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Lee & Cates Glass

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Customer made a payment of $on 1/9/using his old account number and that payment was refunded to the account holder as the account was final To date the $refund was not cashed The company stopped payment on the $and transferred the payment of $to customer's current final bill balance Customer filed a PUC complaint regarding this same issue The company contacted the customer today Customer verified his complaints are satisfied An updated statement of account was mailed to the customer Tell us why here I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.There are verifiable facts in this complaint that continued to go ignored by PNGIf they completed a correct investigation they would know that their technician lied to them and there was a forceable entry against my wishes due to the technicians negligence I wish for my complaint to be escalated to claims department Carl O [redacted] supervisor My complete response letter is attached to ensure it’s sent if the format is not permitted in this window I have been a customer of People’s Natural Gas since 2002, and have lived in my current location since which you can confirm with your recordsI have let in at least three technicians to assist with the “turn on” process for an upstairs neighbor and have had no issuesIt is apparent that this case has been mishandled and sets avery dangerous precedent for your company to continue to violate customer’s safetyI would appreciate if this matter was escalated to your superiorYou may forward this letter for your convenience.Regarding incident number 9-294-17, the investigation letter response contradicts itself multiple times claiming that PNG procedures and protocol were followedIn your letter, it states “ our employee mentioned, he did not ask you to let the gentleman in ” and that appears to be the only true statementAs you stated, PNG is not permitted to enter a customer premise unaccompanied, which is why I came home from work early that day and continued to work from home to help with the processIf the stranger was a landlord as your letter claims, the landlord would have had a key to enter my apartment and I would not have had to leave work earlyI would not have told him “nice to meet him”Regarding the statement that I did not make an insistence that the stranger not go into my basement, the location of the basement door to the front door was never obtained by your investigationYou would have gathered that the location is very close to the front doorTherefore, after the technician opened the front door himself and allowed the stranger to enter my front door closely behind him, you can see how it would have been difficult from me to go from sitting at the computer to throwing myself in front of themWhen I told the stranger to not enter my basement, absolutely no further justification is necessaryEqually as important, you stated that the technician insisted that the stranger knew the layout of my basement yet you can see my entire basement when you enter it, which is another fact that would have been gathered with a complete and correct investigation.It’s clear that your investigation is in favor of your employee while being completely demeaning and disrespectful to meIf the investigation was sufficient, it would have easily proved that your technician lied to you and any involved at PNGI clearly did not chose to be a part of this situation, did not want to be a part of this situation and would never wish for anyone else’s safety to be compromised due to thisIt is the responsibility of PNG to follow safety procedures and that did not happen.As you stated in your letter, this has been a major inconvenience to mePer your request I provided an estimate of what it would take to obtain a low-level security system and replacement lightbulbPer my research, the sum of $is entirely reasonable and will allow me to feel safe again after your company’s errorI appreciate your immediate attention in this matter Regards, [redacted]

Attn; [redacted] Ref: [redacted] Dear *** [redacted] This letter is in response to the complaint dated October 15, for [redacted] *ID: [redacted] )Thank you for taking the time to contact Peoples Gas and providing us with the opportunity to review Mr [redacted] s concerns.On October 13, Peoples discovered a leak on the customer's service line at [redacted] The gas was turned off for safety and the owner was notified to contact a plumber to have repairs made to the service lineOnce repairs are made, and before service may be restored, the company must receive a Service Installation Record (SIR), from a certified DOT plumber, confirming that the necessary repairs have been made.Except during the winter season, when confirmation that the service line has been repaired is received after 2:P.Mthe service is scheduled to be restored the following business dayDuring the winter months, the company does restore the gas service the same dayWhen Mr [redacted] contacted the company for service restoration, the representative he spoke with incorrectly advised him that gas service would be restored that eveningThe company apologizes for the inconvenience and has followed up with the employee involved for additional training.On October 14, the company received a completed SIR and a reconnection order was scheduled for October 15, Gas service has been restored as scheduled.I hope this information has been helpful; however, if I can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact me directly at ###-###-####, Monday through Friday, 7:A.M- 4:P.M.Sincerely, I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below [To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.] I should only half to pay half the bill because of me and [redacted] *** where to pay he died 3-years ago Regards, [redacted] ***

