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Loudoun Auto Repair Inc

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Very helpful and professional

Review: On Tuesday, January 28, 2014 my truck broke down at a traffic light in [redacted], Virginia. I called [redacted] to come tow it as it would not move on its own. [redacted] asked me where I wanted it towed to. Having only lived in the area for 2 years I relied on [redacted] to suggest one of their top rated ([redacted] approved) repair facilities. Typically any work done on my car is done through my fathers repair shop in New Jersey. With this not being possible [redacted] came and towed my truck to Loudoun Auto Repair. They assured me this was the best repair shop in my area and that they are [redacted] top rated in service and price. My truck was dropped off that night.

The next day, January 29, 2014, I called Loudoun Auto Repair to find out what was wrong with my truck. I called early in the morning. They said they did not look at it yet but would be looking at it by that afternoon. I called back later which is when they told me the rear differential in my truck would need to be replaced. They quoted me a price of $2,500 for parts and labor. I felt as if this was extremely high and confirmed my suspicion with my father. My wife left work early that day so we could go over to the shop, look at my truck, and figure out what would happen from there.

We arrived at the shop at around 4:30-5:00PM that evening. My wife and I went inside where one of the front desk guys brought us into the shop to look at the truck. I explained to him, and the mechanic that was there, that my father has his own repair shop and that I had worked on cars for 10 years before obtaining my current job - not car repair related. I wanted them to know that I would very clearly understand what they told me since I'd been in the industry for so long. The mechanic, [redacted], told me what needed to be replaced. I checked this out for myself and agreed that it was in face the rear differential.

We walked back to the front of the shop to talk about the cost of the repair. Again, [redacted] did tell us they were very good on price which did not seem to be the case. I explained to the front desk attendant that this price was very high and that I would most likely be getting a second opinion or finding another place that would do the work cheaper. I had made some phone calls while there to other shops. I spoke with one shop that agreed $2500 was too expensive for that job.

The owner of Loudoun Auto Repair found out that I was thinking of not having them do the work and towing my truck else were. When this happened he came out and tried to talk me into keeping my truck at his shop. I explained to him that I worked on cars for 10 years and that I know how much repairs and labor should cost. When he realized I knew what I was talking about he instantly became willing to make a deal with me.

He offered me to get my own parts through my fathers part supplier in Connecticut. He said this would help me out by saving me money and all I would have to do is pay him $500 in labor. He NEVER gave me a written statement, bill or invoice. He NEVER said that if I got my own parts he would not guarantee the work. (I will explain why this is important later). My wife was there with me the entire time to witness all of this. If he had said that I would have had my car towed out of his shop immediately. I would never have wanted someone who does not back up his work to touch my truck.

After agreeing to leave my car at his shop for the night, we left. The owner of the shop told me to talk to my father when I got home about getting the parts I needed. He said he would not charge me storage even if I decided not to have them fix my truck.

On Thursday, January 30, 2014 the owner of Loudoun Auto Repair called my dad's shop ([redacted]) in New Jersey to talk about what parts were needed for my repair. My father gave him all the information he needed to contact his parts supplier ([redacted]) and have the parts ordered and billed to me. They were to be shipped directly to Loudoun Auto Repair. Loudoun Auto Repair called [redacted] and told them what parts were needed. Once that was done I called [redacted] and paid for the parts ($620) over the phone. They were being shipped UPS Ground and were expected to arrive at Loudoun Auto Repair by Monday, February 3, 2014.

On Monday, February 3, 2014 the parts to fix my truck arrived at Loudoun Auto Repair. I called them around 1:30PM or so to find if they got the parts and how long the repair would take. Again, at this point I had nothing in writing from them regarding the repair at all - including length of time. At this time the owner of the shop informed me that when the took apart the rear to fix it they noticed a bolt broken and a bracket was bent. The owner called me at 5PM that night to tell me this leaving us no time to get it resolved that day. If they had properly taken apart the rear they would have known everything that was needed and these parts would have been ordered along with the others from [redacted].

On Tuesday, February 4, 2014 - I asked them why they did not noticed these issues when they took apart the rear to find out what parts were needed in the first place. They had originally told me they took everything apart and knew all the parts that were needed which ended up not being the case since the found more parts broken. The owner told me he could not find the part that was needed, the bracket, and that I would have to find it myself. I was shocked by this as no repair shop I know of makes their customers search around for parts. The owner of the shop told me he would not drive and call all over to find this part for me and that if I wanted my truck fixed I would have to find it myself.

Not knowing what else to do I called my brother who came to [redacted] in order to drive me all over the state of Virginia to get this part for my car. This being my only car I needed this fixed and felt as if I had no other option but to get it myself. My father was also shocked. He said if any of his customers ever needed a part he would do everything to find it for them. He would never make them find it themselves. It was if Loudoun Auto Repair did not want to be bothered calling around for the part.

