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Logistics Health, Inc.

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• Sep 25, 2021

Veteran experience with LHI
After being instructed to go to LH II (about 50 miles) for an exam related to a VA disability claim, I read reviews that were troubling, so I prepared for the worst. I arrived for my 8:00am Saturday appointment and found a fully staffed, professional, pleasant staff efficiently processing the group of veterans for their exams. I could not have been more satisfied with the operation of this company. 5+ STARS!

• Sep 14, 2021

- 0 Stars - Terrible customer service
After several years of using LHI for my required annual appointments I have experienced a very low level of customer service on multiple occasions. Instead of verifying information for accuracy their phone representatives have given different answers, and continuously lied or made false statements. It appears as if they do not care about customer service or they are more concerned about their time and getting you off the phone. I was giving them some time to hopefully straighten themselves out but after several years of failing to train their employees in basic customer service skills they do not deserve to be in any business and much less provide any services to the military.

• Aug 24, 2021

Negligent unaccountable company LHI
This company should have been long removed forever from doing business with the Veterans Administration and whoever approved the contract should be subjected to Prosecution for putting Veterans lives in unnecessary turmoil. They canceled every appointment ive had with them so far and didn't care when I showed up for 1 but the provider left the office earlier for a college event and told no one thereafter and so I wasn't seen at all and now just canceled the appointment I had made on that day. This is beyond disgusting behavior.

• Aug 01, 2021

CW4 James Prescott - LHI Review
I'm an active-duty officer on the BDD program. I went to an LHI office in Tampa Florida for my C&P exam and had a great experience. Mavis Wilson was the PA that reviewed my records and did the exam. I have many combat-related injuries, and she was very thorough and professional. She cared about my injuries and ensured that everything was documented correctly. I couldn't have had a better experience.
CW4 James  Prescott  - LHI Review

• May 15, 2021

LHI needs discontinued for VA contract
Army vet. First appointment for compensation was in early February. The appointment lasted 5 hours. Afterwards, I we t to a local radiology clinic and had 22 x-rays taken. All was quiet for 2 months. No LHI update, no VA update. Mid April, I get an appointment for x-rays. Already had 22 taken, not sure what they want. I call LHI. Customer service member is clueless. I speak to a supervisor and she clarifies that some of the x-rays were shot at bad angles. I get 6 new x-rays. All quiet again. Today, a month later, I get a text saying all of my initial paperwork and appointment needs redone because the VA changed their submission requirements on 14 May. I looked around the internet for 3 hours and found no substantiating proof and LHI customer service rep refused to cite her source. Just, "told by someone above her". If they failed to submit their 90 day old reports to the VA, it's unacceptable that I have to go back to square one.

Awful customer service. You can request a different contracting company other than LHI. You can also submit complaints about LHI to the VA. This needs to be done to get their contract scrutinized and either fixed or revoked.

• Apr 07, 2021

Incompetent and complete sabotage
I had an appointment for sleep apnea on April 2nd 2021 at 8 a.m in Bowie MD. The CRNP walked in late around 8:10 a.m. called me into her office at 8:15, totally unprepared and rushing. She kept missing up dates and not listening, all she was doing was typing . Then she asked do I have any questions, I asked her questions and she barely knew the answers. the next thing I heard is thanks for coming and have a blessed day. I thought VES (Vetran Evaluation Services) was bad, they are 100% better than this LHI.

• Mar 12, 2021

Thrown under the bus
Firefighter Thomas Fenech, a 9/11 responder, buried under first building, blown off the street by the second building, worked at Ground Zero for 8 1/2 months: I have been waiting FOR A FEW YEARS for them to get back to me regarding blood work, testing, doctor appointments, cancer screenings due to my long-term exposure at Ground Zero beginning on day one. They "pass the buck" and say that someone else will be getting back to me over and over again. They do not respond to my doctor's numerous requests for information. Very unprofessional and disorganized. It seems that they are more interested in making money than in helping out the survivors. I was anticipating them being more medically professional and caring of our needs.
NYC Retired Firefighter Thomas Fenech.