Thank you for contacting Peoples Gas and allowing us the opportunity to review Mr***'s account.Gas meters are mechanical devices and unfortunately can stop functioning properlyThe gas meter at this property registered little to zero gas consumption from 05/08/through 03/26/ Peoples only billed for estimated usage from 03/08/through 03/26/A letter was mailed explaining this to the customer, along with a calculation of estimated consumption charges for that time Mr [redacted] was provided with a direct phone number to discuss the charges and any possible concerns, such as the change in usage patterns that he advises of in his complaint.On 08/14/and again on 09/18/Peoples attempted to also reach the customer regarding their concerns and left a voicemail with a direct number for call back.Peoples would appreciate the opportunity to review the customer’s concerns directly with them and to work towards a resolution on this matter.The customer may contact me directly at ###-###-####.Thank you, Kristen ECustomer Relations

Account Number: [redacted] On 4/7/Mr [redacted] 's established new construction gas service to his home at [redacted] ** [redacted] I called Mr [redacted] on 5/4/ He wants reimbursed for his inconvenience and the purchase price of one riser and the piping associated with extending and installing the riser He agreed to send the company an email detailing his request for settlement of his claim which outlines the costs involved His email will be forwarded to the company Claims Department who will review and get back to him regarding settlement of his claim

Thank you for taking the time to contact Peoples Gas and providing us with the opportunity to review the customer’s concernsCustomer has not contacted Peoples Gas regarding this issue In review of the account, Customer contacted Peoples Gas on 10/21/and requested to establish gas service at [redacted] ***Gas service was active in his name from 10/24/through 06/11/ Final billing was issued on 07/01/requesting payment of $2,with a due date of 07/23/ On 08/22/a final bill collection warning letter was mailed Payment was not received and the balance was submitted to a collection agency on 09/03/ The Company position is that the outstanding balance is owed Customer will need to work with the collection agency regarding payment of the balance I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.My claim has not been addressed in a timely manner for what is a great safety concernThe day I contacted Peoples Gas, all parties were interviewedI was told this was the reason for the delay in receiving response in my claim for security measures and lightbulb replacementThis is an urgent matter that I did not want to be involved in I'd like to have the claims process completed so I can be compensated for the extra safety measures that I had to get in order to correct the major lapse in safety protocol due to the technicianThank you Regards, [redacted]

Ms [redacted] Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and allowing us with the opportunity to review Ms [redacted] ’s concerns We have reviewed our records and have determined the following:On April 22, Ms [redacted] contacted Peoples Natural Gas regarding property at *** [redacted] *** Ms [redacted] requested the mailing address be updated to [redacted] *** Gas service at [redacted] reverted into Ms [redacted] ’s name as of April 28, Monthly billing statements continued to be mailed to the prior mailing address of [redacted] ***Gas service at [redacted] was transferred out of Ms [redacted] ’s name on April 4, when a new customer called to establish service.Upon receipt of this inquiry, Peoples Gas has confirmed through the Beaver County Assessment Office that Ms [redacted] no longer owns [redacted] The Com**ny has removed the landlord reversion on the account.Peoples Gas strives to provide quality customer service and apologizes for any inconvenience caused to the customer Peoples Gas has provided a 20% goodwill adjustment to the account A final bill **yment agreement may be established, for the remaining balance of $498.48, by calling ###-###-####, Monday- Friday, from 8:A.Mthrough 5:P.M.If I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact me directly at ###-###-####.Thank you, Kristen ECustomer RelationsPeoples Natural Gas

The company Claims Department received Ms [redacted] 's claim on 9/6/ The claim is under review The company goal is to respond to the claim within days

