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PO Box 2616, Omaha, Nebraska, United States, 68103-2616

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This is the worst company ever I had surgery almost 4 weeks ago and still have not received a payment for my short term disability.I have 2 kids no one can tell me why I havent received a payment...They need to be closed down!!!!! I have 2 kids to take care of no income coming in

They are CROOKS! Requesting additional documentation to delay the process. Even with a physical injury or sickness, they will delay your claim. Enesio G. must not like her job, because she is incapable of doing a good one. Never returns calls only if asked to speak with a supervisor she magically answers. Otherwise, she never returns calls. The entire process took 2 month, only to receive a denial. I will continue with a lawyer!

Avoid this company. Got the the end of my level premium period on a 20 year term and instead of sending me notice that the rate was about to go up they just send me a bill that's five times the original. Wife almost paid it. Nobody but a fool sticks with these policies outside the level term period. You think after being a customer for 20 years they would at least send a letter saying the level term was over, after all its been 20 years. But that doesn't pay big bonuses so but no they just send the bill and hope your dumb enough to pay it. Highly unethical.

This has got to be by far the worst disability insurance company. I have been out of work for over a month and only received one payment. Have direct deposit set up and I have to call every other week to get them to fix whatever new system glitch is happening because they're "not sure why the check isn't releasing or being deposited" to my account. I am diabetic and need supplies not to mention groceries like everyone else...horrible company and customer service

This company is very unprofessional. I haven't been able to work in 3 years, they cut my benefits in November 2018 after having issues with my medical insurance even with me have surgery in March 2019 they still denied my appeal even though I have pending surgeries and still unable to work. The review board must be using google to look over peoples medical issues and forcing people to work when they are not able. I was told by Lisa *** that it didn't matter that I payed into my policy. They always have an attitude they loose paper work etc. I payed into this insurance so I would have a back up on financial issues till further notice this company has broken me down to eviction and cut off notices and no holidays. I hate I payed into this company and wouldn't recommend them to a hot dog. You guys are not us and don't know what we go through and it's unfair to keep putting pressure on the disable to work occupations that they can't .

Garbage . There's an agent Named Angelica *** out in Arizona who is terrible . She has to be one of the most evilest , slivery serpent. She feels the need to drag out my short term claim .I didn't ask to be injured . Lincoln group is garbage and so is she . She has played more games than actually helping me receive my benefits. This is only a short term disability claim . It's almost been 3 months with no pay. Honestly, how does she sleep at night ? Being such a horrible person . If someone did that to her and her family then it would be a problem . I know it's her job to not pay me - but Karma is something . She will get hers - period . Job or not . You're playing with my life and it will come back to you . Eventually it always does .

I have never applied for any life insurance policy, let alone any policy with Lincoln Financial group. This is a scam! Calling them only gets me to a voicemail box. Beware of these people, they will not get 1 dime of money from me for something that I never applied for...

No star rating for this completely unethical scam company. They take monthly LTD premium payments for years, and when you need them the most, they cut you off without EVER having a doctor examine you, and completely disregarding your treating physicians' diagnosis/opinions of your ability to work.

Lincoln Investment aka Horizon Financial Group will not stop stalking my widowed mother. John *** received SEVERAL requests to stop showing up without an appointment to my mother's home. I placed over a dozen requests to the offices near by and was told each time "they are in a meeting all day" when requesting a District or Regional Manager. My mother has now received (2) additional mailers from John *** from each of the above listed company titles seeking personal, financial information formatted as a CONFIRMATION. Not illegal, but IMMORAL when the intent is predatory aimed at the elderly or widowed population.

They are VILE. Do NOT do business with or allow any rep to come to your home.

John *** began his assault on my mother after reading my father's obituary.

Lincoln has LIED to me and acknowledged they lied but refuse to help. Before I enrolled in their dental insurance I called and talked directly to them to confirm benefits and details. I was told incorrect information. Now that I am trapped in a contract, they are refusing to pay what I was told by THEM they would pay. Their poor customer service has proven they don't care about the consumer wanting to be happy with them. I am greatly disappointed.

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Address: PO Box 2616, Omaha, Nebraska, United States, 68103-2616


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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with LINCOLN FINANCIAL GROUP, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.


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