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I was told that it would take 3-working days to do diagnostics on my computerEight days later they were still working on it (working days-not including weekends)I was then told they could make the necessary repairs within daysWas emailed (I have saved this) and told it would be ready either September late in the day or by the morning of the On the afternoon of the I went in to pick it up and it still was not readyI was told it would be ready by the end of the dayI was then called at 4:and told it was readyI made my second trip of the day to pick it upThey were ready to take my money but the tech came out, plugged it in and said he was "still doing updates" I asked why I was told it was ready and was assured that it wasAnd ywas still obviously working on itI asked how much longer it would beHe said he had to go back to the work area to checkI had also asked to speak to the manager earlier in the day about the substandard service and was told he was on lunch break but they would forward my concernsI also asked for a discount given the bad service and inconvenience of multiple tripsI was told later that he would not do thisAt this point I was unwilling to waste any more time there and left without my computer.Desired SettlementThey finish working on my computer, call me when it is actually ready to be picked up, and give me a 20% discount for the inconvenience and waste of my time.Business Response Summary from workflow notes:System was checked in Sat, 09/14/- 2:41pm into the economy queue.Priority Service was offered, but refusedDiagnostic was estimated to occur with in 3-business daysDiagnostic commenced on Tue, 09/17/- 2:06pm.Customer received an update on Sat, 09/21/- 1:58pmQuote to repair delivered and approved on Tue, 09/24/- 1:52pmSystem marked Ready for Pickup on Thu, 09/26/- 4:24pmOn Thu, 09/26/- 4:53pm Received an update from customer that her experience was so bad that she would not be picking up her computer and would like a 20% discount.On Thu, 09/26/- 5:56pm In an attempt to go the extra mile, technician began applying non-critical update in addition to the updates that were part of the approved serviceAfter saying she would not be to get the computer, she arrived in the middle of this extra work.Additional work completed on Fri, 09/27/- 11:40amSummary report from employee explanations:When dealing with all computers and software that are over five years old, our common practice is to provide our best estimates with repair timeWe offer priority service, which places repairs ahead of economy repairs for an additional feeIn this instance, priority service was declinedThe diagnostic phase of this repair was completed within the seven business days allowed for a diagnosticOnce the suggested repairs were approved by Mrs[redacted], we anticipated that it would take any where from twelve to twenty-four hours to complete the software installation and all critical [redacted] updatesThese critical updates took longer than anticipatedMrs[redacted] was not notified that the unit was ready to be picked upShe arrived wanting to pick up her computer prior to the repair being completedAt that point, we made her repair a priority repair at no extra cost in an attempt to repair the miscommunicationMrs[redacted] left without accepting the update from the staff memberIt is standard practice to only perform the critical updates for this operating systemWe made additional attempts to repair the dissatisfaction by going above and beyond in our efforts to perform optional, desirable, updates to the unit at no extra costMrs[redacted], again, arrived with no prompting in order to pick up her unitWe let her know that some optional updates were completingAgain, she did not accept the update and leftWe were prepared to deliver her unit at that point in timeThe following morning, we reached out via phone to further evaluate the situationAfter hearing Mrs[redacted]'s concerns, we were unable to come to a mutually-beneficial compromiseThe unit was completely repaired and delivered in perfect working order for the estimated and approved charges

Fixed charger on my computer and it didn't work after 42 days.Desired SettlementFix the charger so it worksBusiness Response In this case, the daughter of [redacted] brought her laptop back with continued problems 42 days after having it repaired without previously contacting anyone. We state directly on our intake/ pick-up form that all repairs are warrantied for 30 days.I've explained this again to [redacted] and asked if there were any ways that we could assist her going forward. Consumer Response "I requested that Left-Click at least diagnose whether the problem was due to a faulty part or Left-Click's workmanship. Left-Click refused to do so without charging a fee. By the way, a competitor's price to fix the computer was half the price Left-Click charged. The competitor also had a 90 day warranty as compared to Left-Click's 30 day warranty."Final Business Response Thank you for this info. We are glad you got it resolved.

Unsatisfactory installation, additional chargeJuly 3, 2013To Whom It May Concern:A few weeks ago, upon the recommendation of the Apple Store at the Holyoke Mall, I called Left-Click to schedule an appt. to set up an All-In-One device. Although I had set up three other devices a lack of time and a required absence from the area made it necessary for me to make these arrangements.A tech arrived at my home, just after I discovered my landline was not in service. Nevertheless, I was told the device could be set up.For the sake of brevity, my two laptops, and ipad were set up to print and scan. My phone was supposed to do the same. The tech said that he set up the fax and once the phone line was working it would automatically recognize the difference between call and fax and would respond accordingly. If it didn't, the tech offered to assist over the phone/ or return to assist and there would probably be no charge.The tech who made the on-site visit was very professional and attempted to do his best to get my device up and running. But I questioned why he would set the device up by downloading software from the box. I requested that he do it from the web-site as that would be most current. I felt as though the installation was just that, an installation. It wasn't until after he left that I found that despite his assurances there was more instruction that should have been given.After he left, I also discovered that the phone could not find the printer and that the device was more or less"stuck" in the fax mode and was not responding to print or scan. I spent a couple of hours reading the booklet and straightened out print and scan. Because fax instructions were undecipherable, so I made another visit to the Amherst store, to explain my dilemma. An appointment was made. However, I was not told that I would be charged another $99 for the visit. When another technician walked through for the on site visit, I was handed an invoice and was told there would be a full charge for the visit.This tech who had years of experience worked over an hour just to set up the fax, going through all of the 5 different ways to set it up and we finally hit upon one that "worked" This tech was not only skilled but had a similar device at home.I guess I'd have to say that I was appalled at the company's decision to charge for an installation problem that was not caused by anything that the client did. Was I expecting a perfect installation ? Maybe not, however, a little more communication/instruction would have gone a long way. Setting up this [redacted] is totally different from setting up a [redacted] or [redacted] Should I have cancelled the visit due to the phone line problem? To me it seemed inappropriate given that the tech had less than 15 minutes warning about the phone line. Nevertheless I was assured that after the visit my device would be in working order and if it wasn't I could receive support over the phone or with another short visit with no extra charge to me. It was not until the second visit that I was able to discern the quirks of a [redacted] device and to understand them and utilize the device effectively. All thanks to the second technician.Lastly, I paid in full for the second visit in spite of the fact that the work order said: "check configuration".As part owner of a successfully run family owned business I have not been able to make sense of the shabby way in which your customers are treated. Since 1901, my family's business has had a reputation of treating the customer exceptionally well. If there was a question about a product, or a service, we always have given the customer the benefit of the doubt. I guess that's why we have so many satisfied customers after 112 years. Our bottom line has never been to charge the consumer for every minute of our time. Treating the consumer well, even if it initially means sacrificing a few dollars at the time goes a long way towards one's reputation.[redacted]Desired Settlementreturn of the second charge of $99Business' Initial Response Sorry about the delayed response.I looked into this and, from our end, we went out and did as much of the job as was possible and charged for our time. Then went back did additional work and charged for the additional time spent.Many of the client's notes also do not match the job notes, so I don't know what to make of that. We charged for our time to assist with a troublesome device setup at a location that turned out not to have all the needed connections for a complete setup on the first visit.

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Address: 15 Cowles Lane, Amherst, Massachusetts, United States, 01002-2005


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