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1530 Custer Ave, San Francisco, California, United States, 94124-1415

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• Mar 18, 2022

Not Very Reliable or Secure
My apartment complex uses this service, and while it works OK most of the time, the times it doesn't are a real exercise in frustration. First of all, while there are over 100 individual lockers, the vast majority of packages are placed into the two extra-large "shared lockers," so digging through all of the packages to find mine can be a real chore, and, as others have mentioned, some of residents don't bother to put the packages back when they're done looking, so there are packages strewn about the floor. But the real problem is that the computerized locker system is often down, meaning I don't get a notification/access code to the locker when a package is delivered. The response is always, "We'll notify the building's management," but that can take days because the management is very busy with other issues (plus it REALLY exacerbates the problem of having to find a package in an over-stuffed shared locker). Really not right for a service I'm charged extra for on my rent and can't opt out of.

• Jan 12, 2022

Luxer one is horrible
Luxer one is a fraud company. They provide no assistance. Their gadgets are horrible and broken. Most of the time their door will not open and then your packet will be lost. They will offer no assistance except telling that they will blame the property manager about the loss or the door of the mailbox not opening. They will not take any responsibilities and will provide no help. Forget about compensation for your loss. Luxer one is No.1 fraud company.

• Dec 07, 2021

Terrible Service and NO Company Reliability
I had my package given away to someone else, and the company did a video review confirming that someone else took my package. And all they have done to help is say they are attempting to have the thief return my package... It has been 10 days and customer service keeps hanging up on my phone calls and ending my online chats saying they will email me later which they never do. How is a company going to say it is not at fault for giving your package away and that it is the responsibility of whoever took my package to return it to me.

• Nov 29, 2021

Terrible for EVERYONE involved with Luxer One
I’m starting to think that this system is terrible for EVERYONE involved with this service. Even my apartment who signed up for this service.

The delivery people are confused and have no idea where to deliver the package, sometimes it’s in the Luxer locker room, sometimes at my apartment door, sometimes it’s the front desk. Whatever happens you have a 30% chance you’ll actually get an email notification that you got your package.

If it actually gets to the Luxer locker room I have to swim in a sea of disorganized boxes all over this Locker for about 20-30mins. And worst case I have to go to every building to find my package, because the delivery people don’t know how to use the service and just deliver it to the most convenient front door.

When it is delivered to the Luxer Locker I often have to notify the front desk saying my package is missing and I have to have a team of people help me to find my package in this locker that has been tossed around by other people frantically looking for their packages.

This system SOUNDS easier for front the desk, but honestly it isn’t, it’s terrible and a waste of time and probably money for everyone involved. It has great marketing only.

You might as well hire someone to hand deliver the packages to every door instead, it might be cheaper and better service.

• Sep 13, 2021

100% not reliable
I am trying to get my condo HOA to remove this garbage system. The ipad locks up it seems weekly. I paid for overnight delivery and get notified 24+ hours later that its here. I get other people stuff in my locker all the time and I find my stuff on the floor, because it was in the wrong box. DO NOT get one of these! Wish me luck in getting out out of here. I have been complaining to Amazon and letting them know every time I getting a refund from them. I am requesting the refused to use the this box!

My package is missing and I can't get assistance. It has been 2 weeks.

The packaged was delivered to their locker at 10 AM, the package was taken at 12 PM with some bogus signature. I came to the locker at 7 PM to get my package but was told there was nothing there. So I checked their app and found out it was picked up already. I’ve contacted them through email and it has been two days with no reply. What’s the point of paying for a service just to have my stuff stolen?!

Luxer one Response • Jun 16, 2020

In reviewing your account, I only see one delivery made into your account. That delivery was actually meant for the previous tenant, ***. You can view the image of the delivery photo on our website.

I apologize that the carrier misdelivered this package into your account causing this confusion.

