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Can't cancel free trial to emphatic.Co
I signed up for the free trial to emphatic.Co app and now I can cancel it. I've tried their chat, email, phone call. The account portal has no option to cancel the account. All you can do is upgrade.

• Dec 11, 2019

We don't have a partnership or any affiliation with [redacted] (dotcom) [redacted] is actually not a customer with us, he only signed up for our mailing listAccording to our records, the last email we sent him was on December 23, We're sorry he's frustrated, but unfortunately we cannot stop the emails not coming from usWe have taken him off our email listHe has never emailed us about this problem either

• Nov 07, 2019 I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meI appreciate the company's responsiveness, and I understand their position Sincerely, [redacted] ***

We processed a refund for Mr [redacted] on March 20, (see attached) We worked with Mr [redacted] for a year to help him with the program he purchased that has a day money back guarantee Even though he was outside of the guarantee period we issued the refund We consider this matter resolved Thank you
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me PROVIDED (1) they actually refund the $paid out to them, (2) they confirm having stopped all credit collection attempts, and (3) they confirm they made sure that no negative mention or pending credit issue due to LinkedIn Selling would affect my credit report or that of my company. Please note that:=> I never asked for a refund of the total price of the software serviceOnly a full refund of the $I had paid.=> I am positive that their marketing materials gave new users a 30-day trial periodThis period is too short to gauge whether or not the software is actually fulfilling its purpose because based on their tech support emails, the preparatory steps needed to deploy their solution take 2-monthsHence the first strategic call to be scheduled with their tech support will NOT happen before 60-daysThis strategic call is a critical milestone in deploying the solutionBefore this, there is no way to gauge whether or not the software will actually allow a business to receive the purported benefits of the solution.=> There is a major difference between the marketing discourse of LinkedIn Selling and the actual time and effort it takes to implement the steps necessary to see the full benefits of the softwareI personally think the advertising / marketing is deceitful to the degree it does not clearly represent the reality of what the entrepreneur will have to face to make the system work => I did not use the software indeed, and disclosed it appropriately as I felt important to show in good faith that I had not tried to take advantage of them by using their software service and then asking for a refundIn any case, their training materials emphasize that preparations need to be done before using the software, and I got hung up on the preparations (as noted in my original complaint) and didn't get debugged by the company in any amount of timeSo their reply to the ignores that the problem originated from their on-boarding process.=> Between and I developed full-size software platforms and filed for a U.Spatent on a mobile coupon software systemI know that software can be buggyBut whether or not the business owner decides to launch a very buggy and badly documented software early to the risk of having to face some customer backlash is a matter of business ethicsIt does not take much time to discover in the timeline of the Facebook Closed Group that the software is indeed very buggy, that it may even jeopardize user accounts with LinkedIn, and that its documentation is (was?) less than adequate judging by the number of questions that should have been quickly fixed with short video tutorials directly inside the softwareIMO, if it walks like a lame duck, quacks like a lame duck, it's usually a lame duck. Then it's a business decision to continue doing business with the company, or to cut your losses before you are too deep in to pull out easilyI made this choice early after having waited a long enough period to get support without getting it.I selected thereafter a different software system offering the same type of purported benefits for the same price of $197/month, and when I get bugged, I receive live support with hoursI appreciate the difference in business ethics and philosophyI will wait to see the $refunded to my account, and reserve the right to re-open this complaint if LinkedIn Selling does not carry forward with their intent expressed here, and does not take care of (2) and (3) above.I thank the for their intervention in the matter
*** ***

