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Low Mileage Engines

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• Apr 02, 2021

Don’t tell these guys (Wade) that you’ll find a message else where. You’ll get bombarded with text messages about why you should buy from him instead. Ridiculous!

After learning about all the scammers out there I'm grateful to have discovered Wade and we had a great experience. He helped us to quickly find a solid engine with documentation for the mileage and a carfax report. The price was reasonable. The supplier was easy to work with and it was delivered right on time. We had our mechanic follow Wade's installation suggestions exactly and the engine is running smoothly. This is the best customer service and post-transaction satisfaction I've enjoyed in a long time. Thanks Wade!

I am a certified mechanic, and I have used Low Mileage Engines several times over the past couple years (since I found out about them). They have always provided fast, courteous, professional customer service, and they always return calls, text and emails in a timely manner. Low Mileage Engines always goes above and beyond to find the best reliable engine at a fair price. They also provide a Carfax report with all engines. I have been very pleased and will continue to use them in the future. Curt N.

I'm reporting Low Mileage Engine to the due to the fact that they sold me a bad engine for my 2008 Mazda 3. I'd like to file a complaint against Low Mileage Engines on 7/24/2013 I purchased a engine with them after receiving a [redacted] vehicle report from an associate named [redacted] (sales rep). The total amount of the transaction was 1350.00 which 750.00 was paid to [redacted] and the remaining 600.00 was paid to Low Mileage Engines. The payment method was a [redacted] debit) card which I provided [redacted] w/ my card information. Upon arrival of the engine everything appeared fine according to the mechanic who installed the motor at [redacted] in Dallas, Texas however once they tried to start the car it didn't work. They advised me shortly thereafter that it was a bad motor, after several calls between [redacted], my mechanic and the supplier of the motor [redacted] agreed to refund me 600.00. I agreed since 600.00 was the portion of my money that they received but he advised that the supplier [redacted] would be responsible for the remaining refund which I have yet to receive. I shipped the motor back to [redacted] which it took over 2 weeks from the time the mechanic removed it until they received it. I still don't understand what took so long other than them delaying the process for me to get a full refund. [redacted] advised that they would charge me the money to ship the motor back and once they receive it they will investigate the matter, if its determined that the motor was no good I would be refunded for the total price minus the shipping of the motor. I don't feel that I should help responsible to ship a motor to and fro since it was no good in the first place and the supplier [redacted] even agreed. [redacted] also stated that his company sells motors to a 3rd party but there's no reason I should've ever had his contact information. [redacted] provided his # as soon as my parents and I called once we realized the motor was a lemon, he basically put all the blame on [redacted] however according to their website [redacted] it states all kind of good warranty and testimonials about their good products and service. I wholeheartedly believed it was true but the horrible customer service and defected product I received from them needs to be brought to the's attention. [redacted] was very unprofessional in arguing with my parents and I over their return policy and about how they don't allow refunds, he stated they aren't in the business of losing money they goal is to make sales. I concur however I don't have money go just give away for a defected product. They should've checked the engine thoroughly before selling it to me then throwing all the blame on [redacted]. I'm still upset because I want my full amount refunded I should not in any way be responsible for the shipping of a defected product, that is simply the cost of doing business when you sell a faulted product. I'm so unhappy with the treatment I've received and this whole situation has been a total nightmare and to this point I have yet to receive my full refund. Eventually my mechanic fixed my car however I had to pay for the defected motor as well as the labor to install the defected motor and the new one. I feel like I was penalized for doing business with this company. There's no good reason why I should've had to pay for the motor, shipping and the money it cost to install a terrible motor had this company done a decent background initially I would have NEVER had this problem. This has been a costly problem on my hands for the past few months and I'm ready for this nightmare to be over with. The way they handled business was rude an unrealistic how they just throw all the blame on the 3rd party. I feel they should refund me my full portion of money 1350.00-600.00=750.00 plus the installation for that motor however I'm sure they are not going to so at this point I would at least like to have the full 750.00 refunded back into the same account they withdrew the funds from as soon as possible. This is a last resort to dealing witDesired SettlementI'm seeking a refund for the full amount of money that I paid the company, to this date I've only been refunded 600.00. I would like to have the total amount of 1350.00 refunded asap. Business Response Low Mileage Engines did not sell [redacted] an engine for her 2008 Mazda 3. Low Mileage Engines located an engine for [redacted] from [redacted] in Detroit, MI and charged her a locator fee of $600.00 for this service. Low Mileage engines did not charge [redacted]' credit card $750.00 for this Mazda Engine. Low Mileage Engines only charged her credit card a $600 engine locator fee and we have refunded 100% of the engine locator fee to [redacted]. Perhaps [redacted] should file a Complaint against [redacted] of Detroit, MI concerning the $750.00 for the engine they sold to [redacted] and that they charged to her credit card.Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I don't accept his response because I do not feel that I should under any circumstances have to contact the 3rd party [redacted] to request a refund when it was [redacted] that I worked with at Low Mileage Engines. As I previously stated I had no prior knowledge that I was handling with a 3rd party I only knew that I ordered and paid for a engine from Low Mileage Engines. When I called [redacted] the first time he hollered and screamed at me, he told me how unprofessional it was for [redacted] to even provide me with his telephone number. He requested that I never call him again and to keep him out of it, he also stated that if I wanted my money back it was up to [redacted] to reimburse me after the motor was received and not him. Last Saturday the owner of the company called my phone around 5pm yelling and screaming to the top of his lungs at me for filing the complaint, he tried to over talk he, he was very rude and inconsiderate. He wouldn't allow me to get a word in and kept going over the same things over and over even though everything he said I had already done. He told me if I didn't like what happened maybe I should contact my bank ([redacted]) and dispute the transaction stating that I didn't approve for them to charge the 750.00 to my credit card. When I tried to explain to him that I done that, it didn't work because my bank called [redacted] on three way he began to act belligerent even more. He said he doesn't think a bank would act in such a unprofessional manner and call [redacted] with me on the line (as if I were lying). I don't understand why he would even make such a statement because I have no reason to lie and all I wanted him to understand was that it was HIS GUY [redacted] who told me I should be responsible for shipping charges and NOT SHAUN. He was so rude and disrespectful and after all the car issues I'd been having I was completely over the entire situation. I should have never done business with this company and I didn't do anything to deserve the way this owner talked to me; When he realized I wouldn't allow him to out talk me, talking over me the entire 8 minutes conversation he slammed the phone down on me! I thought perhaps it was a mistake so I tried calling him back, I called 10 times and he never once answered. Early Monday morning I called him once again he answered sounding professional and he apologized for the actions of his company, he said it wasn't all their fault but partially it was and that they didn't handle business as they should have. He said that he would get back to me within a few days as to how he would resolve the matter, today is Friday 9/13 and I have yet to hear anything from him!Final Business Response Customer said they are seeking a full refund for the amount they paid Low Mileage Engines. Customer paid Low Mileage Engines $600.00 to locate an engine and we have already refunded that amount. Customer also paid Low Mileage Engines $146.10 to pay cost to freight engine back to supplier. We will credit that back today. Customer signed and emailed back our Order Approval Agreement stating she agreed to pay us a $600.00 engine locator fee and that any warranty issues would be between customer and the supplier. We acted only as a Locator. The Order Approval that she agreed to clearly states that the supplier charges her credit card for the cost of the engine delivered. If she has any issues with the supplier she should call her credit card company to dispute the charge. We have now refunded Customer 100% of what she was charged by Low Mileage Engines LLC. We can do no more.

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