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Lindy Madill Esq.

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Dear ***,Ms*** refused to follow instructions and interfered with the bankruptcy processAfter signing the reaffirmations she stated that she was suspended from her employment and did not know if she was going to be allowed back to work. If she is not working than she would be be able to make the payments to the credit union. In addition Ms*** was contacted by my office to execute new reaffirmations that the credit union drafted after a conversation with the credit union's attorney. Ms*** refused to cooperate. She is more interested in getting a "refund" than following through with what she states that she wantsThank you*** ***

I filed for bankruptcy January 2015 with [redacted] I paid her 800$ in full she agreed to give me a discount because she showed up a 1 hour late she filled the bankruptcy for me I got the discharge for me also but she didn't hand my reaffirmations papers in on time to empower bank so I send them myself that's when they told me the paper work was a month late I told them she been had me sign the paper work back in march 2015 its april 2015 when I found out she didn't send them on time this I called her she stated the back is lying on her don't belive them she was gonna call the cops on me im harrsing her I told no need to know whats going on with my case asap she said stop calling your bank for stuff I said what are you talking about I can call my bank she said why are you calling them I said ineed to know whats going on about them papers for my loan she said no you want to take out a loan for more money I said what are you talking about you never handend in my reaffimations papers today empower said that the courts will not open up my case I can lost my truck and everything else with empower didn't fill them in my bankruptcy at all she didn't do a good job at all with my bankruptcy you can call the person im working with at empower bank about whats goiong on her name is [redacted]3 she can tell you whats going on

I am in receipt of the complaint filed by [redacted]. I am confused by the complaint because Ms. [redacted] received her Chapter 7 discharge on April 22, 2015. She also did not ask me for any funds back. [redacted] filed her bankruptcy Chapter 7 bankruptcy on January 13, 2015. She paid the...

discounted  rate of $800.00 in total for the Chapter 7 filing. The $800.00 included a court filing fee of $335.00 and financial management courses in the amount of $50.00.  On the same day that the Debtor's case was filed I faxed over a letter to the Onondaga County Sheriff to stop her wage garnishment. I also faxed this letter to her payroll department at her place of employment. Ms. [redacted] was very difficult to deal with on this issue because despite me explaining the process to her she kept interfering with the process by calling the Sheriff's office repeatedly. [redacted] could not make the first scheduled meeting of creditors on March 6th 2015. I was able to obtain an adjournment for her to the next date. [redacted] signed a letter that she could not appear for the first two 341 hearings due to her work schedule. [redacted] finally appeared for her 341 hearing on March 20, 2015. She stated in her statement of intention that she wanted to reaffirm her loans with [redacted]. She signed the reaffirmations on March 20, 2015. Prior to submitting them to Empower for signature Ms. [redacted] stated to me that she was suspended from her employment and did not know if she was going to be taken back to work. [redacted] also called [redacted] several times complaining in the manner in which she had to pay the[redacted] loans. I had asked her to refrain from calling the credit union and to let me handle all issues with the credit union. [redacted] received her discharge on April 22, 2015. Ms. [redacted] sent me an email with emoji's of someone raising their hands in excitement. I spoke with [redacted] the attorney for [redacted] on May 19, 2015. He stated that Ms. [redacted] was calling the credit union several times a day. He stated that they would draft new reaffirmations and would not oppose the reaffirmations being filed with the court.  I communicated to Ms. [redacted] that the credit union would be accepting the reaffirmation agreements. She kept texting me over and over again messages that did not make sense. I received a call from Mr. [redacted]'s office on June 18th, 2015 that the reaffirmations were going to be emailed and mailed to my office. I received them by email on June 18th, 2015. I do not understand why Ms. [redacted] filed a complaint. Please contact me if you have any additional questions.  [redacted]

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Address: 499 S. Warren St #701, Syracuse, New York, United States, 13202


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