Luxer One handles the package room at my apartment complex. The first issue is all packages are left in one big room for anyone to take. Second they state that one feature is it is under video surveillance. I have had two packages go missing in the last 4 months. I reached out to Luxer one and first they push me to go look in the room again, even though I already looked at every single package. Then when they finally decide to check the video footage it is no longer available because they only keep a few days of footage. Basically you are paying for a service that is useless because if your package vanishes you have to deal with the carrier.

Luxer one.. Does not deliver the packages, does not help when one is missing.. Basically does nothing but give you a code to access a room filled with packages.

Luxer one Response • Apr 20, 2020

I have reviewed the interaction, and events leading up to this complaint.

There was a delivery made on 3/25 to a different account in the same unit. The customer support team did not look into the second account in that same unit, and instead gave you access to the room to look for the package again. This is the standard procedure, since we have found that most packages that cannot be located are in the room in a different area than where the resident initially looked.

Unfortunately, the team did not immediately send this for video research, and instead waited for a response from the customer.

The property where this Luxer Room is located opted for 10-day video retention, and when the Video Research team went to review the footage, it had expired.

The normal way to handle a missing package is to alert the seller that the package was not received, and they will replace it free of charge. A seller should have insurance on their shipments, and that would cover their costs for the package replacement. This is how most missing packages are replaced.

Luxer One never takes possession of the package, and has limited liability when it comes to the packages.

In this instance, I have reached out to this resident to see if the package has been replaced by the seller, if they were not able to get it replaced, I am going to come to an agreement with them on replacement.

Luxer One allowed my package to be stolen out of the locker, without even notifying me that it was stolen. And since *** is also incompetent and didn't take a proper picture of the package/shipping label, I literally have no idea what that package contained. I don't know if its something I ordered for Christmas or if someone sent me or my kids something. It could have been very valuable and I CAN'T EVEN TRACK IT BECAUSE LUXER ONE KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT THE PACKAGE INCLUDING THE TRACKING NUMBER. I have tried many times to resolve this issue with Luxer one and their response was "sorry, you're on your own".

Luxer one Response • Apr 07, 2020


I have reviewed the correspondences with our customer service team about this matter, and will try to help resolve this.

Luxer One never takes possession of any packages, and does not set the rules for deliveries at the properties which have purchased our lockers. The rules for deliveries are set, and enforced by the property.

Property managers have the ability to audit their lockers to ensure that old packages are not allowed to fill the system, and that incorrectly delivered packages are not left in the system.

Many properties only allow packages to be delivered to tenants, and not to third parties. In your case, the property where you live has a policy that does not allow packages to be received by non-tenants.

A standard locker audit was performed by the property management staff, and they found a package for a non-resident, which was in violation of their policy.

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of the property staff having access to the lockers, you have the option to opt out of the system and not use it. I recommend against this, as many carriers will return packages to their sorting facility instead of taking the package to your apartment door.

I wish the carrier had taken an image of the package label as we request they do, that would have made this easy to determine what was in the package. Since the package is no longer at your property management's desk, and we have no record of the package label, my recommendation would be to ask the person who had it shipped to your property what package they did not receive, and then report it as never delivered to the seller.

That really is the only thing to do at this point.

This whole problem started when Luxer One installed their delivery room at our apartment complex. I am not a Luxer One customer; I opted out of their "services" ever since they started hijacking my packages. When a package is suppose to be delivered to my address, it really gets delivered to the Luxer One storage room. Opting out of their services means absolutely nothing, I still have to call them every time to get my packages. This is an ongoing problem.

After making calls to Luxer One to retrieve my packages, they always apologize. I'm sorry, apologies don't solve the problem. Then they tell me how since I've opted out, delivery drivers are suppose to deliver the packages to my door. I've been told on the phone by Luxer One that: 1) drivers scan all packages and place them in the storage room, unless there's a message on the iPad for the driver to deliver it to my door. (Not true; their system doesn't work that way, as verified by ***.) 2) They tell me they'll "reached out" to *** and *** to fix the problem. This is a hollow promise, *** and *** don't have to follow Luxer Ones' desires or wishes; they don't work for Luxer One, so Luxer One has no control over *** or *** drivers.

