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Review: Subject: [redacted] Move from [redacted] VA to [redacted]On August 15th, 2013, [redacted] came to my home in [redacted] to provide an assessment of items to move to my new house in [redacted]. During the walk around we discussed in detail what he would move and items he could leave behind. He stated that he would have two trucks and it there was additional room he could put more items on his trucks. We agreed that he would arrive between 6 and 7 AM on Sunday August 18th at a cost of$2000.00On the morning scheduled for the move it was pouring rain. I called [redacted] around 5:30 AM to see if he still planned to move me in lieu of the heavy rain. I told him that if he decided to change the date it was his call. He stated that he did have concerns about messing up the carpets and we mutually agreed to change the move date to Monday August 19th (not cancel) between 6 and 7 AM (They actually arrived after 8 AM).I worked on the day of the move but my wife was there. I arrived home late evening as the movers were about finished. [redacted] was not there, nor had he been throughout the day. The representative presented me with an invoice for $2200.00 and I told him this was not the agreed upon price. The representative insisted and I wrote a check for that amount. His representatives stated that [redacted] was charging $200.00 extra because I canceled on Sunday so he passed the extra cost on to me. The two trucks used for the move were [redacted] trucks. I texted [redacted] on Monday August 19th, stating that the move did not go as planned nor was the cost what we agreed to. He did not respond.In discussing the move with the representative I discovered that they had not moved the items which [redacted] and I discussed. They claimed that there was not enough room on the truck. I also noticed that the two trucks were small ( 10-12 ft). I mentioned to [redacted] before the move that he was to move all the heavy items which he wrote down. Many items listed/discussed were not moved so I have to move them.My issues are as follows:1.I did not cancel the move (we mutually agreed to a date change).2.[redacted] never mentioned that there would be additional cost to move the next day.3.[redacted] was not present to supervise the move to ensure that the heavy items were moved as discussed.Remedy:I am seeking reimbursement in the about of $200.00 (overcharge) and reimbursement for damage to a TV desk.Desired Settlement: I'm am seeking a refund in the amount of $200.00 and $100.00 for scratched and damaged furniture.



To whom it may concern,

In reference to case# [redacted] L & S Moving Services

I ([redacted]) received a phone call from [redacted] in reference to a move-we set date 8/15/2013 for me to come by for a walk threw so I could give her an estimate for the entire contents of house move. On the day of walk threw [redacted] was not present and [redacted] advised me what was to be moved-they were quoted a price of $2500.00 after this walk threw. This included items [redacted] wanted to donate to [redacted] and I included the delivery of the extra items into my original bid of $2500.00. She agreed-A day or so later I received a phone call from [redacted] asking if I could come back out to her home for another estimate on moving only heavy items-I agreed to do so. On this day of 2nd walk threw both [redacted] & [redacted] were present during the walk threw and a list was made by me while doing the walk threw with them and both were fully aware of what was going to be moved. At such time they were quoted a price of $2000.00 for moving heavy items only-per my conversation with [redacted] at 2nd walk threw that if any room was left on trucks that we could take a few additional items as long as it wasn't in excess. He agreed-I advised [redacted] there would be an additional charge if there was an excessive amount of extra items. [redacted] was aware of this and agreed and a date of August 18,2013 was set for the move. On the morning of the move I received a phone call at 5:00am from [redacted] stated it was raining and he was not sure they should move and did not think we should proceed with the move for today-I agreed and we set new date of August 19,2013 arrive between 6-7am that morning for the move- my employees did not arrive at residence until 7:30am due to improper signage-the sign going into main entrance of customers subdivision was missing therefore our drivers had a difficult time finding residence to point they had to call customer to get further directions-even though they were prepared with directions to residence. This was beyond their control. Once employees on job site- they were greeted by [redacted] was again not present. They were instructed by customer to move items not on list-My driver expressed concern to her about only being there to move heavy items she ignored this concern and began to point out items for them to move. We came to job site with two trucks one a 24ft truck as well as a 16ft truck-which I have documentation to prove so-this would have been ample enough room for items on list(heavy items) however with the excess of items [redacted] was pointing out for them to take there were a few heavy items not moved due to lack of space from extra items- [redacted] stated that [redacted] had a pick up truck and he could get remaining items all she was really worried about was the riding lawn mower- We got the riding lawnmower moved as requested and the remaining items were left for [redacted] as advised by her to do. [redacted] arrived home just as our guys were about finished and he immediately approached my driver and asked why certain items were not loaded our driver explained that [redacted] had told them to leave it that he would get it because there was no more room due to all the extra items that were added to load like 50-60 boxes, numerous lamps and shades not packaged or wrapped as well as numerous pictures and mirrors that were not package or boxed or wrapped. [redacted] & [redacted] began to argue in front of my employees because she didn't follow the list as planned. [redacted] told me on the day of 2nd estimate that he was personally taking his gun & sword collection with him. These items were not packed or wrapped and was advised to take by [redacted]. L & S Moving provided these services of packing and materials to accommodate the customer so the additional time, moving the amount of excess of items not discussed, and materials provided to insure proper protection of items there was an additional charge of $200.00 which I thought was reasonable. **. & [redacted] was aware there would be an additional charge if items exceeded what was discussed and agreed upon. [redacted] states he texted me I haven't received any text from him however I did receive a phone call from [redacted] on August 19,2013 at 1:25pm,which I have verification on my phone -she stated that there was damage to 4 items and apologized for her husbands behavior on move day he was upset about additional items being moved and some items he wanted moved had not been. The items she states were damaged -foot to dresser,2-entertainment center back panels and a lamp-only one of these items is listed on [redacted] claim-One of my drivers actually pointed out to [redacted] on move day on of entertainment center was damaged she stated she was aware of damage and it was caused by a previous moving company. I felt I should correct any issues with her so I advised her to send me pictures of damaged items and I would get my certified repair technician to come look at items and bring the 2 remaining heavy items (snow blower and generator that I was aware of that still needed to be moved) with him when he came to their residence at not extra charge. Also advised her that if items could not be repaired that I would need pictures and receipt of purchase of items to submit to my insurance company. I have not received any communication from either **. or [redacted] since that phone call until letter from your company arrived- I have concerns that [redacted] only mentions one item damaged when his wife had mentioned four items-makes me wonder. My issues are: 1. the customer was not charge extra for trucks or additional day they were charged for excess of items overloaded and materials-customer was advised of this charge on 2nd walk threw. 2. The trucks brought to job site were not 10-12ft trucks-we provided 2 trucks a 24ft truck and a 16ft truck that we can provide proof of such. 3. In regards to me not personally being present on job site- I am aware of what is going on threw communication with my employee's /drivers- they are advised to listen to customer and respect their demands not to argue or refuse to move something they are told by customer to move. I do not perform business that way and my employee's are trained the same way-I would have done exactly what my employee's did -respect the customer follow their directions of instructions. I believe in good customer service and it goes a long way that is the way my business is carried out. I do not feel obligated to reimburse customer the $200.00 he is requesting due to the fact of additional services provided by my company that the customer advised us to do. The repair to damaged items I would be more than happy to take care of once I receive pictures from customer to give to my repair technician. I feel like I deserve to see what is damaged before I have to repair or replace monetarily. **. & [redacted]

were not on the same page for this move and I do not think my company should suffer due to their lack of communication with each other.


[redacted]- owner L & S Moving Services

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Description: Movers, Moving Services - Labor & Materials, Used Household and Office Goods Moving (NAICS: 484210)

Address: 7520 Sterling Drive, Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States, 22407


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