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Luxury Townhomes, L L C

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On May 23, 2013 [redacted] and I ([redacted]) signed a lease agreement with Private Reserve Luxury Townhomes. On May 25th, we moved into the townhome. That evening, we called emergency maintenance due to the 2nd floor not cooling. The gentleman was very nice and changed our filter. On May 28th, I faxed our move in review / exceptions including the 2nd floor not cooling. [redacted] called the office twice about the issue and there was no resolution. I called on June 12 and told the office the AC was still not cooling the 2nd floor. On June 13, I called and spoke with [redacted] and told her that no one came to fix our AC and that it still was not working. I told her that the maintenance guy told us the last time he came out that there was not anything additional he could do. [redacted] stated that she would call management. On June 14, I went by the office and spoke to [redacted]. I told him that the AC was still not cooling the 2nd floor. Maintenance happened to be there and told [redacted] that he had been out several times and that there was nothing additional he could do. He told [redacted] that the construction of the ventilation system was not made appropriately to cool a unit of our size. He and [redacted] discussed possible options and mentioned a larger AC unit, having a contractor come out to clean the duct work and installing fans in the duct work to push more air to the second floor. [redacted] told me that they would take care of it. On June 18, I called and asked [redacted] for the management company. She said the name wa SS management and that she was not allowed to provide their phone number or address. On June 19, I went to the office to tell them no one had come by to fix it. There was a lady in the office talking to [redacted] that said we should close the vents on the 1st floor and that it would push cold air to the second floor and cool both the first and second floor. I left and called [redacted]. She stated that the first floor vents were closed. I called back and told [redacted] that the vents on the 1st floor have been closed this whole time and expressed my dissatisfaction with it taking so long for resolution. [redacted] stated that I needed to speak with [redacted]. She placed me on hold and the line was disconnected. I called back and [redacted] answered again. She said that she was trying to get [redacted] but that he was busy. She stated that she put in another work order and was going to send maintenance out to inspect the issue. I told [redacted] that I was very frustrated as maintenance had been out several times and even had told [redacted] in front of me that there was nothing additional he could do. [redacted] stated that she would call [redacted] the maintenance amanger and have a contractor called right away. I asked [redacted] if she would call me with an update. She was silent. I told [redacted] I appreciated her working with me through this. I added that I was completely frustrated that it has been 25 days and there has been no resolution and that no one has bothered to call me with an update or plan of action. She stated that she would call me when she has an update. On June 20, I went by the office at 10:30am and there was no one available. I called at 1:50pm and there was no answer. I called back at 6:40pm and left a message stating that the AC issue still had not been resolved and that no one had called me with an update today or yesterday. I advised that I was not satisfied, this is the 27th day without resolution and that I expect the resolution should be quick and that I should be updated throughout the process. I requested that someone call me tomorrow and provided by cell phone number [redacted]. I did request that if there was no answer to leave a message and I would return the call as quickly as possible. I also commented that I would attempt to stop by the office again in the morning. On June 26, I have still not received a phone call or a follow-up. On Friday the 21st, maintenance stopped by to replace our broken dishwasher. He seems to be the only helpful person at this place. I called the office again at 10:13am and [redacted] answered. She never gives her name when she answers or builds any rapport with the caller. I tried being nice with her in the beginning and ask how she was doing or try to share pleasantries and she was not receptive. I asked to speak with [redacted] answered. I said, Hi [redacted], it is [redacted], How are you this morning. I received the same response that I receive from [redacted]. Fine, what can I do for you? There is absolutely no customer service skills held by either [redacted] or [redacted]. I just moved into a townhouse at your location, will be spending almost a thousand dollars a month, my concerns have not been addressed and you can’t even be nice to me on the phone? It is so frustrating. I responded surprised because I expected since he is the office manager, he would have been nicer than [redacted]. I told him that I spoke with [redacted] on the 19th and asked her to call me back with an update and that I also called on the 20th and left a message. I told [redacted] that not only have I not received a call back, the issue is still unresolved. He asked if I was calling about the issue with the AC not cooling the 2nd floor. I said yes. He stated that he would call me back this morning, this afternoon or tomorrow morning at the latest. I told him thank you. On June 27, I have not received the phone call that [redacted] promised no later than this morning. I called at 12:45pm and [redacted] stated that he has my numbers in front of him and he should have an answer by this afternoon and he will call me. I asked [redacted] about a notice that we received from the office this morning. [redacted] told me not to worry about it. [redacted] stated that the owners were there and they did not want any conflict between the tenants. I told [redacted] that I did have items in front of my place. He asked what I have. I told [redacted] that I have a plant, a little decorative bike, a very small cement penguin and a flag. [redacted] told me that I should move all of my items to the back, but not to worry about the flag. I confirmed, so don’t worry about the flag, [redacted] said no. I called back to [redacted] at 5:35pm since I did not receive a returned call as promised. [redacted] stated he sent maintenance back out to the apartment to verify the filter was clean and that there was not anything else they could do. I told [redacted] we knew this information and have known it for weeks. I told [redacted] that I have been in the apartment over one month and that this was not acceptable. I should be able to have use and enjoy both levels of my townhome and not just the first level. [redacted] stated that he called corporate and they would not let him order a larger AC unit because all of the townhomes my size had that unit. He stated he could reach back out to corporate. I told [redacted] that I was dissatisfied and that this process was very slow moving. [redacted] verified the office address. I advised [redacted] I would write a letter. [redacted] also provided me with his email address. I called [redacted] who was at our home all day today and she said that no one came by. [redacted] has issues with the company because he is not able to make any decisions that have financial implications. He also is not allowed to provide the address or phone number of the corporate office or of the owner. If they provide that information they are terminated. [redacted] [redacted]

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Address: 7702 Harcourt Road, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States, 46260


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