I had another delivery yesterday. According to *** the package was delivered to MY address. Nope, it's sitting in Luxer One's storage room. No access code to retrieve it. I've called Luxer One and their lines are all busy, "Please try your call later."

What does opting out of Luxer One's business model really mean? Aren't there any laws against a third party taking control, (aka hijacking,) of your packages when you don't want them to?

Luxer one Response • Mar 18, 2020

I am sorry for any frustrations you have had with the package room at your apartment complex, and I believe I can solve this problem for you.

When I reviewed the account, I noticed that you had been completely removed from the property, instead of merely being opted out. The representative who assisted you when you first requested to be removed helped, they totally took you out of the system.

Unfortunately this is not the best wya to handle this, since the carriers will not find you in the system, and will instead deliver the package to the property management's account.

I have added you back to the resident list for your apartment complex, and now when a carrier looks up your name it will say, "This user has opted out of this system, please deliver any packages directly to the unit number listed on the package. Thank you."

This should cause the carrier to deliver to your door.

That being said, I cannot control the behavior of a delivery driver when they see the message. We have reached out to the carriers and asked that they honor those requests, but since they are not Luxer One employees my ability to control them is limited.

However, the best way to get your packages delivered to your door it to leave special instructions when you have something delivered. Carriers will follow special instructions over any other policy (like using a package room) at your property. You should put something like, "Please deliver directly to my unit, and do not leave the package in the package room. Thanks." in the special instructions when ordering.

Doing should solve any delivery problems you are experiencing. If you have a driver who does not follow your instructions, the best way to resolve that is to complain directly to the carrier with the tracking number. As the recipient of a package, your direct complaints on the incorrectly delivered package (since they did not follow your instructions) carry more weight with the carrier than when we contact them.



Director of Customer Success

Luxer One

Luxer one Response • Mar 20, 2020

The problem with this most recent delivery is that you were not in the system on 3/17 before I added you in on 3/18. When the carrier has a package and the recipient is not listed, they will deliver it to the property management's account.

*** delivered the package into the package room on 3/17 at 5:11pm. See image attached. The property management staff can retrieve this package for you.

If you were an active user, one of our customer service staff could re-assign this package to your account, and you would be able to pick it up. More likely however, the carrier would have simply delivered it into your account and you would have had no problems.

We have verified with the national carriers (***, ***, ***, ***, ***), that they expect their carriers to follow any special instructions by the recipient first, and then follow any guidelines at the property, including delivering into package rooms or lockers.

If a carrier does not follow those instructions, the carriers will take complaints about incorrect carrier behavior, and provide coaching to that carrier on how to properly deliver packages. They need tracking numbers for this, so they can pinpoint where they failed to follow instructions.

I am sorry that this has been a frustrating incident for you.

I really do think that being in the system will make this work better for you, and would help you receive your packages in a better manner.


Customer Response • Mar 23, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:*** keeps informing me how this should all happen. unfortunately this isn't what really happens.*** said, "The problem with this most recent delivery is that you were not in the system on 3/17 before I added you in on 3/18." Last year when Luxer one got involved in the process, I contacted them and opted out. Your employee deleted me from the system. Every phone call to Luxer one I was told a different reason for my packages ending up in your storage room. In subsequent phone calls to Luxer one your own employees would tell me that the info given to me on the previous phone call was incorrect.*** said, "*** delivered the package into the package room on 3/17 at 5:11pm. See image attached. The property management staff can retrieve this package for you." Sorry ***, your photo doesn't prove anything; the package wasn't in your storage room, it was returned to the Post Office on 3/17. By 3/17 our Leasing Office was closed due to Corona Virus concerns. I had to figure out where it went and go pick it up. *** said, "If a carrier does not follow those instructions, the carriers will take complaints about incorrect carrier behavior, and provide coaching to that carrier on how to properly deliver packages. They need tracking numbers for this, so they can pinpoint where they failed to follow instructions." Great! I get to waste my time solving this problem, too; this is a problem that never occurred before Luxer one. *** said, "I am sorry that this has been a frustrating incident for you. I really do think that being in the system will make this work better for you, and would help you receive your packages in a better manner." It's not one incident, ***, this has been frustrating ever since Luxer one became the middle man between package senders and me the recipient.I'll say this again, all of my package deliveries ran smooth until Luxer one showed up. I think Luxer one is a solution in search of a problem.

