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Little Bears Daycare

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Review: I had questioned [redacted] about paying for days that I did not use her daycare. She had verbally told me, "It doesn't make sense to pay for a service you're not using." I agreed. When I made a recent payment I was not going to pay for 2 days we were not utilizing as she had again told me that was fine. She changed her mind and demanded payment to which I agreed. Two days later, [redacted] and I were discussing the breakdown in communication, and she became defensive. I said, "I'm not going to argue with you. I'm going to take my boys home." Her daughter and fellow daycare provider, [redacted], interjected "Maybe you shouldn't bring them back!" I left and called [redacted] later that evening to resolve the issue. After a very long talk, we agreed that it was better for both parties to break ties. She agreed that a written 2 week notice was better than her contracted 3 week notice considering all that had been said, especially [redacted]'s bitter remark about not bringing my children back to the facility. When I went to drop off my children (ages 1 and 2) the next morning, [redacted], [redacted] husband, met my family on the street with [redacted] and said they were not welcome. [redacted] said we broke the contract by not giving 3 weeks notice after she and I had agreed to the 2 weeks notice. Although I did have written notice to give her that morning, [redacted] refused to discuss the matter further. Her husband, [redacted], shoved a bag of our children's belongings into my husband's stomach and walked away. [redacted] actions left us without daycare services for my children on a work day and without any adequate notice to find coverage for my children for the days to come. I would like to be reimbursed the $402 owed to me for payment made without services rendered as this puts an additional strain on our family. First, we are expected to find care without notice. Second, we were told we would not be refunded the money we paid in advance for services from which we will not benefit. Lesson: get it in writingDesired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

I would like to be reimbursed by Little Bears Daycare owner [redacted] $402 owed to me for services paid for but not rendered.



Lil Bears Childcare [redacted]

[redacted] 59718 ###-###-####

To: [redacted] ID# [redacted]

This letter is in response to a current complaint brought against me and my Childcare facility.

I was contacted by [redacted] and [redacted] in April of this year about the possibility

of providing childcare services for their two children for childcare starting

May 6th of this year 2013. When we first spoke verbally by telephone

conversation I told [redacted] I only provide fulltime childcare we discussed my

rates and what my program offers. We decided to set up an interview where they

could come see my childcare home during childcare hours. During the interview I

went over my contract discussing all the policies. She had said to me at that

time the possibility of maybe just four days. I said that could possibility

work out I would have to check. They parted my home and on Aprill7th I received

an email from [redacted] (which I have enclosed a copy) stating that their schedule

had changed and would only need the four days Tuesday thru Friday which they

would not be charged for Mondays. I called [redacted] after checking my schedule

and said this would work for me. I sent home all necessary papers I require for

them to fill out and sign. They started my program, and brought back all

paperwork (which I have enclosed a signed copy of my contract). I provided

childcare and everything was fine.

October 1st 2013 they paid me for 9 Days of

childcare service. I bill the 1st thru the 15th and the

16th thru the end of the month. I was not paid the 14th

because it was Monday and they don't pay for Mondays. I sent a bill including

the 15th thru the 31st which was 11 days childcare. [redacted]

came in the daycare on Tuesday the 15th of Oct and wrote a check for

10 days childcare totaling $670.00 he spoke to my worker, [redacted], and said

they would not be in care on Thursday the 17th and Friday the 18th

and didn't want to pay for those days. [redacted] told him that I am paid for

childcare regardless of sick days, vacation days, or the days the children are

not in care. My contract states this. He said ok picked up the children and

left. The next morning, when [redacted] dropped off the children for childcare, I

told [redacted] had only paid for ten days, she said nothing about not paying for

Thurs and Fri but went on to say she got paid today which was Wed the 16th

and that her accounts were frozen at her bank and someone from the bank was

skimming money out of their accounts but would get the extra day paid for by

Friday. I said that would be fine not a problem. [redacted] said the children would

be in my care Thurs the 17th and Fri the 18th she then left the daycare and went to work. Later that

afternoon [redacted] picked up the children and went to leave and said we will see

you on Monday. I said [redacted] you don't come on Mondays, it would be Tuesday. He

said no they will be coming. I said ok that's fine you will just have to pay me

for that day. I then said, but [redacted] said kids will be here tomorrow and

Friday he said no, they will not. I thought I better re clarify this and said

have you spoken with [redacted] since this morning he said yes and their not

coming. I said ok. He left and within five minutes called and said it wasn't

this Monday the 21st it would be the 28th he also stated

he would see me on the following Tuesday.

The next day was Thursday the 17th [redacted] comes in the door I laughed

and said do you two not communicate, first your coming then your not and now

here you are. [redacted] was angry and said to me well I was going to take the kids

to the Pumpkin Patch today but since we have to pay you for the two days, they

will be here. I said great you can have a day to yourself enjoy it! Please note

that in her comment she said she was out childcare for the day and couldn't get

to work. (Enclosed I sent a copy of the school schedule there was no school on

Thurs and Fri, this is what started the whole mess, she didn't want to pay for

these days because she was not working.) Out the door she went. That afternoon

she came to pick up the kids and I wanted to clear the air I could tell she was

upset. I said [redacted] I see you're upset let's talk. She started waving her arms

saying I know what's going on you have your witnesses here. Well my helper was

present she does work here. My helper, [redacted], did say [redacted] if you are so

unhappy maybe you shouldn't bring them back. She said this in a calm voice and

was not angry. [redacted] left didn't want to talk. That night [redacted] called and left

a message on my house phone saying they were not giving me the Three week notice

of withdrawal that the contract states, they were giving me two weeks because

they were afraid of my helper [redacted] retaliating on the children for the

comment she had made to [redacted] about removing them from my care prior that day.

I called back that night and we talked and we decided it would be best for the

kids to stay give proper notice and part ways.

Friday the 18th I was online checking my business account, and at 7am I

noticed that her check was stopped payment on. ( which I have enclosed a copy)

it states in my contract that after 3 days of non-payment your child will be

dis enrolled until the bill is paid in full and under termination of care it

states I may terminate care for failure of parents to pay. I met her outside

told her she broke the contract and we were terminating care immediately for

non-payment. I do not owe [redacted] and [redacted] any money because they stopped

payment the day they wrote the check and knew this, and thefted me of services

by coming back to childcare on wed the 16th Thurs the 17th

and tried to come on Fri the 18th. Please note I am sending in my

sign in sign out sheets with her signature proving that she was here on the

above stated dates knowing that she deceived me! I did not receive a three week

written notice, and I did not receive payment for the days she deceived and

thefted me. [redacted] owes me $50.00 plus what my bank charged me which was

$47.00 plus 11 days childcare totaling $737.00 plus the five additional days to

make it the three week notice of $335.00 making a final total of $1169.00.

[redacted] turned me into the state childcare Licensing agency which was UN founded

and is trying to attack my character. I acknowledge that what I have stated is

truthful and hope you will take all the documentation I have provided to clear

this matter up so I can continue with my good standing of providing high

quality childcare for the past 20 years with absolutely no complaints.

Sincerely, [redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[redacted] is not truthful in her extraneous response; several things she wrote are simply not true. I stopped payment as a last resort after she and her husband bullied my family Friday, October 18, not allowing us to return and refusing to refund our money. This matter is now closed as far as we are concerned. Thanks for your help with mediating this matter.


• Nov 19, 2020

Hello, I have had a recent disturbing similar experience with them and would love to ask you a few questions if possible. Let me know if you get this and if it’s possible to reach out thank you.

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