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London Drugs Limited

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This is an email I wrote to London Drugs sharing my experience the other day:

I would just quickly like to comment on the service I received at the London Drugs Highstreet location in Abbotsford BC. My sister and I decided to browse the cosmetics section while my dad looked at computers. I picked up an ALREADY OPENED lipstick to look at the color and immediately the cosmetics supervisor, Darlene M., rushed over to me and said: "hey you, I cant have you opening up our products in the store like that." This is understandable so I said "This was already opened so I was looking at it." instead of having the conversation end there she rudely said to me: "No, I heard you opening it. Don't open our stuff." (Which was not true at all!!!) I once again defended myself but she said "mhm sure." I turned to my sister and she was disgusted at how rude it was. My sister and I are 23 and 20, and we had just been shopping at Sephora and were dressed nicely, so I do not see a reason for her to think we were breaking things or disrespecting the store like punks! The rest of the visit she watched us from behind a glass wall and walked by us every 30 seconds, no joke, staring us down and peering at what we were doing. My sister picked up a blush to look at it. No opening, no fumbling with the package just looking. Out of nowhere this lady beelines over to us and says "You guys just opened that right?" She then took the blush OUT of my sisters hand and said "You guys need to stop tampering with the stuff. STOP OPENING THINGS." and proceeded to put it back then stare at us! I was so shocked to be treated this way as a consumer with money in my pocket ready to buy products from your store. "We literally didn't open a single thing so I don't know why you're approaching us." said my sister and Darlene just repeated the same thing "No, I know you did." -basically telling us, 20 year old women in university soon to be starting careers, to stop lying like children. There was absolutely no respect from Darlene toward my sister and I. I left the section and told my dad what had happened and he was disgusted his daughters had been treated this way in the store. All three of us went back to the cosmetics department. Darlene then left us alone but was watching us the entire time despite having other customers in the section. I believe she left us alone because my dad had now joined us. Due to this my sister and I will not be bringing our business to London Dugs any longer. We would much rather shop at any other drug store such as shoppers. Also, my dad was going to buy a macbook in the electronics section but after we told him of what happened he left it and said he will buy one somewhere else, what a coincidence that this had happened when he was about to spend so much money. Just because of Darlene your store missed out on THOUSANDS of dollars, just in this one trip! my dad was prepared to buy a $2500 laptop and we would've purchased some skincare products. Not to mention the lost business for the rest of our lives! I have never been treated so poorly in a store, its truly appalling. I hope you contact this store to help them get their customer service in line. I will be telling my friends and family this story because its almost comical! After hearing this you'll be losing business from them as well, as my friends take my advice seriously! One other thing, I was looking closely at the products on the shelves and 80% of them are TAPED CLOSED. This is crazy! She's going around taping things shut that have previously been opened by others.... I would NEVER buy a product that has some scotch tape thrown on it to keep it together to pretend that its new! If something is opened then it needs to become a designated tester so people don't open other ones. Contaminated products are both unusable and dangerous, there could be any kind of bacteria in there that could create issues for the user! I can see why some people had opened them because there are barley any testers in the entire cosmetics section, and to buy makeup many times you need to compare it to your skin tone. Those things combined seal the deal for me to never shop at any london drugs ever again. I heard Darlene helping another customer and she was also being rude to them about a promotion flyer they had brought in. Didn't catch the whole thing but the customer was clearly unhappy with how Darlene was speaking to her. Thank you, I would appreciate an email back to let me know you've read about my experience at your store. This is the first time I have felt compelled to write a review about service or products in a store, but I am writing one now because it was so outrageous. I hope this is at least helpful feedback to prevent this same situation from happening again.

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