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Review: I checked into the motel, paid for my room then proceeded to my room with my luggage. The room was very hot. I tried to adjust the thermostat to no avail, the heat is either on or off. It is April 2 so it is still cold here. I went back to the front desk and asked for assistance. The reply I received was that maintenance was not available until tomorrow. He then told me to open the window a crack. I went back to room to find the window is a fixed window, cannot be opened. I then went back to front desk and explained the window to him. He then said to leave my door open to offset the heat. I told him that was the most ridiculous thing I have heard and there was no way I would leave my motel room door open all night. I then asked to talk to the manager, he responded with, "he is only available between 6 and 10 A M". I told him I wanted the manager's phone number which he replied the manager doesn't have one. I asked for my money back and was told NO because I had been there more than 15 minutes. I was then told I was welcome to leave the premises any time I wanted. After I cussed at him, he threatened to call the police and have me physically removed. There was nothing this person was going to do for me. I have never been treated like this before, I work on the road so I live in motels. I realize I will never get my money back from such a crooked place as this. The only thing I could possibly want from this place would be an apology but I am sure that will never happen either. Feel free to give him my phone number.Desired Settlement: I want an apology for such pathetic rude service and concern for their customers and maybe my money back.



Mr. [redacted] will receive a full refund with a sincere apology for the way he was treated. The Lewis and Clark is a low cost old motel. Many of the customers are difficult to deal with and the employees are given strict rules by the manager as to how to handle complaints. In this case, I feel that his complaint was entirely believable and handled improperly. We are not crooked, however and when a complaint reaches the corporate office it is handled properly. Mr. [redacted] can expect a check and a full apology to be sent out today.

Thank you,

[redacted], corp secretary



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business' response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.],

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Thomas [redacted]

September 12, 2015
Lewis & Clark Inn
1709 1st Ave N
Billings, MT 59101
Re: Three Day Notice to Quit
Your recent inspection of Unit 69 lead to this Notice to Quit. I must address some issues.
1. The inspection, as claimed, indicates that there were feces on the floor. I don’t know how this was determined, as there are NO feces anywhere. However, the toilet oftentimes does not have sufficient force to remove solid fecal waste, necessitating the use of a plunger. Initially, one was provided, but it was so dry as to be ineffective. I had to purchase my own.
2. The room stinks, as you claim, because of inadequate ventilation. Spray air freshener is in constant and automatic use. The windows can’t be opened, because they are either painted shut or lack screens. No door sweep exists, which allows access by vermin and pests.
3. The vent fan in the bathroom is bound up and does nothing to exhaust air. It does, however, allow flies to enter. It needs immediate replacement.
4. The carpet is old. When I moved in, it had a mold problem. It has NOT been ruined; rather, it is only in need of a good cleaning. I requested previously to borrow a vacuum cleaner, but was refused by the cleaning staff. I purchased a broom to attempt to clean the floor, but it just isn’t sufficient.
5. The comforter on the bed is rife with cigarette/cigar burns and is severely pilled on the back.
6. Garbage is disposed of routinely; it is not throughout the room. I am cluttered, but I do dispose of my trash.
7. The area around the microwave is cleaned regularly, albeit not daily.
8. The door to the unit has been kicked in in the past. Repairs to the door jamb are in dire need, as this room cannot possibly be deemed secure.
9. While a swamp cooler/heater may be considered as a reasonable climate control system, the thermostat on the wall is there in name only. It does nothing to control the operation of the fan. The tenant must turn the fan on and off if they wish to control the climate. Rooms on the upper level of the "lodge" are unbearably hot during the summer months.
10. There exists, probably since before my arrival, a rodent infestation. Whether they are voles or mice, they still infest the property. Management is well aware of this, but has done nothing to remedy this.
11. The destruction to the room was accomplished when the runaway truck slammed into the back of the building. Except for a good cleaning and repair of the damage, this room can be re-rented.
A landlord must keep the property in a fit and habitable condition. This includes keeping the electrical, plumbing, heating, and other facilities in good and safe working condition, and supplying running water. The landlord must also install an approved smoke detector. There are three electrical outlets in the room, one of which only delivers 10 Volts AC. Habitability is at question, because climate control is iffy at best. The facility is infested with rodents and other pests, including roaches.
A landlord may enter a dwelling unit without the tenant's consent only in case of an emergency; pursuant to court order; when the tenant has abandoned or surrendered the premises; to make repairs when a tenant has failed to do so after 14 days written notice; or, when reasonably necessary during a tenant's absence of more than seven days. A tenant may not unreasonably withhold consent to the landlord to enter the dwelling unit to inspect or make necessary repairs. The landlord generally must give the tenant at least 24-hours notice of the landlord's intent to enter and may enter only at reasonable times. In the past, my unit has been entered without my knowledge, consent, or permission at least three different times.
My rent is paid through 3 October 2015. The Veteran’s Administration attempted to contact you on 11 September 2015, but was informed that you were in the office only from 6 am to 8 am, Monday through Friday.
I request that I be allowed to stay in Room 69 until 3 October 2015, at which time, I will gladly vacate the premises in considerably better condition than when you found it on your recent inspection.

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Address: 1709 1st Ave N, Billings, Montana, United States, 59101-2613


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