According to Luxer One, my package went missing. They were unable to locate my package or get in contact with the property management.
They take no responsibility for their faulty system. Supposedly they have 24/7 surveillance in their locker rooms, yet they were unable to locate my package that was delivered to a stored locker.
Their correspondence is horrible.
It takes days for them to communicate back. In the end all they can say is, we're sorry your package is missing. We can't do anything about it.

The only way I can receive packages is to pay for this service and Luxer One customer service has not been ethical when I finally had to sign up for this service because I have missed 3 packages since USPS marks refused. AFTER I sign up I am given the $10 fee if package is not picked up and I was advised that their are terms and conditions that I have not yet seen AND I have already given my credit card information. I try to take my credit card off file and they deflect accountability and say it is the apartment/land lord who requires it

Luxer one Response • Dec 16, 2019


I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion.

Sign-up and storage fees at Luxer One lockers are set at the sole discretion of the property management.

The property management at your building (AIMCO) has instituted a $50 sign-up fee for the use of the Luxer One lockers at your residence, along with storage fees ($10/day) for any packages left in the lockers for more than three days.

We provide invoicing services for the sign-up, and storage fees at the lockers in your residence.

You have the option to opt out of the service. If you choose to do so, I can cancel the signup fee.

I recommend against it though, since it will most likely mean that you will need to pickup your packages at the carrier's local sorting facility.

Please let me know what you would like to do, and I can either leave you in the system, or opt you out.


Luxer One controls access to my apartment building's mail room. If you order a package, you are supposed to receive an access code via text or email from Luxer One when it is delivered.
Unfortunately, this rarely happens. More often than not (seriously 80% of the time), Luxer One doesn't provide an access code, making it necessary to call their customer service department by phone to request one.
Best-case scenario: You are on hold for five minutes, spend five more minutes on the phone providing your name and address and tracking number and contact information, and then Luxer One provides an access code.
Alternative scenario: You are on hold for 15 minutes, you are answered by a Luxer One employee who can't find a record of the carrier having been at your apartment; you spend 10 minutes pleading with them before hanging up; you call again, spend another 15 minutes on hold, and then--after providing the exact same information requested by the first agent--you finally receive the access code.
In summary, their system is glitchy and their employees follow seemingly inconsistent policies.

They did not notify me of 2 small packages I received which could have easily been put in my mail box until 24 hours later. The company I bought the gifts from assured me I'd get the packages on time for my neice's birthday. She was extremely disappointed as she had to take a flight home without the gifts. An employee of Luxer One opted me out of receiving any future packages telling me that any packages sent to me will be returned to the sender. Put smaller packages IN THE MAIL BOX. YOU work for residents at Renew *** WE don't work for you! No wonder you're not accredited by the!

Can I give zero stars? This is by far the worst package delivery system, so much so that I am considering moving out of my apartment complex because I cannot get my packages anymore. I have lived here 3 years with a regular (human) concierge, and did not lose any packages. Now, three months of the Luxer One system and I have lost FIVE packages, and no response or efforts to find these packages. When I call the company, they say I have to contact the post office or *** to find lost items. No way - this is absolutely a result of this inefficient, inconvenient, horrible, waste of money system. They are untrustworthy, unreliable, and do not care about filed complaints or focusing on make improvements to their system. If you are looking at an apartment building that uses this system, look somewhere else - if you value your ability to get your own mail!

