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I have spoken with Mr [redacted] and advised him of the actions we have already taken on this issue, prior to this communication We further discussed the issue and at this point Mr [redacted] is fine with us considering this complaint closed Thank you, [redacted] , Supervisor-Customer Care

We sent this response to on July but it must have been an incorrect routingWe consider this issue resolved Thanks, [redacted] [redacted] Ms [redacted] had an account with us at another location where a balance was due It appears that the last payments she made were applied to this other account, creating a credit balance there We have now paid off that previous account’s balance and transferred the remaining funds from that account to her current location Due to the confusion over the two accounts, we suggest that Ms [redacted] always use her account number for clarity when calling us In regards to the deposit required at the current account, Ms [redacted] previous payment history with us warranted a deposit on the current account and we have assessed it to her

I listened to the calls and he states Ms [redacted] is his wife, while she states he is her fiancé'Since they are both living at the same address our policy is to collect any bad debt,

When customers don't pay their bills or respond to our two phone calls and two letters to make payment arrangements within days of their bill dates, we terminate serviceSometimes, that termination date falls on a Friday and we work those ordersOur customer service telephone hours include Saturdays, too, so Friday terminations occur We are working overtime and Saturdays in the field, too, to manage the workload but we (and most HVAC dealers and plumbers in town) face a waiting list each year as cool weather approaches We know waiting isn't pleasant so we encourage customers to pay their bills and contact us early each fall to avoid the delaysWe also urge customers to have their equipment checked and prepared by qualified service companies before the fall and winter seasons arrive With travel time, equipment checks, meter checks, venting checks and piping checks, we allocate minutes for a turn-onWe're not able to schedule turn-ons minutes apart If our work orders move faster or we're able to get to additional customers sooner than scheduled, we DO contact waiting customers and reschedule them earlier, if it fits in their schedules so that we can work their orders sooner Otherwise, we complete our work orders according to schedule we set with our customers

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I received a response from a supervisor the same day as I made this complaintThey sent someone to turn on the gas that evening with no reconnection feeThis supervisor let me know that they had an issue with billing that affected many people and she apologizedToday, I received another call from their Customer Service Manager further explaining the situation, apologizing and letting me know that I will also be receiving an apology letter from the president of LibertyHe also explained that he would be putting policies and procedures in place to prevent this from happening again, and would implement more customer service training classesI am satisfied with these responsesI have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved Regards, [redacted]

This is the worst company I've ever dealt withI called because my bill is going from $to $for sewage! I got the AZ office, they told me to call the TX office and I got a very rude woman who didn't want to help meThis is more than enough to make me want to move to city limitsThey don't care about their customers, they care about their profitIf there was another option for me, I'd take it!

We've spoken to Ms [redacted] again this afternoon and worked with her to make her payments and reconnect her natural gas service We consider the issue resolved

We were amazed at the quick response! We were called just a few hours after posting this cmplaint Thank you, [redacted] & [redacted]

I reached out to Ms [redacted] The dispute is the past due amount, due on 12/29/Ms [redacted] did view her e-bill on 1/18/16, but the front page does not show TO AVOID SERVICE INTERRUPTIO, PAST DUE AMOUNT IS DUE IMMEDIATELY, however this information is on the bill We did charge Ms [redacted] a $security deposit since the service had been disconnected, per our company policy I am refunding the $reconnection fee as a courtesy and this will show as a credit on her next bill I was also able to contact the service technician to be at her home by 10am to reconnect services

We have reviewed our records and contacts with Ms [redacted] and despite our error in allowing her service to be re-instated without full payment of the debts she owes us, we have agreed to leave the service active for thirty daysIn that time, we've requested that Ms [redacted] secure the means to pay us for the natural gas she has used in the past and for which she legitimately owes us and that she make a security depositWe have provided the names of local agencies who may be able to assit her financially via our website We made an error in our quote to her initially, to re-establish her service, and we've apologized for that errorWe feel this decision to leave the service active temporarily on our part more than makes amends for that errorThe issue of paying for services she's used and a security deposit remains for Ms [redacted] to satisfy

