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Legendary Marine

9300 Emerald Coast Pkwy, Miramar Beach, Florida, United States, 32550

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legendary marine sold a boat on consignment for me on march XX XXXX . they have refused to send me payment for it.
I entered into contract with sunrise marine on XX-XX-XX to sell my used 2006 robalo boat. sunrise marine was a subsidiary ol legendary marine. since initial contract date, they changed sunrise to "legendary used boat supercenter" they are located immediately next door to the main legendary store in pcb fl.
On X-XX-XXXX the boat was sold and paid for. During this process I have had numerous conversations with the salesman who both did my initial contract and the sale about receiving the payment. We agreed on a wire trans fer to my account. I was first told it would take a few days for the buyers check to clear so I waited a few days and the salesman then told me it had cleared and I should receive the wired funds in a couple of days. When it hadn't arrived by march 27th, I called the salesman and he told me that the company only did wire transfers on Thursdays ,( which was the 26th ), and that they had not gotten the documentation to the finance dept in time for the wire to go out on the 26th of march. and now the transfer could only be done the following Thursday the 2nd of April. I suggested that I could just come by and pick up the check because I was in town, and he told me he would call the company's finance dept. and see if that would work. He shortly called me back and informed me that wouldn't work because the wire was in the works and it would need to follow through.
I never received payment on April 2nd or 3rd so I called him back, and he said he would check on it, and then in a few minutes he texted me the finance officers name ( David *** ) and told me that this man would be contacting me.
He did call me and proceeded to put me off to the "next" week and said "maybe" they could get it out. we got into a heated discussion then agreed he would call me back later that day. He did call later that day , 4-3-2020, and assured me that they were doing everything possible to get the wire out that day, and in all likelihood it would go out that day, and if not it would certainly go out Monday (X-X-XXXX).
today is X-X-XXXX and I still have not received payment and I fear I am only being put off, and they think there is nothing I can do about it.
MY boat is gone, they were paid a premium to sell the boat, and I am out 50,000.00 dollars. I will scan and send contracts. please help me resolve. thanks

Desired Outcome

I need to be paid by this company. they have received full payment and the money they are now holding does not belong to them. I should not have to spend money on a lawyer to resolve this. If it were the other way around , i would be in jail for theft. they have stolen this money from me, and need to be held accountable.

Legendary Marine Response • Apr 09, 2020

Contact Name and Title: *** S.M.
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ***
We certainly apologize for the miscommunication and not sending payment in a timely manner. The wire transfer will be sent out today. If you have not received by close of business today, please reach out to the Destin location and ask for ***. You may also speak with the location manager Chuck

Legendary Marine is billing me $347.50 for service I did not authorize.
Legendary Marine performed an annual service my boat 2 years ago. In the course of the service they discovered my engine had a significant oil leak from the driveshaft seal. They contacted the manufacturer and discovered that an extended warranty was offered on this issue. I was required to purchase the extended warranty, then they repaired the motor under warranty. This year I took my boat to another shop for the annual service and they discovered the engine had a leak from the same seal. They quoted me a price of $1500 to repair it.
My understanding rom the first time the motor was repaired was that this seal should last over a thousand hours. I felt that Legendary Marine and Suzuki should stand behind their product/service and take care of the repair
I called Legendary Marine and spoke to their warranty representative. He stated that he had experience with several oil leaks and driveshaft issues with *** Motors. Since it had only been 2 years and less than 100 hrs he led me to think I had a chance for the repair to be covered by a warranty.
I dropped my boat off on Saturday, 15 Feb. I was not asked to complete any paperwork because I was told no one was available. .
I called Legendary Marine on Mon, 17 Feb. The customer representative I had spoken to was not available, so I left a message. The service manager called me on Tues, 18 Feb. He said he'd spoken to Suzuki and they would not cover the repair. He stated that in his experience Suzuki motors were junk and they did not stand behind their product. He said that they had so many problems that he quit selling them. This was obviously a pathetic attempt to blame Suzuki to avoid taking responsibility for the faulty repair. I asked him to complete a repair invoice and we'd discuss it. We never discussed completing any service or a diagnostic fee. All I asked him for was a quote for the repair. I never authorized any service.
On Wed, 19 Feb, I was emailed a service invoice with a quote for $4484.64 to repair the oil leak. This quota included a bill for $347.50 for 2.5 hrs of service to check the oil leak.
I thought this quote was completely ridiculous. Especially the bill for service they completed without my authorization. The problem had already been diagnosed by the other shop. This was completely unnecessary.
I spoke to the service manager on Thurs 20 Feb. He refused to cover the cost of the repairs. He stood behind his ridiculous quote despite the fact that the other shop had quoted me $1500. I told him I wanted to pick up the boat and take it to the other shop. He stated that I still had to pay the $347 bill. I refused to pay the bill. Once again, I never authorized the $347.50 or any fees to diagnose the problem. If I'd been given any idea that Legendary Marine was going to attempt to charge me such an insane price to repair my engine I would have left it at the previous shop.
The service manager refused to discuss the bill with me. He told me the store manager would be calling me and hung up the phone.
It's been 2 business days and I've yet to hear from the store manager. I'd like to request the intervene on my behalf. I want to pick up my boat so I can take it to a competent service center and the excessive bill for unauthorized an unnecessary service be waived.
Thank you.