My brother drove me 32 minutes to [redacted], Virginia where I located the part (this was the 2nd place we had gone that day but traveled about 2 hours back and forth in total). Having the part we drove to Loudoun Auto Repair and gave it to [redacted] - the front desk guy. I had also give [redacted] 3 qts. of oil for my truck which they were going to charge me an additional $50. Another thing they told me after the fact. The 3 qts. cost me $30. [redacted] told me my truck would be done that day and I would be able to pick it up at 5:30PM.

My wife left work early again in order to get me over to the shop before they closed that night so I could have my truck back for work on Wednesday. When I arrived I was handed a printed invoice for the first time ever. The invoice stated I owed $506.05. The owner had only told me $500 which is what I had taken out of the bank in cash and had no other money on me at the time. When I asked him about this he said to not worry about the $6.05 and that we were good with the $500 in cash. I was also told that my car was taken for a test drive by [redacted]. They gave me my keys, said everything was good to go and I left.

On my way home I immediately heard a whining noise coming from my truck. I had NEVER heard this before Loudoun Auto worked on it. Being so I live very close to the shop I picked up my wife who was waiting for me and we drove back to Loudoun Auto immediately. On my way over there I called and spoke with the owner who argued with me and said it was too bad and that they would not be fixing it.

Upon arriving back at Loudoun Auto, less 5 minutes after I had left with my truck, [redacted] and [redacted] put my truck back on the lift so they could tell me where the whining was coming from. Keep in mind they failed to mention that they heard this noise when I first picked up my truck then [redacted] admit to hearing on the test drive. He tried very hard to convince me that it was my muffler. Again, having worked on cars I knew this was not the case. I called my father for a second opinion about this and he agreed with me that the rear was adjusted too tight and that it would need to be taken out a re-shimmed. In order to do this all they would have needed to do was remove the rear and put the correct shims in.

Both [redacted] and the owner argued with me that I was wrong. The owner told me, in front of my wife, that he does not back up his work. He then said that since I got my own parts, even though they were through an auto parts store, he would not warrantee the work [redacted] had done. They insisted that the muffler was making the noise when I know it was the rear. They refused to do anything to help me out. The owner then threw in my face that he allowed me to "get my own parts" from a certified store and that he "gave me a deal" on the labor which I believe I over paid for. If the owner was not okay with me getting the parts through [redacted] and the $500 for labor he should have never offered that to me. This was his idea when I said I would be taking my truck somewhere else to get fixed.

On my way home my wife was reading over the bill I was given that day and she noticed he put on there that he would not warranty any work since I got the parts, even though he is the one who called [redacted] and ordered them. We were NOT ever told the work would not be warranted because the parts came from [redacted] and he snuck that into the bill after the work was done. I was never informed of this before hand. If I was I would have taken my truck out of there and brought somewhere else.

At one point that night, when the car was back on the lift, one of the employees of Loudoun Auto Repair pulled us aside and said he had tons of stories about this place and we would not believe the "shady business" that goes on there. He did not seemed to be surprised that this was happening to us.

My wife called [redacted] and put in a complaint with them and we are currently waiting on a call back from them to see what we can do to get my truck fix the way it should have been. Right now, I am driving my truck to work only because I am unsure of how safe it is.

The owner is now trying to guilt me by saying that he gave me a deal when he was the one who suggested I get my own parts in the first place and he offered the $500 in labor. I was ready to take it somewhere else. He also says he stands behind his work but clearly does not. He even mentioned to me today that if I gave him more money he would fix it right. A sly acknowledgement that he knows it was done incorrectly and that he knows he is not doing the right thing as a business owner.

We did think, at first, that he was a decent business owner when he seemed willing to work with me to save some money on the repair. However, ever since I agreed he became almost pissed off that we were doing it the way he suggested and has been rude and not willing to help at all ever since.

I just need my truck fixed correctly. I drive home often (to New Jersey). I have a wife and a 6 month old puppy to worry about as well. How can I put them in that car knowing the repair was never done right. Now I am out over $1000 and my truck still is not fixed properly. As a business owner they should stand by the work, admit to it not being done right and fix it. This is what any reputable business would do. As a customer and a human being I am outraged at how this is happening. I personally could never send someone away knowing I did not do my job correctly and that they are now hurting in some way as a result of that. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night.

I expected him, as a [redacted] approved business, to do anything he could to help me as a customer and make sure the work he puts out is done right. This is the opposite of how I've been treated. I do not need his "help" thrown back in my face. It should be illegal to run a business and do this to hardworking people.Desired Settlement: I need my truck fixed, still. However, I will not have Loudoun Auto Repair touch it. I am requesting the $506.05 in labor back from them so that I can take it to another shop and have it fixed properly. This will be my only offer to them before more action is taken. I have everything documented from the time my car was towed and I have already involved AAA. The easiest solution for them would be to refund the money I spend on labor so we can part ways. I do not want to deal with people like that any longer. Thank you.



The issue has been resolved to customer satisfaction on 2-21-14 , I will send you a copy of the invoice signed by the customer .

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