We contacted Ms [redacted] on 5/(Daytime #)to explain why her bill never seems correct to herShe wanted a deeper explanation so we told we would contact her after 5pm on 5/We called her three times on her cell phone, no answer and no voicemail We called her on 5/at her office and they said she had gone for the dayWe tried again on her cell phone twice, again no answer and no voicemail We called her work (Daytime #) this morning and they said she was offWe again called her cell phone and no answer, no voicemail Looking at her account we are finding, she is making partial payments after the due dateAs a result these payments are not reflected on the next months bill I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below While the response was correct, that my original problem was corrected, many of my issues were not addressed (And it did take multiple calls on my part to get it fixed.) 1) Why is it that months after my bringing up the fact that the billing departments and online services were not yet connected? Any decent IT team can have that up and running within days 2) Why would a letter be sent to a vacated residence when the customer tried to make sure a note was put on their account to e-mail the final bill? And a new problem has developed, in regards to the double billing - "We were not able to definitively determine the reason for this; we could not positively state that it was due to something in our system or something due to actions from others.- " That doesn't seem serious? Either you have major security issues, or I did something incredibly stupid, since Liberty and I are the only ones authorized to make a payment to that account Please understand that I was very happy with how they handled the situation in December, and wrote a very thankful note to their website, thanking Mr*** by name I had not gotten any responses from attempts via their website when this final bill problem became an issue And that is why I had to go this route Multiple review sites are saying this is not an isolated incident with their online billing Regards, [redacted]

Mr [redacted] online auto-draft account drafted twice in December We were not able to definitively determine the reason for this; we could not positively state that it was due to something in our system or something due to actions from others Regardless, we immediately escalated his concerns issue through multiple layers of the system and several different individuals to correct itWhen we confirmed that it had double drafted, we hand-processed an individual check through our local Finance and Administration Department for the total amount of the repeated draftWe then personally delivered that check directly to Mr [redacted] with our apologies for the error, no matter what its origin was MrKetterlinus had spoken with three of our employees prior to this in December; one on December and two others on December The account was protected from our deliquency process of payment calls and letters, as another gesture of apology for the double-drafting, during this time June 11,

Ms [redacted] visited our office and we met with herWe apologized for any errors, waived her reconnection fee, waived her deposit requirement and applied her payment to her account where it will be credited against future charges Below is her verbatim email response to us: From: [redacted] [redacted] [mailto: [redacted] @ [redacted] ] Sent: Saturday, March 21, 6:AM Subject: Re: LIBERTY UTILITIES BILLING ADJUSTMENT Thank you so much for your genuine concernI appreciate very much how it was handle [redacted] We consider this complaint closed ***

We certainly would like to have all our customers' services turned on immediately, too. It would help us to have every customer connected, every day of the year. And we agree that waiting for service is inconvenient ANY time it happens. Our employees are working overtime and on weekends... to provide service to as many customers as we safely can. Despite our efforts, we do have a waiting list at this time. We've talked to other HVAC, plumbing and service companies who are also experiencing wait times right now, too. We've circulated newspaper articles, newsletters, bill inserts and bill messagelines, trying to encourage people to take care of their utility business BEFORE cold weather arrives but unfortunately, many customers have not done so. Now that cooler weather has arrived, the result is a waiting list. We will continue to work through our list and provide the best service we can under the circumstances. Thank goodness the temperatures will remain relatively warm most of this week as we do so. I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.The issue still is not justified on my behalfLast time I checked Georgia does not accept common law marriages so you all could have garnished his wages to prevent the gas being turned on in my name ( [redacted] ), but anyways he is going to ay for it since you all can't settle it were he is the only one held responsible for his own debtsSo if me and him split up I would have helped you all make him pay a debt just for my accountSmh thank you for your time Regards, [redacted]

Final Consumer Response / [redacted] (2000, 16, 2015/08/24) */ The company has corrected their records and sent me a corrected bill I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does satisfy my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint # [redacted] I understand that by choosing to accept the business response that my complaint will be closed as resolved Regards, [redacted]

Yes, I think I sent it ThursdayIf you didn't get it, please respondHe's happy now

With the recent cold weather and the historic high volume of calls and visits to our office during the winter months, our supervisors and managers cannot always take "live" calls from our customersWe therefore request information to call our customers back when we can dedicate time to address their special needs, especially when our trained and experienced Customer Service Representatives cannot address the customers' needs to their satisfactionThis apparently was the case when this customer first calledIf our Customer Service Representative could NOT resolve the issue, our supervisors and managers DO call customers back and assist them, as our first Customer Service Representative explainedThis system normally works well and helps our customers and our staff during high volume timesWe apologize if the representative did not communicate this thoroughly or pleasantly and we will mention it to ***, our representative, so that she can work on that in the future Call volumes, service technician availability, other emergency calls and available times with supervisors and managers change by the minute this time of yearSometimes calling a few minutes later CAN result in a supervisor or manager being availableIn some cases, a service technician in the field also may finish his current work load and become available for a reconnection, as this customer was requestingAgain, this changes by the minute in our dispatching systemUnder the first circumstances, our representative must have seen a full work load schedule and known that no one could work the requested reconnection before the date she communicated Thankfully, we were able to address this customer's request in a way that satisfied her but we'll coach [redacted] to maintain a professional and empathetic approach when communicating the work schedule in the future so that we handle those request on the FIRST call, negating the need for a SECOND call

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