The following is in response to complaint ID# ***.The product the complaint references is an annual membership that was purchased on 4/7/15. I have attached the purchase receipt for referenceIt never was promised to be a "lifetime" membership, nor is itWe since created a lifetime
program in December of 2015, which the customer was offered to be able to purchase at a discounted rate, and subsequently declinedThe customer seems to believe he purchased a "lifetime" membership programWe have explained several times that this was not the case, as we did not even have a product offering of this type at the timeWe also sent him a copy of his receipt to further reiterate the product duration which was clearly spelled out in all online and print material. When asked for help, we responded as best as we could based on the information presentedI have attached our most recent conversation showing where we assisted the customer with a problem on his LinkedIn profileUltimately the issue the customer needed help with was an issue that he would need to contact LinkedIn support about, due to it being related to their interface framework, which is out of our control. The *** *** bonus, Annual Membership to the Lead Generation Bundle, was sent to the customer back on August 17, and has been accessed by the customer, most recently on July 13th, I have attached the login information proofHe never requested to have access to this product again, so we assumed he has been accessing the program, which he hasThis bonus is set to expire on August 17, 2016.We haven't received any further communication from the customer. It is our #priority to make sure each customers' concerns/questions are appropriately addressed in a timely fashionFor more information or questions, please contact our Customer Service Director, *** ***, at *** ***.Thank you,**

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 10, 2015/07/24) */
Our company has a day money back guaranteeThe consumer had called or e-mailed me maybe a few weeks ago asking for a refund for her membership which began about months ago
According to her, she had been speaking to our salesman and
had told him to cancel her membership and issue a refundThat salesman does not recall this and I never got any notification of cancellationWe have no substantiation to do so from the consumerWe would assume that if she had not received a refund within a couple of days she'd get back in touch with us but this did not happenShe waited months and calledI cannot go back that far to issue refunds, our system does not allow itDue to the fact that I do not have any paper trail to back up her request I was not able to issue the refund
*** *** Executive Assistant

Here are the details surrounding the Double Your Money Back Guarantee: “If you put in the time, follow the process, do the work, and reach out to us when you need help, we guarantee that you will at least double your investment in the program within a yearIf you have not at least doubled your
investment, I will refund your tuition, plus an extra $2,000.”In order to qualify for this "extra $2,000" the customer must do the work, which means they must complete all the steps in the systemWe required that the customer submit the following work in order to prove that he completed each step: his profile (link), group (link), messaging campaign scripts, and campaign tracking sheetThe customer submitted his profile and group links, but didn't have anything elseHe said he could not get past the database build portion of the program and was therefore unable to complete the remaining stepsWe told the customer that he needed to reach out to the support team in order for us to help him past that point and then he could go on to completing the programHe chose not to do soHe claims he reached out for support for the database build, but he has notHad he, we would have gladly helped him past that point. The customer claims that he didn't have a dedicated coach/support to help him, which is not the caseHis advisors were available the entire timeHe reached out in the beginning after purchasing in February 2016, but the last time they heard from him after that was months agoThe support team cannot help if they are not aware of what is going on. In an email on Feb20th, the customer said himself, "The conditions of the guarantee were simply to do the work and reach out when I needed help." The customer did not do the work, therefore he is not owed the additional $2,000.The customer was refunded his program payment of $2,USD on 2/25/

The customer purchased our software product, Connect365, for payments of $Since purchasing the product, he only made one payment of $Subsequently, his account was sent to collections because he made no attempt to pay or make arrangements to pay for his productThis product does not
have a "test-drive" period or "30-day trial" as the customer claimsWe stand by our product with our guarantees to help it work for our students with our coaching and take issues with it very seriouslyAs with any software product, bugs can and do happenHowever, our tech team is constantly improving and monitoring issues so that we may provide the best customer support and product availableIn fact, the software that the customer purchased is in fact the exact system that we use internally with students/clients each dayIt's critical that we maintain its efficacy.The customer emailed us on January 2nd to say he was "cancelling" his payment planHe also mentioned, "Full disclosure: I haven't used the software." The customer was simply requesting to cancel his payment plan since he read there were bugs on FacebookIt's hard for us to help customers trouble shoot problems if they have not even used the software to begin withAdditionally, not everyone has encountered the same issues as different users have different tech knowledge and some just needed clarity to run the software more effectively Our support team requested that he tell us what the "snag" was that was preventing him from properly using the softwareHe never respondedA month later we emailed with the customer responding to his complaints and again requested how we could help himAgain, he did not respond.I have attached the email conversations where the customer requests cancellation and says he did not use the product.As a company, we chose to refund the customer his one payment of $instead of the total price he requested since he only paid $and it is obvious that the customer should have never purchased the software in the first place given he is not open to getting help

