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I called to have my house locks changed. I was told 65 a lock. I was not at the house but had my elderly parents to give the man a check. He put in 5 locks. One was a deadbolt and one was a padlock on the garage. He charged 404 dollars after he was done. I called the place and asked again how much they charged and he said 65 in Pittsfield and anywhere else is more. I live in Dalton and right over the line. He basically charged me 150 dollars to drive literally and extra 5 minutes. I could not believe the price of his invoice. I realized it was going to be expensive but did not that much. I understand he came out for his time and labor but that just seems like highway robbery.Product_Or_Service: Locks for homeDesired SettlementI will pay for time, labor, and parts but think they owe me money back. I looked at [redacted] for parts and I understand it will be more but it is like double it should be. I calculated it and I think what is fair is $260. Thank you.Business Response On September 10, 2013 [redacted] called to have her locks changed. [redacted] answered her call, she stated she just purchased a new home and inquired as to how quickly we could schedule an appointment to change the locks in her home. During that phone call she never asked for an estimate or any other pricing. We scheduled an appointment for September 11, 2013 between 3:00 and 3:30 PM at [redacted] made a follow up phone call soon after to inquire about forms of payment we accept and to inform us that her father would meet the locksmith at the house and she would leave payment with her father.September 11, 2013 I arrived at 3:15 PM and was meet by [redacted] who identified himself as her father. [redacted] handed me a hand written note with instructions of work to be done. To be sure I did the proper work I phoned [redacted] and reviewed her wishes. As we talked she wanted to be sure the garage was secure so in addition to what was on the list we added a padlock for the sliding garage doors to be keyed to the house key, as well as all new locks keyed alike. At no point while I was reviewing the work to be done did [redacted] ask how much any work would cost. I commenced the work [redacted] requested. In the course of work several issues arose including striped out screw holes in the wood work, misaligned door strikes and improperly drilled holes in both the garage door and front door where the deadbolt was located, this was not a simple change a door handle job. The work was completed at 5:15 PM. At the completion of work I reviewed what was done with [redacted] and had him inspect my work. [redacted] then mentioned an additional door and I advised him no work was authorized by [redacted] for that door. At that point [redacted] phoned [redacted] and told her the total cost of the work and proceeded to fill out the dollar amount on the check and hung up with [redacted]. At that time there was no question of the cost or quality of the work performed. As far as what the break down of our itemized bill, our rate for a service call to Dalton is $75.00 our service call includes the first 30 minuets of service. Our hourly rate of $50.00 per hour applies after the first 30 min. I was there a little over two hours, that equates to 1 1/2 hours of billable labor. The parts used were 3 [redacted] locking door handles, 2 [redacted] dead bolts, 1 padlock hasp, 1 [redacted] keyable padlock. The parts were a total of $239.93, service call $75.00, labor $75.00, and Mass sales tax $15.00 for a total of $404.93. Attached is here hand written note, the returned check, and the original invoice.Several hours later I did receive a call from an unidentified female caller requesting how much to change a lock in Pittsfield and my response was a service call in Pittsfield is $65.00 plus parts. The party hung up and called again a few minuets latter and asked if other towns were more my answer was yes the further the work site is from our store the price is more. As of today September 20, 2013 [redacted] has never called us to question or dispute the bill. Further more she stopped payment for services provided causing Locks & More finical harm. We see this as a theft of services.Locks and More is a family business and we do quality work at a fair price. I believe the problem here is [redacted] never asked for an estimate prior to approving work to be done, and then after the work was done fact felt the price was to high. If the issue was the cost exceeding what she thought and was short on funds to make full payment and needed to make a payment arrangement we would have worked with [redacted] in setting up a payment arrangement. Our prices are posted publicly on our website. We did call [redacted] on September 19, 2013 prior to receiving this letter regarding the returned check requesting a return call or we would resort to the legal system to recover the funds due for services rendered. [redacted] has never informed us directly of her dissatisfaction nor has she returned our call. Locks & More provided good service at a fair price. [redacted] now owes Locks & More a returned check fee of $30.00 in addition to the $404.93 for the original services rendered for a total of $434.93. Locks & More needs to be paid for services rendered. In the event Locks & More is paid in full prior to September 27, 2013 We will wave the returned check fee. We strive to have happy customers, but the time to question the cost of a job is before authorizing work. Even at the completion of services rendered there was no question as to the total cost.In the event Locks & More does not receive payment in full or a suitable payment arrangement by September 27, 2013. Locks & More will be forced to take the necessary action to be paid for services rendered. Thanks you.[redacted]Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)First of all every company I have dealt with gives 30 days for payment.I just bought a home so obviously he knows I have good credit.I didn't get an estimate which is correct because I have had people lurking around my home and was scared and wanted it done ASAP.Locks and More took advantage of that.My father was there and questioned the amount but both my parents are elderly and Locks and More also took advantage of that.I did call a reputable locksmith and took pics of there work and drilling and he gave me an estimate of 175 and when I told them what they charged me he almost had a heart attack.He said its a shame that they would charge me that price and rip people off like that.He said they won't be in business long if they continue to do that to people..I actually talked to two different locksmiths and they both said the the same thing.They called me me and threated me after that if I don't pay him that he is going to charge me with larcency.First of all, I was planning on paying just not that amount.Secondly,I know that was trying to scare me cause only a cop can do that and all he could do is take me to small claims court.I know that he was trying to indimidate me.I sent him a check for 200 dollars because those are what 2 other lockssmiths told me to do and that was a fair amount.[redacted]Final Business Response 1. This complaint [redacted] is asking for a refund. [redacted] stopped payment of the check rendered for said goods and services. We have not been paid for goods and services rendered. 2. The time to get estimates, question company policy, and negotiate fees for services rendered is prior to authoring work and approving of goods and services. Locks & More has given [redacted] ample opportunity to rectify this theft of goods and services and intends to file a complaint with the magistrate for larceny over $250.00 on Monday September 30, 2013 as per Massachusetts law: ALM GL ch. 266, § 37 entitled "Drawing and Uttering Fraudulent Checks, Drafts and Orders" . LOCK'S & MORE

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