This service is horrible. They force you to sign up when you move into an apartment complex that has these “luxury” mail boxes. Then they make you list a credit card for each recipient so they can charge you late fees, which would be fine IF they actually TOLD you that your package arrived. Half the time they don’t! Then you track the package only to find out that it arrived THREE DAYS AGO. Which of course means that you have already accrued late fees which they proceed to charge to ALL the cards that are listed. Every. Single. One. What’s that you say? That package wasn’t under your name? TOO BAD! You still pay for $8. Total scam artists. Poorly thought out and inefficient system designed to take your money while providing you NOTHING that a normal mailbox doesn’t already provide. Total garbage.

These boxes are the WORST. Trust me, have your packages sent to an Amazon box. If you get a lot of deliveries, get a PO box. At least the post office won't rip you off. This company? If your packages aren't lost or stolen, they'll hold your packages hostage (ILLEGAL) until you give your card number to a fly by night company. Just NO. If they are in your building, get management to get them out, pronto.

Luxer one Response • Oct 18, 2019

Robert -
We are sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience.
If there is something that we can do to help you find a package, please email or call us with the details. Our Customer Support team is ready to help.
I searched for your email address in our system, and this email address is not coming up as associated with either an active or an inactive account.
I would like to go through a couple of the points you raised in your review.
If you, or any resident, lives at a property where the property management company has set the lockers to require a credit card or sign-up fee, you can always choose to opt-out of the service. If you decide to opt-out, a customer service rep will provide you with the access codes to any packages you have in the system.
Fees and credit card requirements are determined by the property where the lockers are installed, not by Luxer One.
Luxer One is not a “fly by night” company, we have our lockers installed in thousands of multifamily complexes, and take in millions of deliveries every year.

Just moved into an apartment with Luxer One system. The idea of having it sounded good. But turns out to be my worst nightmare so far. Got a total of 8 packages delivered to me via a number of different couriers, *** ... All packages including a very heavy and bulky on that can't be fitted into the largest locker was left there. Both courier and leasing office claims that its what to be expected by agreeing to use this system! And for the ones that can be fitted into the lockers, they are all put in the shared large locker. I have to move out large heavy bulky ones belonging to other residents before I can reach mine, and then have to put them back into the locker again. Got myself quite a few bruises just doing this! Seriously, this is the most *** system I have come across so far. As for the so called one time QR code for opening the locker, I have tried using it to open the locker multiple times on the same day, and it works every single time! Would move out as soon as my lease is up, and not consider living anywhere with Luxer One system ever again!

Luxer one Response • Oct 18, 2019

Thank you for sharing this feedback.
The extra-large locker you are referencing is supposed to be used for large packages only, and not for all deliveries.
I have reviewed the lockers at your property, and it appears as if the carriers are not using the system correctly. I am having the account manager who is assigned to your property contact the carriers in your area to re-train them on correctly using the locker systems so we don't have all of those packages going into the XL locker.
I am sorry that you had a poor experience, but I thank you for sharing it with us so we can get it corrected.

Period: Jan 2018 to current date
Cons of Luxerone:
1. Functionality: They over ride delivery instructions by broadcasting it directly to the carrier drivers when customer creates luxer account. So no more front-door options no matter the size/weight of the package. (So if you live on top floor & the building has no elevators, you will have to arrange additional assistance to help you carry your packages from mail room to your unit)
2. Consistency: Out of 10 pkgs, expect luxer locker code for 2 pkgs only. Rest pkgs will have delayed code, jammed door, wrong code, delivery to secondary email, delivery to primary phone etc based on the mood of lockers. Hence expect 80% error rate.
3. Communication: Their customer support responds with random technical jargons that have nothing to do with actual issue. Hence expect 1-sided communication. There is no direct communication between community management & luxerone as result expect the blame-game.
4. Contradiction: They will re-route the resident towards community/building managers to solve luxerone’s issues manually, which will require additional appointment limited to office-working hours only. Hence expect more delays to retrieve your blocked packages.
5. Re-occurrence: Same issue, same resolution strategies. Hence expect to repeat the issue-reporting multiple times. Please don’t expect permanent resolution of the reoccurring issues.
6. Resolution: Temporary resolution is only granted for resident’s determination & patience. Hence expect unreasonable stalling of time.
7. Domino effect: It encourages the drivers to dump all community packages in the mailroom without utilizing the locker system. Hence expect to play treasure-hunt games for your packages.
Conclusion: After paying for both Luxerone as well as shipping services, expect only 20% accountability.
Pros of Luxerone:
There is none except that brief absence of cons can build false hopes in residents/customers.
Conclusion: I never imagined home-delivery could be so complicated!

