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Luxage Group, Inc. d/b/a Luxury Bazaar

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We are fully confident in the authenticity of this watch
This timepiece was purchased from a reputable dealer we have been working with for the past years, and we are assured that all necessary paper work, warranty card and official statement from *** guaranteeing authenticity
and warranty registration for *** *** are incoming. On June 17th we provided *** *** on our behalf, a fully insured label so he can send the watch into the manufacturer for authentication as he requestedWe have been in contact with *** *** and his wife *** *** throughout this whole transaction and we sincerely appreciate their patience and loyalty to us.
In the meantime we are working with our distributor to get all of the necessary warranty cards and letters as described aboveThank you very Much

Unfortunately, I have to say that my experience with LuxuryBazaar thus far has not been entirely positiveI originally ordered an AP Royal Oak through ebay, but after a few days I was contacted by someone in the company claiming that the model I had bought had already been sold at a trade show They proceeded to cancel my order without even asking what I wanted to doNaturally, I was quite irritated at the flippant and careless nature of their communication, and left negative feedbackSeveral days after that, "E***" contacted me and asked me why I had done thatI explained that it was careless of them to sell a watch in multiple venues and rude of them to cancel the order without at least offering to find me another watch just like it I agreed to remove the negative feedback if they found me an identical watch for the same price They offered me a $discount for paying by check, so I mailed them a check, but the whole process took over a month By the time I finally had the watch, box, and paperwork in my possession, I was happy with it, and revised my negative feedback to neutral, but E*** was very unhappy with thatHe claimed that I promised to change it to a positive, which was not the case, and that being forced to wait a month for a watch that should've been sold to me in the first place is hardly a positive experience Nevertheless, I discovered later that E*** had called ebay and had the feedback removed somehow, which pretty much defeats the purpose of leaving feedback at all I have since expressed interest in another watch of theirs and decided to give them a second chance, but they have made no effort to return my calls or get me the information I wantedThey seem to have only two people on their staff, and honestly when I call them, it doesn't seem like they want my businessUPDATE:
Originally, I had given a 2-star rating, but after receiving a threatening email from "V***", I have changed my rating to a well-deserved 1-star Apparently he didn't like that I wrote a less-than-favorable review and threatened to press criminal charges for harassment and slander against me I was an am well within my rights to give a frank and factual account of my experience with this company, but I guess this bully thinks it's okay to use threats and intimidation to silence any customer who isn't head-over-heels in love with their business I was going to buy from them again, but I certainly won't now Behavior like this does nothing but show how manipulative and vicious these people really areV*** the I*** can keep his watch, and I'll keep my dignity

We are fully confident in the authenticity of this watch. This timepiece was purchased from a reputable dealer we have been working with for the past 12 years, and we are assured that all necessary paper work, warranty card and official statement from [redacted] guaranteeing authenticity...

and warranty registration for [redacted]  are incoming. On June 17th we provided [redacted] on our behalf, a fully insured label so he can send the watch into the manufacturer for authentication as he requested.We have been in contact with [redacted] and his wife [redacted] throughout this whole transaction and we sincerely appreciate their patience and loyalty to us. In the meantime we are working with our distributor to get all of the necessary warranty cards and letters as described above.Thank you very Much.

Review: I purchased a watch from for $4,740 on 9/10/13 via wire transfer and it arrived at my business address on 9/12/13. I found the watch to be much bigger than I anticipated, so I emailed the website to ask for an exchange on 9/16/13. The exchange was approved and I shipped the watch back on 9/20/13. The second watch was more expensive than the first watch, so I paid the difference of $1,945 via wire transfer on 9/27/13, after confirming that the first watch was received back at their warehouse. The second watch was shipped out that same day, 9/27/13. It arrived at my business address on 9/30/13, but I was unavailable to receive it, and my associate signed for it. The customer service dept emailed me the day it was delivered to notify me, and I emailed back that I had not had a chance to see it yet, but that I would get to it as soon as I could. When I arrived back in town on 10/10/13, I opened the package and saw that the watch was still too big for my taste, and also that the watch had been loose in the box and had acquired some black scuff marks on the face. The inside of the box was also gouged in some places, indicating damage from the watch being loose during transit. I emailed the website the same day, 10/10/13, to let them know I wanted to return the watch for a refund. They emailed back on 10/11/13 saying I could not return the watch because it was past the 7 day return period, which ended on 10/7/13. I emailed back the same day reminding them that I had told them in a previous email that I was unavailable to look at the watch, but that I would do so as soon as I could, which they never responded to. After I sent that email, I did not receive a response for 5 days. When the website finally emailed me back, they disputed my reasons for return and reiterated that the 7 day return period had passed. I called the website today, 10/17/13, and spoke with a supervisor named [redacted]. She said that I could not prove that the scuff marks were a result of the shipping and that "they don't know what happens to the watch once it's delivered." She said she spoke with the owner of the company and the only thing they could offer me was store credit. I am now out $6,685 with a damaged, unreturnable watch that I did not even see until after the 7 day return period. I did not sign for the watch the day it was delivered; my associate signed for it, and it is clear on the tracking information that the signer's name was [redacted]. Therefore, I did not accept the delivery and the return policy is void. I have photographic evidence that the watch is damaged. I want my money back.



To Whom It May Concern,

Our customer, [redacted], first purchased a watch from us on

09/10/2013, which was delivered on 09/12/2013.