• Mar 09, 2021

Supplemental Claim/Appeal Sabotaged by incompetent LHI examiner
In my VA decision letter that followed my LHI exam, the VA explained that the LHI examiner rendered an opinion that my claimed condition (secondary to a connected disability) is less likely than not proximate to my service connected condition and both conditions are not related. The VA decision letter explained that the examiner did not establish a medical nexus to award compensation; however, the VA decision letter also cited the medical study (Colvonen, 2015) which acknowledges the correlation between my two conditions which are comorbid. The examiner did not mention any rational that disputes the medical study acknowledged by the VA and therefore did not give an objective opinion. The VA is already aware of the medical studies and the nexus that connects the two disabilities but would not rule in my favor because the LHI examiner failed in her duty to assist and explain that it is "At least as likely as not" that my claimed condition is due to my service connected condition. All examiner had to do was demonstrate a casual relationship between my two conditions, even without medical certainty, by just citing the medical study that does. It's a complete contradiction that the VA is well aware of the medical studies that establishes the medical nexus but requires the non experienced LHI examiner to explain it when not necessarily qualified to render a professional medical opinion. The VA and LHI have a duty to assist the Veteran and to review the medical literature related to their claims. Unless the LHI examiner was instructed by the VA to render a less favorable opinion, then the LHI examiner completely failed in her duty to assist as illustrated in the VA benefits manual...

• Jan 28, 2021

Incompetency and Fraudulent
I am a Veteran going through a VA C&P exam and was assigned to LHI after waiting for VES for four months of doing nothing to schedule my appointment at the beginning of November. Once a week I called to check on the status of my appointment in which I was informed that the Doctor had been assigned, however, they hadn't gotten it scheduled yet - this went on for a month and a half. Finally after a month and a half I get on the phone with a halfway decent supervisor who informs me that my documentation hadn't been sent to the Doctor yet, I got him to get it sent over - the doctor then calls me no less than 30 minutes later to get me scheduled for the following day (Dec. 13th). 15 minutes after scheduling the appointment the doctor's office calls me to tell me that LHI said that date was way too fast and then pushed it to Dec. 30th. I had my exam, the doctor submitted all paperwork and then out of nowhere an additional exam pops up. Over the next two weeks I get even more conflicting information and zero attempts at scheduling the appointment and then after finding out from the VA that the exam needed to be done it is then deleted from LHI's system because someone determined it wasn't needed. However, over the course of the last 30 days LHI has been trying to get the doctor to change the information he submitted in my file. The doctor has clarified the answer to the same question every day for four weeks and still LHI keeps trying to have him change his answers to the findings.

• Dec 12, 2020

VERY Poor service!!!!! incompetent
I had an appointment with this facility in Houston Tx, it took me about a half hour to get there and the person that did my appointment, seems to uninterested about anything I was saying she asked me a few questions, spent most of the tie writing something on paper, then asked me if I was homeless which was an insult, she realized I did not like her asking me that and she says I have to ask, this was one of sorriest excuses for a person in an appointment that I've known she was a black female. She never even introduced herself and acted so distanced a person with no feelings or connection to a patient, All in all I was there for about 15 mins, what a waste of time! That Facility is on Featherwood Dr. in Houston TX.

Horrible Dunwoody, Ga. location
My name is Jerry Schultz and I had an appointment yesterday with a Ms. McDonald I believe. She acted like she was put off having to speak to me, and when I could not understand what she was saying because of the mask. Then she was trying to talk over me to get her point across. I have a pretty severe case of COPD and have to lift the mask away from my nose to breath and she said I could not do that. I'm all for safety, but she was wearing a mask and sitting a good 10 ft. away from me. She then said I had to leave. The exam did not get completed. barley started and I will be sending the VA to this visit. This young lady needs to be fired.

• Dec 11, 2020

LHI representing the VA is to be avoided. I was scheduled to do a C&P exam the Doctor never did a C&P exam but denied a rating. Clearly he did not review any of my documents and he did not exam me - I will be contacting my congressman to report the disrespect treatment of veterans by the VA

• Nov 11, 2020

COVID testing
Terrible service. Made an appointment online but made a mistake on my date of Birth. Trying to get that corrected is impossible! The testing staff told me to call the number to get it resolved, but didn't give a number to CALL! This is ridiculous have tried all the damn numbers that were online but NO OPERATOR option. Just a waste if my time. What kind of a testing site is this that you cannot get simple issues resolved! What kind of professionalism is this kind of place where the staff cannot fix a simple error instead of making go through loop holes! Never again! If I could I would give it zero stars!

