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Review: [redacted]. Untrue, deceptive or misleading advertising, inducements, writings or documents.I have photographs and clear and cut evidence of their deceptive practices and [redacted] the manager when shown the VA statute said he didn't give a [redacted] about it, he could refuse me service, if this complaint is not resolved, I will file a lawsuit after this is closed, and I will try to file a class action lawsuit against them for violating the advertising laws.They also added several people's tabs to my bill and let random people sit at my table because tey were so overcrowded and refused to let me leave to put my phone in my car and told me if I left they would not let me back in despite me having an open tab, and them having my credit card information, and posessions inside their restaurant. They then put other peoples bills on my tab and the manager clearly does not understand or care about the laws protecting consumers in Virginia.Desired Settlement: I want THE OWNER of the restaurant to contact me regarding his managers refusal to honor their advertising, their continued use of false advertising and their managers attitude even after I showed him the law and took photos of their violations of the TRUTH in advertising laws.



October 4, 2013

Dear [redacted],

Thank you for bringing this situation to my attention, I have spoken to my Manager as well as the server involved to try to get to the bottom of this situation. We typically strive daily to make every guest experience a great one and anytime that is not the case, we try to our best rectify the situation satisfactorily for the guest. Obviously we did not succeed in this case.

After talking to everyone involved In this incident, the facts as I know them are the following:

**. [redacted] visited our restaurant on 9/15/13 at about 7pm. He selected at a table in our bar/game room area and indicated to the server at that table that he and the person with him did not wish to order anything initially. About an hour later indicated to the server that he wished to place an order. He attempted to order one of our Saturday College Football beer promotions but because that special runs from noon until 4pm, he was told he would not be able to take advantage of the special. He approached the Manager, questioning why he could not take advantage of the special and the manager informed him of the time restrictions and showed him the poster, which is in plain view, that lists all the specials, weekly features and promotions and times they are available. Upon further questioning by **. [redacted], regrettably my manager did poorly handle the situation and was rude and disrespectful to [redacted], and for this we apologize,

**. [redacted] returned to his table and continued to dine with us. He and his guest gave a credit card, started a tab and ordered several items, throughout the night, including three beers, a bottle of wine, an appetiser, a salad and an entree. At some point he and his guest were joined by another guest who ordered one or more of the items. **, [redacted] stayed with us until approximately 1:15 am but upon leaving refused to sign check. Because he authorized the start of a tab earlier, we charged him only for what he and his guests ordered, which came to $68.84. We have a copy of his check.

In regards to **. [redacted] not being allowed to leave, what he was toid was that if he left he would have to stand In the line upon his return. On the night [redacted] visited us, we were showing a pay per view World Championship fight boxing event. Unlike a number of establishments, we do not charge our guests. We often get very crowded and to control the crowd and to make sure we do not violate any fire and safety codes we limit the number of people that can enter our restaurant on these occasions. **. [redacted] would have been allowed back in but he would have had to wait in line to enter. Once again, this may not have been clear to him or maybe we did not explain it clearly, and for this I apologize.

I attempted to call **. [redacted] yesterday, once I talked to everyone involved. I wanted to apologize for his less than outstanding experience with us. I also wanted to apologize for my managers handling of this situation. We strive daily to make our guests' experiences outstanding and we believe we fail when that is not the case. We also try to recognize when a guest is unhappy and always attempt to make sure he or she does not leave our restaurant without at least agreeing to give us another chance to impress at some time in the future.

If you have any questions, please give me a call. Also, I left my number on **. [redacted]'s voicemail. Unfortunately through the 6 years we have been in business, there have been a handful of guests who have left us with a less than positive experience and typically they will email us at our website. I try to answer any emails sent to us by any guests that leaves unhappy. It is unfortunate **, [redacted] felt he had to contact you instead of reaching out to me. We believe this situation can come to a satisfactory conclusion for both sides.

Once again, thank you very much for contacting us in this matter.

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Description: Restaurants

Address: 7027 Manchester Blvd, Alexandria, Virginia, United States, 22310


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