Ms [redacted] , Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention We have reviewed our records and have determined the following: On Friday December 18, Mr [redacted] contacted Peoples to inquire if the gas service for the location [redacted] was still active in his name and a representative advised him that it was At that time the customer advised the company that the property was sold to a new owner approximately one month ago and requested the service be discontinued immediately The representative asked Mr [redacted] if anyone would be affected by the gas service being turned off and he stated that he did not know if the home was occupied The agent advised Mr [redacted] that the company needed to post a notice at the property prior to the disconnection to allow the new owner time to establish service A supervisor call back was requested Later that day a supervisor contacted Mr [redacted] and explained that Peoples was not previously notified there was a change in ownership and could not turn off the gas prior to posting a notice at the property The customer advised he would have the new owner call to transfer the gas service Effective December 22, gas service at the address was cancelled in Mr [redacted] ’s name as a result of the current owner calling to transfer the service On December 29th Mr [redacted] ’s account was issued a new final bill for service through November 4, based on property records that show the home was sold on November 5, We hope this information and adjustment have adequately satisfied Ms [redacted] ’s concerns If Mr [redacted] has any further questions, he may call me directly at [redacted] Thank you again for allowing us the opportunity to address this matter Thank you, Sara H [redacted] | Customer Relations I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted] is the current problemI filled out the forms and filed the police report which the company claimed they receivedIt's not my fault your company lost the papersIt's also suspicious that the papers disappeared in thin air the same day the PUC agreed to close the caseI don't know what else your company wants from me since no matter what I do you are still going to go through illegal channels to force this bill on meAnd, btw I never spoke to your company in so quit saying I had talked to you when I never did! My mother has agreed to take responsibility for the bill, but your company refuses to go after herWHAT DO YOU WANT??? I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below Regards, [redacted] ***

Thank you for contacting Peoples GasPer the information you requested in your inquiry to the Capacity Charge is a charge designed to recover the costs that the Company incurs to reserve capacity on interstate pipelinesThe Capacity Charge is also sometimes called a Demand Charge.Peoples- Equitable Division historically included the rate for the capacity charge with the commodity charge and displayed it on the customer's bill as the Commodity Charge.Beginning April 1, 2015, the Company continued to charge customers the capacity charge, but it was displayed as its own line item on the bill.The information that was discussed on the news was concerning the DSIC SurchargeThis charge funds the repair, improvement and replacement of natural gas pipelines and related infrastructure.The DSIC percentage had been 0.00% since April 1, This was changed on August 1, to -3.87%This is a credit amount and to your billAttached is the updated net billing schedule for Equitable Division effective August 1, Below is a description of how the DSIC charge/credit is calculated.QHow is DSIC applied to my bill?DSIC applies to certain charges on your bill such as the customer charge and delivery chargeIt does not apply to other charges such as gas costsTo calculate your DSIC charge, we add up the total due for each of the DSIC eligible charges and multiply that total by the DSIC percentage (0.35%) to arrive at the DSIC chargeFor example:Total Bill $98.00DSIC eligible charges $54.00DSIC ($ [redacted] 0.0387) $ 2.09**DSIC does not apply to gas costs (i.eCapacity, Commodity, GCA) or State Tax Adjustment SurchargeWe hope the information provided was helpful and answers your questionsPlease call ###-###-#### if you have further questions

We regret the circumstances that have delayed the repairs to Mr [redacted] 's propertyAn email was sent to Mr [redacted] on 11/27/to advise a contractor was coming out this week to make repairsThe foreman received the scheduled date for 11/29/Wednesday from [redacted] ***, the contractorThank you for giving us the opportunity to get this work completed

On 9/21/Ms [redacted] 's claim was closed by letter Peoples reviewed the company records and interviewed our service technician There is no suggestion of forcible entry, or a decision by Ms [redacted] to not allow the employee and gentleman to enter her apartment to complete turn on for her neighbor Regarding the security system: Peoples must respectfully deny this request We feel our actions were justified and all company procedures were followed without incident Due to the design of the apartments, it was necessary for our employee to access the neighbor's appliances by going through Ms [redacted] 's apartment We have no control over that If customer feels the need to have a security system, that would be an issue to be resolved between her and her landlord Regarding reimbursement for the damaged light bulb: As a gesture of good faith, Peoples offered a sum of $to cover the cost of a new light bulb and any inconvenience we may have caused If you need additional information, please contact me Denice Cl***Customer Relations SpecialistPeoples Natural Gas [redacted] ***###-###-#### [redacted]

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