The customer was reached out to on numerous occasions regarding his outstanding payments for a payment plan product he purchased. Our support team also sent him not only an invoice, but also offered to speak with him personally about any issues he was having. He never responded. LinkedSelling...

is NOT a spam company. Our mission is to help business owners grow their businesses exponentially by using our tried and true approaches to building quality relationships. Had the customer been responsive to our multiple correspondence, his account would have never been sent to collections. Also, we do NOT sell our clients' information to third parties. We take our customers' privacy very serious, and value the trust they have placed in us.The customer is welcome to reach out and clear the matter. We'd be happy to assist him in getting back on track.Please see the attached correspondence.Thank you,**

We don't have a partnership or any affiliation with [redacted] (dotcom). [redacted] is actually not a customer with us, he only signed up for our mailing list. According to our records, the last email we sent him was on December 23, 2017. We're sorry he's frustrated, but unfortunately we...

cannot stop the emails not coming from us. We have taken him off our email list. He has never emailed us about this problem either.

Complaint: [redacted]
II am rejecting this response because: they are attempting to add additional conditions to the guarantee. The guarantee does not state that all steps in the system must be completed. It states you must "do the work." When each step is conditional upon the previous step being completed, it is impossible to complete all steps when the system is broken. I have had multiple conversations with people at Linked Selling. All of them have revolved around the exact same problem, namely that the database build process did not work. They would make suggestions and I would implement those strategies, but the results never improved. I sent thousands of messages to people on Facebook to connect and/or join the group as per the TAG process to build a database of prospects. People either responded very negatively or not at all. In August 2016, I spoke with [redacted] at length on the phone. I expalined on that call that I was spending far more time than the advertised 30 minutes per day to try to connect with people. He provided me a tool that was not available on the TAG website to better allow me to find prospects on Facebook without spedning as much time searching. He also made some suggestions of changes to the group page and the initial message to connect with prospects. I made the changes he suggested and continued on with database build step of the TAG process. I never got results. Everytime I have reached out for help, I have essentially been told the same thing. They have said to keep going and eventually it will come. I have "done the work" for a year. I went through every module on the TAG website. I was eager to advance to the next steps because that would mean I was connecting with potential new clients. Sadly, their system did not work for my business. The original guarantee that was marketed to me as a means of incentivizing me to give them my business did not state that all steps needed to be completed. According tot the FTC Electronic Code of Fedearl Regulations Section 239.3 B, "An advertisement that mentions a "Satisfaction Guarantee" or a similar representation should disclose, with such clarity and prominence as will be noticed and understood by propsective purchasers, any material limitations or conditions that apply to the "Satisfaction Guarantee" or similar representation." As a accredited business, Linked Selling has agreed to comply with the code of advertising which is based on FTC guidelines. As written, I satsified my responsiblities of the guarantee and am entitled to the $2,000 bonus.Attached you will find the multiple email conversations I have had with various members of Linked Selling as well as one of the emails offering the guarantees for me to signup risk free. The email conversations show the pattern of my work and ongoing problem that was never resolved. I have received the refund of tuition ($2,382); however the $2,000 bonus as guarantee is still owed to me. 
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. I appreciate the company's responsiveness, and I understand their position.

We processed a refund for Mr. [redacted] on March 20, 2017  (see attached).  We worked with Mr. [redacted] for a year to help him with the program he purchased that has a 30 day money back guarantee.  Even though he was outside of the guarantee period we issued the refund.  We consider this matter resolved.  Thank you.

I have attached conversations that our support team had with Ms. [redacted] regarding her membership to our program.  She received support and access to the program for 7 months and never asked for a refund until August 2016.  The compliance issues she refers to are not an issue with her...

continuing with the program and was communicated to her on numerous occasions.  We have a 30 day refund period which is communicated to each member prior to purchasing and is included in our Terms of Service.  I do not believe that she is due a refund or that we did not deliver on what was expected of the program.  I also have back-up of more conversations and logs how how often she logged into the training to show that she was at least 80% through the program before she requested a refund.  I would be happy to include those records if need be.   Thank you,[redacted]Manager, Client RelationsLinkedSelling

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