After multiple exchanges with customer service and even a request to speak to someone else, the agent who was assisting me refused to provide any evidence that my building instituted a yearly fee for use of this system.

After calling support initially for a package retrieval issue, I immediately got another email stating I had been charged a yearly fee which I had never been charged before or heard of. I started a conversation with support where they stated that this fee always existed, and due to a billing issue wasn't being charged to me. I asked for evidence that this was always an existing fee (documentation, declined charge attempts on my card from the previous years, etc). The agent refused to provide any information and was completely dismissive of my request.

Furthermore, the company has on multiple occasions attempted to charge me $50 for late package pickups, despite having set a vacation hold. Their system charged me anyway and I've had to manually reach out to have these charges reversed.

Finally, on more than one occasion (5-8 instances a year) my packages have gone missing, had been marked as delivered but with no confirmation PIN to pick them up, or have been returned to the sender despite a vacation hold.

Luxer one Response • Sep 02, 2019

We apologize for any confusion regarding the sign up fees, or the problems with deliveries.

The property management company that manages this property had informed residents of a $50 annual fee that was instituted on 6/11/2018, however it had not been enforced until 6/11/2019. At that point all residents of the property had to pay the $50 annual fee in order to receive access codes for their packages.

If a resident chooses to not pay the fee, they can always opt out of using the locker systems.

Regarding missing packages and undelivered packages, there are a number of things that can cause a package to not be in a locker or room where it is expected.

1 - In a shared space, another resident may accidentally pick up the wrong package.

2 - Sometimes carriers will attempt to deliver a package into a locker too small for it to fit, and then deliver it as a second package in a larger locker. This creates the illusion of a second delivery which doesn't exist.

3 - Sometimes carriers will deliver a package, only to then realize the package requires a signature. They will then delivery the package to the door, or front desk. Again this creates the illusion of a delivery which doesn't exist.

I will look into the reports of a vacation hold not functioning correctly. We have thousands of vacation holds on at any given time, and I have not seen an example of one not working as designed.

Customer Response • Sep 04, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

I had asked for documentation multiple times that showed my building instituted some type of annual fee. My building could not produce any nor could I find any, and Luxer One refused to do so when asked, claiming it was always present and that it was my building's responsibility -- even now in this most recent response. Furthermore, despite the date mentioned as to when the fee started getting applied to user accounts, mine was only charged after I called in for help (after the date mentioned). It's as if the company recognized an opportunity to charge me for something while investigating my account and started the charge without notifying me. The email that I had been charged an annual fee was instantaneous after my support call ended. I want the $50 annual fee returned. It didn't exist before, Luxer One failed to provide any documentation around it starting as well as any "previously failing charge attempts" which apparently lead to the immediate charge of my account after I contacted them.

Regarding vacation hold fees: There are at least 2 support requests under my email about being charged for package fees despite my vacation hold being on. The company need only look them up and provide them. If they can't I'm sure I can find them.

Finally, regarding the reasonings for packages not being delivered, going missing, or otherwise showing as delivered but not being available: these are all problems that need to be solved. These are not acceptable reasons for users missing their packages. I see no effort being made by the company to improve its relationship with mail carriers or properties to troubleshoot these instances and in more interactions than not, they seem to actively pass blame away from themselves to the building or mail carriers. This is their system, if it's not going to work around these very real scenarios, then it's a product that is not ready for market.


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