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Leesville Internal Medicine, P.A.

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Services not received due to poor customer service. I received HORRIBLE customer service from this office's front desk staff.... I had an appointment on 5/28/14. When I arrived, I was told by her to go upstairs to another doctor's office. I waited there for about 10 minutes before I was told my appointment was downstairs...mind you, the place that just sent me upstairs. When I spoke to the front desk lady again, she had not done a thorough system check which is why she did not have my appointment...LAZY!! Who does not check their systems when I have given her all the applicable information. By this time I am livid as I have wasted almost 40 minutes because of the incompetent front desk staff. No apology at all but told me I could reschedule. I live across town and that drive was already out of my way. I asked to see the doctor as I wanted to make a verbal complaint to ensure he is aware of this staff member's incompetency because clearly he should know he lost revenue because of her. The doctor never came out, and the front desk lady did not provide any updates as to whether or not he was coming. She did not apologize for failing to do her job and sending me here and there for an appointment that I had in her doctor's office. I will NEVER go back there again. I hate poor customer service which I received on 5/28/14 from this doctor's office, in particular the front desk lady. A total waste of my time. Desired SettlementA written apology and that front desk personnel will be trained properly to use systems and ask relevant questions to ensure customers receive timely and quality services. Service does not just start with the doctor, it starts with the doctor's front desk people. Business Response Response to a complaint XXXXXXXXOn 5/28/2014 when the patient arrived to Leesville Internal Medicine she was greeted immediately. Good morning can I help you, she states her name I then look at my schedule to see if her name is on there, when I noticed her name was not on the schedule I ask her what Dr is she here to see, she says she doesn't know, I asked her what type of appointment does she have is internal medicine or Gyn? She states Gyn, I told her at that point her appointment would be upstairs.She then leaves the office, she returns after about 20 minutes saying her appointment is here and shows me her cell phone. Which has a email with the office name and appointment time. At that point I said you are here for a Executive Health appointment. She had no idea why she was here. I explained to her the company that sets up Executive Health Appointment did not send me a email stating she had this appointment . I said let me check there system [redacted] Company) at that point she got on her cell phone and called the company. She was yelling at them stating I did not have her on my computer. I closed my window and continue to check there system at that point I see her name. I told her I see her on there system. She asked and I going to put her in I said yes , I'm Printing the paper work. She walks away. She then comes back up to the desk still on her cell phone and says well how long is my appointment for? My answer was Executive Health has you scheduled for a hour appt. she then gets upset and says I need to reschedule I don't have time for this who has an hour to waste on an appointment. I explained the company does not allow me to reschedule any of there appointments, she needs to speak with the company and reschedule. I then get a phone call from the company asking me if I refused to see her? The patient told them I refuse to see her I told them absolutely not she is the one asking to reschedule. At no point in time did I ever refuse the patient. The patient was still on her cell phone with company yelling saying you people thing people have time to wasted on a hour appt. she went on and on with them yelling. I was on the other line with the company letting them know what happened and that I did not refuse her letting them know that she wanted to reschedule and I explained to her I was not able to reschedule she needed to contact the company. The patient walks out of the office. she returns back to the office within five minutes asking to speak with the manager. I explained to her we do not have a manager. She then asked can she speak with the doctor. I told her yes that's not a problem I will let him know she would like to speak with him. The Dr was in the room with a patient at that time. She was still on her cell phone complaining to whomever she was speaking with. After 10 minutes she asked the nurse to get the Dr. The nurse told her we told him she wants to speak with him it will be a few more minutes. She got upsets yelling I was rude and I did not get the Dr and stormed out of the office.We have 2 other worker and a patient that witnessed this whole situation.Thank you[redacted]The Receptionist

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Description: Internal Medicine Offices

Address: 8414 Wheatstone Ln, Raleigh, North Carolina, United States, 27613-1477


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