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Lung Institute

Physicians & Surgeons - Pulmonary Diseases, Health & Medical - General, Stem cell nutrition, Physicians & Surgeons - Medical-M.D.

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User Susan B. time Jan 28, 2019

My experience with the Lung Institute was A+ all around From the facility, to the caring and dedicated personel, the coordination with the hotel, the wonderful suite, the shuttle service, and best of all, the results of the treatment met my highest dreams and beyond The venous treatment I selected was easy, fast, and pain free The same treatment was done days in a row, taking less than an hour out of the day Lung disease patients are rarely, if ever, provided with a real, positive approachI'm here to tell everyone who suffers from lung disease, or knows someone who does, to look into the Lung Institute I am forever grateful I did I don't know if everyone has the results I had or not, but mine were miraculous I still have months to go to peak results Amazing!

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User j.b.

no results from $7500 procedure

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User Becky D.

I would rate my experience with the lung institute A+. The clinic is ran with very friendly, professional, and competent staff. Stem cell infusion therapy exceeded my expectations. I was told by Mayo Clinic there was nothing left to do to improve my health. Since my therapy I have my life back. I was tied to my nebulizer for treatments 4 to 5 times daily, couldn't perform activities of daily living without shortness of breath. Couldn't participate in simple activities with my grandchildren. All of this has changed. I exercise and walk daily, play catch and dance with my grandchildren, have only had 3 nebuluzer treatments since my last treatment on February 25. I can only speak for myself, but I highly recommend stem cell treatment for those who know the feeling of gasping for air as I did. The results out weigh the cost, thankfully I was able to afford treatment but I know some are not as fortunate.

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User Arthur

My experience with the staff at the Lung Institute and the results of my stem cell therapy treatment exceeded my expectations. The results were immediate. Right after the first treatment, I went the rest of the day without using my emergency inhaler, and on the second day (the adipose) I went the rest of the week without using it. I realize I'm lucky in that I have not had to be on oxygen for the COPD but my energy level and ability to do simple things such as tying my shoes or bending over to pick up something or walking short distances (forget stairs more than 5) deteriorated so much that I was ready to try anything to improve. After I got home and back into everyday life, I realized I was feeling good enough to try more things. Started walking 30 minutes a day and working up to an hour/day. When I tried to do this before treatment, my 30 minute walk took about 45, My wife even noticed that I was walking faster and resting less. Also, began playing golf 3-4 times a week instead of 2. Overall, very happy with the results and would highly recommend the institute.

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Category: Physicians & Surgeons - Pulmonary Diseases, Health & Medical - General, Stem cell nutrition, Physicians & Surgeons - Medical-M.D.

Address: 2001 Mallory Ln STE 302, Franklin, TN, 37067-8236

Website: https://lunginstitute.com/locations/nashville/

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