Another waste of taxpayers monies by the VA...
LHI/VA send vets to doctors that have little to no experience. Doctors take it for money only, nothing more.
Just more delay obstacles like VA intake system in lieu of RO. They refuse to use qualified doctors in veterans hometowns.
Congressman can say they increased the amount of vet healthcare. Yep! It costs more for less.

LHI Bowie
I would like to speak to a supervisor of this installation.. this is my 2nd complaint of unprofessionalism and zero medical integrity. The examiner laughed at me the first examiner last year said everything in my favor but submitted lies to the VA.. the 2nd one princess cole NP I know she may have had a conversation with the last examiner and made it seem like she was using all my evidence I brought in to her but didn’t upload it and said for me to do it.. then didn’t examine me at all.

COVID-19 Testing
I displayed the symptoms:
I was referred to LHI by my County for COVID-19 testing. They gave me a testing sight that was in the next city, but one week before any testing could be completed. I refused that appointment and requested something for the same day. I live in Stockton CA and the closest location with availability was Angel Camp, CA. this location was over 1 hour to travel. I went to this location and was tested. I was told it would take 4-6 days for results. The test was on [ Tuesday July 14, 2020 ]. I was told that LHI would send me a text/email to check my results using the ID Number LHI provided me over the phone. This ID was what they said is used to take and track my test results.
I have been checking and calling for my test results for the last two weeks and no one can give me an answer as to why I have [No Results] [Tuesday July 28, 2020]. My response when I check the website is “Results Processing”.
I called the number 888-634-1123 they provided for “Complex Questions” to no avail.
I was asked if I was Quarantining myself since the test. I ask them was 14 days the number to do that or wait for test results. I asked if my test results were lost or am I still waiting for the results? I have not received any emails, phone calls or texts to my cell phone. They took my Insurance information! If they bill my insurance we will have a bigger issue. Not knowing my results (- or +) also creates issues with keeping it contained, trying to work to pay bills, etc. , etc. I still need answers.

Logistics Health Incorporated (LHI) is in receipt of the ('s Complaint ID#*** received in LHI's offices on May 27, 2015, regarding *** *** concerns about herrecords not being forwarded to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) a week after her appointment
fora compensation and benetit examination.It appears based on Ms***'s complaint that she was told about a one week turnaround by anunknown individual at the V AIn fact, LHI's contract with the VA dictates timeframes for return ofpaperwork to the VA for rating purposes following a Veteran's appointment with a provider in LHI'snetworkThat timeframe is well beyond one weekAdditionally, Veterans' records are reviewed inaccordance with LHI's exam review process as approved by the V A.Ms***'s completed exam paperwork has been returned to the VA and, therefore, LHI believesthis issue has been resolved.LHI is honored to serve our VeteransShould you have any further questions, please feel free to contactme at ###-###-####.Respectfully submitted,

I go online to make a appt. the apt was made 2 weeks outside my availability and over a hour drive away from where I live. This system and how they are making the soldier proceed with this it horrible. I work a cilivain job, I do not have time to go to LHI web site answer a ton of questions, to get a email 2 weeks later with information that does not work just to call LHI to reschedule the appointment like I tried too 2 weeks ago the first time. I am at my regular job doing this.

Review: I had an appointment in Bowie, MD at a LHI facility and was told my records would be sent to the VA in a timely manner. It has now been over 4 weeks since that appointment. Every time I contact LHI I get the standard "we're reviewing your records" response. My claim is being held up for this. The VA gave a deadline of a week after my appointment for those records.Desired Settlement: I want my records sent to the VA now.



Logistics Health Incorporated (LHI) is in receipt of the ('s Complaint ID#[redacted] received in LHI's offices on May 27, 2015, regarding [redacted] concerns about herrecords not being forwarded to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) a week after her appointment fora compensation and benetit examination.It appears based on Ms. [redacted]'s complaint that she was told about a one week turnaround by anunknown individual at the V A. In fact, LHI's contract with the VA dictates timeframes for return ofpaperwork to the VA for rating purposes following a Veteran's appointment with a provider in LHI'snetwork. That timeframe is well beyond one week. Additionally, Veterans' records are reviewed inaccordance with LHI's exam review process as approved by the V A.Ms. [redacted]'s completed exam paperwork has been returned to the VA and, therefore, LHI believesthis issue has been resolved.LHI is honored to serve our Veterans. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contactme at ###-###-####.Respectfully submitted,

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