She requested to exchange this watch on 09/16/2013 for a different

model, which was delivered to her on 09/30/2013 in brand new condition and as

described. On 10/10/2013 we received the

following email, this time asking to return the watch for a refund:

“From: [redacted] [mailto:[redacted]]

Sent: Thursday, October 10, 2013 5:50 PM

To: [redacted]

Subject: Re: Return Shipping Label and Instructions


The watch still feels really big. :/ Or maybe just heavy, I don't

know. I've bought jewelry online but this is the first time I ordered a watch,

and I think I should probably just wait until I can get to a Chanel store and

try a bunch on. Can I return this one and just get a straight refund? I know

there's restocking involved, I'm fine with that. Let me know what I need to do.



This communication of intent to return the watch came after our 7 day

return policy expired and had no mention of any damage to the product or any other

contents of the package.

Our return policy, which is clearly advertised on our website, explains

that a customer has 7 days from the time when they receive a product to

return/exchange it. When [redacted] wanted

to exchange one watch for the other, we were happy to oblige because that

request came within the 7 day period. At

the time our [redacted] asked to return the watch she had exchanged for, however,

the policy had already been expired.

Only after we denied [redacted]’s request for a return did she mention

anything about the watch’s condition and proceeded to send us a photo of what

she claimed to be a damaged product. As

previously mentioned, however, the watch was brand new and the condition was

exactly as described.

[redacted] proceeded to call in and spoke with our manager regarding the

situation, during which we explained once again that the return policy had

expired and the item was no longer eligible for return/exchange. As a courtesy, we offered her a store credit

which she proceeded to deny.

The below email was sent by our manager to our customer after she

called in on 10/17/2013 in order to further explain the situation and the

reasoning behind our decision.

“From: [redacted].

Sent: Thursday, October 17, 2013 2:49 PM

To: 'e[redacted]'



As it is

stated on our website we provide a 7 day “no questions asked” return policy for

all stock items; the countdown starts from the day the packages is signed for.

You have

originally purchased the Chanel [redacted] which was delivered on September 12th.

On September 16th you contacted us requesting to return and exchange

it for a different model, which we had no issues with since it was within the 7



second model that was sent to you was the Chanel [redacted] which was delivered to

you on September 30th. On October 10th you

contacted us saying the watch is too big/heavy and you would like to return as


As stated

in the previous emails, we have to follow our return policy and we cannot take

the watch back after the 7 days. Please understand that these policies

are being enforced for all customers, if we bend them for one will have to do

the same for all.


you called in earlier today, as a courtesy we had offered you store credit.”



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because I feel that LuxuryBazaar took advantage of the situation. On all prior correspondence between the company and myself, all parties were pleasant, polite, and very accommodating. It was for this reason that my wording in the initial email to return the product was generally pleasant and did not include mention of the scuffing on the watch. I felt that it was uncouth and irrelevant to complain about the damage, since I was returning it anyway based on the size issue. However, at that point LuxuryBazaar dropped all pretense of courtesy and flatly refused the return. I felt that the company was taking advantage of me, so at that point I reminded the company of my email notification to them that I had not been able to look at the watch when it was delivered (since I was out of town, I DID NOT sign for it), and that the watch was scuffed when I received it. These are factors that I believe greatly influence the eligibility of my return. I was willing to maintain a pleasant, positive relationship with the company, but their complete unwillingness to work with me is extremely unprofessional and questionable. As a customer, I cannot understand how this company can be reputable and endorsed by the when they follow such underhanded business practices. I am still requesting a full refund.




Dear [redacted],

On March 25, 2013, I purchased an Audemars Piguet Ladies Royal Oak watch from Luxury Bazaar at a price of $17,800 plus shipping of $84.99. Luxury Bazaar's sales person, [redacted], acknowledged the payment and said "everything is ready to go. We are just getting the watch ready and will send you tracking information shortly." The watch was not shipped out.

On March 28, after following up by email, they replied saying "your watch will be shipped out either today or tomorrow." The watch was not shipped out.

On March 30, after I once again followed up I was told "our distributor who had the watch was overseas all week and said he will ship it out to us overnight Monday.." The watch was still not shipped out.

On April 5, after I followed up again and I told "forgive me I was traveling and came back from overseas and was not at the office. The situation with the watch is it turns out to be on back order with our distributor at first it was available immediately but authorized retailer is trying to pull it from the factory right now." But still the watch was not shipped out and there was no word on the status.

On April 10, after I followed up for more than four times I was told "I understand your frustration I am doing everything in my power right now to have them pull the piece for me. From the beginning they promised me it was available IMMEDIATELY for me I even asked them to put a hold on it for you and now its very difficult. I am going to give it another day or two of constant bombardment and follow up so I can give you your watch like I promised. Your patience is greatly appreciated and you deserve to have this piece. I will follow up with you again tommorow with a status."

On April 19, after calling them I was told "I will have a definitive answer for you by tommorow the [redacted] just called me and finalized. the piece is discontinued and no longer available but they are making an exception. I have been working for hours on end with these guys to try and pull it. Tommorow is the day when they will notify if it will happen or not. When would be a good time to call you?" They never called or gave me a status update by email. And after several emails to them I still have not gotten an answer.

I checked out the Luxury Bazaar website and the piece that I purchased a month ago is still listed for sale but at a higher price. This means that either the piece is still available but they don't want to give it to me or that they are trying to mislead more people into buying a watch that they don't have.

It has been a month. My credit card has been charged and I have paid for the watch in full but it still has not been delivered even after following up a lot of times.

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