCEL SERVICE. THERE LAST SCHEDULED PICKUP IS 5/9/14. A DIFFERANT TRUCK WILL REMOVE THE CARTS ON OR ABOUT THAT DAY. WE WILL FOLLOW THE TERMS OF THE AGREEMENT AS AGREED BY BOTH PARTIES AND IF THE HOMEOWNER WISHES ARRANGMENTS FOR A CLERK MAGISTRATE TO HEAR THE CASE WILL BE MADE.

Poor quality and customer service.Leboeuf Rubbish Removal failed to pick up our trash from time to time over the past 9 years they have provided us with trash removal service. This problem occurred more often over the past year and in May they missed two pickups (trash picked up every two weeks, which means we are paying monthly for a service we weren't receiving). We recently added a recycling barrel in May 2015 and received one pick-up. Each time we called to complain to [redacted] that our trash was put out and not picked up, my husband and I were accused of not putting out our barrels. We kept insisted the driver either didn't show or went to the wrong address. The barrels were always left out prior to the date of pickup and then up to three days early when we were accused of not putting them out. We have terminated their services early because we did not receive the service we expected; however we were told we signed a contract that "renewed annually" and were required to pay them (for services they didn't perform - AGAIN). I bit the bullet and paid the [redacted] that included early termination fee. We are now being accused of not putting out our empty barrels for pick-up and charged [redacted] for barrels they say are missing. I personally saw the driver pick up both barrels. This has been the worst experience I have ever had with a business where we have paid for services we did not receive and have been told it was our fault for not leaving out the barrels and had to pay for services not received.Desired SettlementI would like the company to own up to their mistakes when their drivers do not pick up and stop blaming the customer.I would like the company to stop sending us any further invoices. We have paid the [redacted] which included early termination. They are trying to charge us now for late payments and Certified RRR which we never signed for.Business Response WHEN A CUSTOMER CALLS THE ONLY INFO.INSTANTLY AVAILABLE IS THE DRIVER ROUTE NOTES, BY TELLING THE CUSTOMER WHAT THE NOTES SAY WE ARE NOT SAYING THE DRIVER IS RIGHT AND THE CUSTOMER IS WRONG. OCCASIONALLY THE DRIVER IS MISTAKEN. IF THE CUSTOMER DISAGREES WE THEN LOOK INTO IT FURTHER. SINCE WE ARE ON THE PHONE WITH THE CUSTOMER WE QUESTION THEM FIRST TO TRY AND DETERMINE WHAT WENT WRONG, BECAUSE THE DRIVER IS ON THE ROAD WE HAVE TO QUESTION THE DRIVER AT A LATER TIME. WE CAN NOT FIX A PROBLEM UNTIL WE FIND THE PROBLEM. THE CUSTOMER HAD A LATE FEE BECAUSE OF A PAST DUE BALANCE AND A CERT.MAIL IS REQUIRED BY COURT TO VERIFY MAILING ADDRESS PRIOR TO FILING SMALL CLAIMS DOCUMENTS. THE CERT.MAIL WAS SIGNED FOR BY [redacted] AND AT THIS TIME THE PAYMENT HAS BEEN RECEIVED AND BALANCE IS $0.00.

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