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LEC Towing & Recovery

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LEC Towing and Recovery owned by [redacted] out of Henderson, NC towed my car for a title loan company out of [redacted]. When I picked my car up from [redacted] where they had stored it, my car had damage to the left wheel. I had to leave the car at a dealership in [redacted] because I couldn't keep the car in the road. The tire was bent inside the car causing the car to jump all over the road. I have pictures of the bent tire along with two witnesses from the dealership where I had to leave the car and my mother in law. I contacted the loan company she said they had nothing to do with it then I called LEC towing and after 15 or 20 calls he answered. He asked for us to send him the pictures and he immediately called back and said he had ordered the part for my car but I had to get someone to put the part on myself. I told him it was not my fault and I wasn't agreeing with that. I told him I would have to talk to someone about this because it wasn't right. He towed the car, he should be responsible for it but he disagreed with that. Can you please help me out with this issue because I need my car fix and I don't have money to fix it myself. Although, it was his fault.Desired SettlementI am requesting my car get fixed to where it was before he towed it in and I am also requesting an alignment because it will need it after the tire gets put back straight. Also, I am requesting for any storage fee the car lot may have where my car is sitting because I had to leave it there, I couldn't drive it. Business Response She failed to mention the car had been out for repo since June of 2014. When I found the car it had mud down the driver side like it had been wrecked. I always take pics before I pick up a car and they show the car before I touched it.the car was hauled on a rollback. I did offer to pay for a latteral link which is located after the rear tire, just in case something did happen but after talking to the garage and they told me what was bent, there's no way I could have done it. The car had been out for repo for 6 months and had never been there I think it was wrecked and that's how we finally found it and typical for someone like that wants to scam someone else to pay for it.Consumer Response First of all LEC Towing or [redacted] is lying about my car being in reposition since June 2014. I had just got the loan in June and have proof to prove it however that is far from his business and he should state the facts and not lies. The mud that he stated being on the driver side of the vehicle was actually on the right side of the car, again state the truth and not lies [redacted]. My question is "Why would you volunteer to pay for a part that you didn't break??? Another question is "Why would I pay for something that LEC Towing broke when nothing was wrong with it at first." [redacted] didn't talk to a garage, he asked for pictures I had taken and call back within five minutes stating he had ordered the part for the car but I would have to get someone put it on. Again I am saying stop lying and Yes, there is a way you could have done it and you did. My car has never been wrecked and is not wrecked now so check your camera that you said you took before and after a tow. The only thing my car has is a bent tire that you did to it. I have a final question for you also, "What do you mean by someone like that wants to scam someone else to pay for it??? I resent that statement you made because I'm not poor, I'm just in an unfortunate position at the moment if that's any of your concern. Further more the loan company knew that it was your fault and they contacted you to fix it but you failed to assist them with that. However, the owner of the Title Loan Company called and apologized for the damaged that LEC Towing created and they have pulled the car to a garage and it is now being repaired. I will be picking the car up from the shop on Friday (January 16, 2015)., LEC Towing does bad business and everyone should know this before contacting them for service. I will make sure other people know about the miserable and humiliating service that the company has done for me. Thank you for your help with this situation!Final Business Response I'm gonna answer all her complaints, at first she said she called 15 times. I work a full time job during the day to pay my bills and repo at night to out deadbeats that don't pay there's on there feet, that's why I couldn't answer the phone.(2) when I found the car it had mud down both sides like it had been wrecked. (3) the part I said I would pay for is after the back wheel, I know I didn't mess anything up but if maybe by chance, its inexpensive so I told the loan company I would pay for it to keep the peace.(4) after speaking to the garage( the guys name is [redacted] by the way) I know I couldn't have messed up the part.(5) As far as her loans I don't know when she got it, but its not the first time she was up for repo but it was called off because she made a promise to pay, if she did get this loan in June how many payments has she made since she got it.(6) its not gonna matter what I say its always the repo guys fault, everybody always has a 500 dollar GPS or there grandmothers 10,000 dollar diamond ring in the car when you pick it up,her car though was clean inside it was locked when it was picked up so we could just look in it but there was nothing in view, no phone chargers paper or nothing like she was waiting for it to get picked up. But like I said its always the repo guys fault, but we do a necessary job because if we didn't there wouldn't be any loans, so she can Go ahead and tell everybody she wants whatever she wants but the morale of the story is pay your bills and you don't have to worry about the repo man.

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Address: 426 Mum Ln, Henderson, North Carolina, United States, 27537-2563


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