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Les Schwab Tire Center #644

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Review: My car has been brought to Les Schwab multiple times since 3/4/2013. Two times were for services, the other three to "fix" what was repaired.

3/4/13: Replaced left-front tire

3/8/13: 4 Wheel Alignment (shims included)

6/11/13:Rear brakes/caliper/LF CV axle replaced.

Alignment done 3/8/13 checked as new l/f

tire showing wear.

8/16/13:Checked brake work done 6/11/13 as my car

dearlership/Roseville Hyundai found left-

rear brakes leaking when doing other work

8/22/13:Recheck of 2nd brake work as brakes are


As of about a month ago, my brakes are again squealing. I gave this a little time to confirm I was hearing this as in traffic it can be difficult to determine if it is your car but the squeal with confirmed last week by a passanger in my car. Additionally, one one day last week I noticed a wet spot on my driveway in the back of my car on the left side and there is one again this morning. I cannot say if this is a leak of some kind or moisture from the dew on the car but I find it odd there is no spot on the right side and it makes me very uncomfortable.

After the multiple attempts by Les Schwab to fix my brakes, without success as they are again squealing, I am driving a car (the only one I have) that I not longer trust but I cannot afford to bring it to my dealership to review and repair if necessary. I believe I have given Les Schwab multiple opportunties to repairs these isses. The last time I brought the car in have the brakes fixed, I spoke directly with the Manager who had me bring the car back in (unfortunately I do not remember his name). He later called to tell me they had redone everything, this time with all new parts. This was a surprise as I was under the impression this is what I paid for initially. This statement along with a tech's statement of the wheels being out of alignment when they rechecked (for work they had done) gave me further doubt if I could trust the store.

As I work near Les Schwab, each time I left my car with them I gave them ample time with leaving the car with them from four to nine hours each time. Despite this I had to wait an hour and half one time when picking up the car after work. I sat there waiting 30 minutes after they had closed. This after being told it would be ready at five.

I have lost all confidence with Les Schwab. At this point I am unsure I would even trust them to sell me a tire. I am driving a car that I constantly worry about brake coverage but cannot afford to have them checked at another repair shop. I would like all money paid to Les Schwab, $630.95 for work done on the alignment and rear bakes, along with $78.36 for my wasted time waiting for my vehicle and making unnecssary calls and trips trying to get this issue resolved for a total of $709.31. With this refund I will be able to bring my car to mechanic I trust and have repairs done if needed.

The names of the representative I worked directly with, minus the name of the manager are:

[redacted] L 3/8/13

[redacted] A 6/11/13

[redacted] L 8/16/13

[redacted] L 8/22/13

I have tried to report my dealings with Les Schwab accurately relying on their paperwork for dates and names, however, I am unsure I was given new paperwork with each visit or just handed back paperwork I presented to them. I have no intention of going out of my way to advise of my experience with this company but will give my honest opinion if anyone asks.Desired Settlement: I am seeking a total refund of $709.31 which included $630.95 paid for repairs and $78.36 for my wasted time. I do not want to work with this company any longer as I have lost all confidence in their repair skills and their business integrity.



Initial Business Response

I've contacted the consumer concerning her complaint I told her that we would rufund her what she paid for the rear brake job 320.50 so that she could have the work done elsewhere. She refused and said she wanted more than that. I will not refund her for the LF cv axle or the alignment, both times that she brought her car in her complaint was squealing noise and both times her brakes have been over heated.

Final Consumer Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

The company completely ingnores the issues of a leaking, passanger, rear brake which was the first reason for bringing my car back to them. This would be a repair to the brake replacement they had previous done and was still in warranty. At this time there were no squealing brakes and the leak was discovered by [redacted] in Rancho Cordova when I brought my car in for a "check engine" light and also by [redacted] when I brough the car over for repairs covered by warranty and discovered by [redacted] There was absolutlely no squealing at this time and if the issue had not been discovered by the other two auto repair shops, one with an excellent ratings with and AAA, I would not even know there was issue. This is scary! The squealing only started "after" Les Schwab did the repairs to there origianl brake work.

I spoke with [redacted] on 11/19/13, the companies deadline date for responding, and he "again" asked me to bring the car back for repairs. He "did not" say the issue was over-heated brakes as he replies to nor had this ever been said to be on prior visits or discussions with [redacted] He offered a refund for the brake work but nothing else. I told him I no longer trusted any work his company had done, other than changing a tire, and had asked for a larger amount to be refunded and would wait for a response from

I do not trust the work done by Les Schwab, especially in light of their response for the squealing brake being caused by overheating. They do not advise the of the initial issue of a leaking, rear brake. This confirms to me their lack of professionalism and not being truthful and upfront. How can I accept their reply of "overheated" brakes. Additionally, when the squealing started I had only been driving the car a short distance and the squealing has steadly worsened with the brake now squealing while backing the car out of my driveway in the morning when the car has not been driven all night! To me, this totaly disputes their theory of "overheated" brakes. Also if this was such a simple explanation, why was I never told of this and only heard about with the response?

I am still requesting a refund all money paid for alignmentLF cv axel, and brake work, $630.95, as again, I do not believe any of this work was done to industry standards. As a gesture of compromise, I will remove my request of payment of $78.36 for my time trying to get the repairs done.

I can be reached Monday - Friday at [redacted] (work) and evening and weekends at XXX-XXX-XXXX. Please call if you need further clarification.

Thank you,

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Description: Tire Dealers, Auto Repair & Service

Address: 3554 Northgate Blvd, Sacramento, California, United States, 95834


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