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Lucky 13 Recovery

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Unfortunately had our car towed by them Went to get our stuff that was in the car back and found that they had taken all our toolsAll our CDs were gone through A digital camera is missing We're filing a complaint with the police tomorrow I'd they can't find these items asap

They repossessed my car while I was at work at a clients house. I'm a home health aide and they clearly had someone following me to see when and where the car stopped and then the tow truck came and picked it up. I'm a single mother of five and I travel from client to client every day. So not only was I stranded at my clients house, I have no way of getting around to my clients houses now for work, and all because of $600 bucks.

They took my GPS, Phone Chargers, and wireless speakers from my car.They also went through the toll with my car and I received a ticket.My car was repossessed from my job after a Rep for Lucky13 went to my house at 6:45am and threatened by teenage daughter into giving them my information. They took possession of the vehicle from my job then went through the tolls without paying causing me to have a $50 ticket on my car. I went to retrieve my personal belongings after paying $25 I was told they have to bag it for me. I later noticed my GPS and Charger were missing along with my Phone charger and wireless speaker. This all took place around 10/22/13 Desired SettlementI would like this company to pay the ticket which they got on my car. I need my license to work and this is jeopardizing my employment.Business Response IN REGARDS TO MS [redacted] COMPLAINT, EVERY ITEM IN HER VEHICLE WAS REMOVED FROM HER VEHICLE, INVENTORIED, AND BAGGED FOR. THERE WAS SO MUCH PERSONAL PROPERTY IN HER VEHICLE IT TOOK TWO EMPLOYEES TO HELP HER LOAD IT INTO THE VEHICLE SHE CAME IN. ITEMS RANGED IN SIZE FROM MISC PAPERS AND MAIL TO CHILDREN'S SCOOTERS. I DO NOT HAVE WIRELESS SPEAKERS ON OUR INVENTORY AND NEITHER OF US RECALL SEEING THESE. AS FAR AS A PHONE OR GPS CHARGER, IF THERE WAS ONE IN THE VEHICLE IT WOULD HAVE BEEN GIVEN BACK TO HER. WE ARE CERTAINLY DO NOT HAVE A SHORTAGE OF ANY TYPE OF CHARGER AS MANY PEOPLE DO NOT EVER COME TO PICK UP THEIR PROPERTY. MS [redacted] ASKED IN ADVANCE TO HAVE US REMOVE A STICKER FROM HER WINDOW THAT SHE NEEDED. THIS WAS REMOVED AND PROVIDED TO HER SEPARATELY SO SHE HAD IT IN HER HAND AND IT WAS NOT DAMAGED IN A BAG. AS FAR AS SOMEONE THREATENING HER, IF THIS WERE TRUE, I DONT KNOW WHY THIS WAS NOT MENTIONED FROM THE BEGINNING AS I PERSONALLY HAD SEVERAL CONVERSATIONS WITH HER. WE WENT TO HER HOME AND SPOKE WITH A YOUNG WOMAN WHO PROVIDED MY HUSBAND WITH MS [redacted] TEL NUMBER. SHE WAS CONTACTED AND SHE PROVIDED THE LOCATION OF THE VEHICLE. LATER ON IN THE DAY WE WENT TO PICK IT UP. THIS WAS A VEHICLE THAT WAS PICKED UP WITHOUT INCIDENT. IF I WERE THREATENED BY SOMEONE I WOULD NOT WAIT 4+ MONTHS TO COMPLAIN TO THE ABOUT IT, I WOULD HAVE CONTACTED THE POLICE DEPT AT THE TIME THIS OCCURRED. AT NO POINT DURING ANY OF OUR CONVERSATIONS WAS THERE ANY MENTION OF ANY WRONGDOING. EACH CONVERSATION WAS PLEASANT. SHE CAME AND PICKED UP HER PROPERTY WITHOUT ANY INCIDENT. THE ONLY PROBLEM WAS THAT THERE WAS SO MUCH PROPERTY SHE ALMOST DIDNT HAVE ENOUGH ROOM IN THE VEHICLES SHE WAS IN. IN REGARDS TO A FAST LANE PASS, WE HAVE OUR OWN FAST LANE PASSES [redacted] ARE USED. IF THE STATEMENT REGARDING THE TICKET IS TRUE, I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE PHOTO AND TICKET ISSUED TO MS [redacted] SO THAT WE CAN COMPARE THE DATES AND TIMES TO TOLLS WE HAVE PAID ON OUR FAST LANE PASS. THIS IS NOT SOMETHING THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN DONE INTENTIONALLY AND THIS IS NOT SOMETHING WE HAVE EVER HAD AN ISSUE WITH. SHE HAS OUR TELEPHONE NUMBER AND HAD SPOKEN AMICABLY TO US SEVERAL TIMES SO I AM NOT SURE WHY SHE DID NOT CALL WHEN SHE RECEIVED THIS THIS TICKET OR FOUND A CHARGER MISSING. IF SHE WOULD LIKE TO EMAIL, FAX, OR MAIL A COPY OF THIS TICKET SO THAT WE CAN LOOK INTO THIS FURTHER, WE WOULD BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO DO SO. THANK YOUConsumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I am entitled to have as much stuff in my car that's my business. My chargers, GPS and Wireless speakers were NOT returned. As I stated before I am only seeking the payment of the ticket which YUCKY 13 got on my car. I am not concerned with whatever people has or has not complained about. My daughter was threaten that the police was notified just as they said to me. I didn't complain earlier because I didn't receive that ticket til much later. I also never complained about ant sticker being damaged. I was going to eat the cost until I found out that these things have happened to people in the pass ** this company but some people feel like its a waste of time. I would gladly fax a copy of that ticket to Lucky 13- what's the fax number?Business Response Received e-mail from business;Hello again christina I have attached a copy of the notice we utilize for the repossession as well as a letter on our company letterhead. I have faxed a copy to the fast lane fax # XXX-XXX-XXXXwhen I spoke with fast lane, they indicated ms [redacted] would need to send these in so I do not know if they will accept them from my fax. please make sure that she receives them asap. I did speak with ms [redacted] yesterday on the phone and let her know that I would be sending these alongthank youchristineConsumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Christine, I spoke to LUCKY13. I explained that my appeal was denied twice by MASSDOT. I need my license to work and they are now jeopardizing my livelihood. This needs to be paid before 2/3/14 or my license would be suspended. This matter needs to be resolved ASAP or I would be seeking legal action against LUCKY 13. As I have said to their Representative, on the phone my appeals have been denied twice. And they received the fax and this payment is still due.

Unfortunately had our car towed by them. Went to get our stuff that was in the car back and found that they had taken all our tools. All our CDs were gone through. A digital camera is missing. We're filing a complaint with the police tomorrow I'd they can't find these items asap

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Description: Repossession Service

Address: On File with BBB, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States, 01603


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