Desired Outcome

I want Legendary Marine to waive the bill for service I never authorized and allow me to pick up my boat.

Legendary Marine Response • Feb 25, 2020

Contact Name and Title: ***
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ***
February of 2018 Legendary Marine performed a Yearly Service. At that time, we discovered a Oil Leak from the bottom area of the engine where the Driveshaft exits. When logging in to the *** Web Portal, we noticed the engine was registered under an individual form South Florida. At that time, the engine was days from expiring the extended warranty in an effort to save Mr. from paying the full repair, he was able to transfer the remainder of the warranty to him. We filed the claim on behalf of the customer. He paid 50.00 for the transfer and was to pay us 25.00 for the deductible. Post repair test, proved seal was performing as designed and no further leaking of oil. Customer returned with a complaint of loss of power 2 months later with 3 hours of run time since. We performed all necessary Diagnotics with a perfectly running engine. Contacted customer. He then informed us this occurred at with the engine trimmed halfway up. Legendary assumed the expense for off loading boat from trailer, diagnostics, loading boat back to trailer, washing the boat. Customer paid 0.00. February 2019, customer made 2 appointments and did not show up to either. February 2020, customer reports he had another location service the engine and they reported an oil leak from same vicinity. He did call in and we asked from him to bring the boat to us to inspect. In order to atttempt warranty coverage through Suzuki, we had to inspect. This required removal of the gearcase to see up in the area of the seal was replaced. Once the driveshaft was removed, there was a area on the seal that appeared to be damaged. This may have occurred from the other location reinstalling the driveshaft or possibly could be leaking from the two seals above. Contacted Suzuki. There parts are covered under warranty for a period of 90 days. Legendary Marines warranty matches that of the manufacture. Other manufactures offer up to 2 years on parts. Informed customer of this and also that Suzuki offered no goodwill assistance. Keep in mind, the failure was 2 years and 114 hours since original repairs. Being customer is not aware of past history, we contacted Suzuki for best way to approach. They recommended replacing Driveshaft in which increased original repair significantly. Customer expected us to pay 100% of the repairs. Wanted to know why we were higher and would not provide a written estimate from other repair shop. It is my belief at this time, the last servicing dealer damaged this seal when reinstalling the gear case. Legendary Marine stands behind all our work. It is unfortunate the customer doesn't understand we are not Suzuki and are working in the best interest of him. In order to amend this complaint, we will waive our Diagnostic fee again and the customer can pick the boat up by February 28th to avoid storage fees. The engine is partially disassembled with the Gear Case removed. All parts will be accounted for and placed inside the boat for transport.

Customer Response • Feb 26, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

Legendary Marine emailed me a bill on 3 Sep 19 for an "overdue account" from 2016. I have no overdue bill with them.
Legendary Marine emailed me a bill on 3 Sep 2019 for an "overdue account" from 2016. I do not have any over due accounts with this company and paid in full in 2016 for work they did on my boat, even though the work was substandard and had to be redone by other marine mechanics (I have a video of the risers and manifolds leaking from one of their maintenance procedures, they also put on parts from another engine on mine when they rebuilt my engine and those parts have had to be replaced). When I called Legendary, I spoke to a Ken *** who had no explanation of this bill, was rude and hung up the phone. Apparently, someone did not keep good records and now they think they are owed money from 2016. What kind of business bills someone from 3 years ago and does not have any explanation other than it is "overdue". I quit taking my boat to them in 2016. Their maintenance was subpar and overpriced, but I paid my bill every time before I left. In fact, I do not think they will give you your boat back unless you have paid for the maintenance in full. Also, they did not think I had any overdue balance until 3 years later, this is the first time they have contacted me in three years. If I owed money in 2016, they should/would have been billing me. They have all of my contact info. This is an obvious example of their record keeping being as bad as their maintenance.

Desired Outcome

I want this bad accounting error on their part to go away. I am not paying any money for work that was paid for in full at the time I picked up my boat.

Legendary Marine Response • Sep 04, 2019

an email in error was sent requesting payment of a bill from 2016, it was a system error.

Customer Response • Sep 04, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
As I understand the response from legendary, the bill was sent in error and there is no overdue account. I paid my bill in full in 2016.

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Address: 9300 Emerald Coast Pkwy, Miramar Beach, Florida, United States, 32550


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