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Lychee Acupuncture Clinic, Inc.

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The customer had been in contact with the claims department since the time of his moveHe was asked to submit a completed claim form. He expressed his unhappiness about having to complete the claim form and he wanted the claim to be settled based on his report to the crew supervisor as the
damages were written on the bill of ladingHowever, it was explained that we needed to have a completed claim form on file prior to settling the claim He was given the claim for in August however, he did not submit the claim form until October which was a non-business day. Once the claim form was received the claim was initiated and has since been settledThe customer was offered a settlement for the claim however he has declined the settlement offer

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: the weights are drastically incorrect due to improper estimatesI am more than willing to have an adjuster weigh each item, and I have mentioned this several timesIn addition, no documentation was provided detailing how these weights were derivedLastly, the majority of the claim was rejected as we were told the items were not documented at time of delivery (they were, with pictures, including the pictures of the movers handling the damaged items)I have filled paperwork in the local court system and I am awaiting next steps from the courtIt's unfortunate O'Brien's won't stand behind the items they damaged as there is no question each item was damaged in their care and is well documented. Again, it's not about the money, it never wasIt's just principle, they damaged my furniture and now are refusing to pay the promised amount for each itemLooking at their reviews online, I'm not the only person with these same issues with this companyIt's about time someone actually tried to rectify the situation in courtI'm confident a judge will side with me, probably for much more than I had actually wantedWe will see
Thanks for all the help,
*** ***

The customer was informed of how the weight is determined when he received the claim form and claim form procedure letter. The claim settlement proposal indicated the weight associated with each allowable claim item. The weight of each item was assessed at $per pound thus the customer was offered settlement based on the basic liability of $per pound. The customer signed the inventory documents prior to the loading of the truckAll claim submissions are reviewed against inventories when applicable and if a piece of furniture is noted as damaged, marred, etcthen that claim item is deniedAll claim forms are reviewed thoroughlyThere was a piece of furniture misidentified on the bill of label which also carried over on the claim settlementHowever, when discovered, the claim settlement was quickly adjusted and an updated claim settlement proposal of $was presented to the customer, which the customer again declined and did not submit the claim settlement release within the day timeframe therefore at this time, the claim is considered closed

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: This claim is not settled and will be moving to the [redacted]. The company disregarded my claim form when creating their settlement offer of $150, going as far as to offer me settlement for items I do not own and not providing corresponding item numbers or documentation of how they arrived at their weight per item. It O'Brien's didn't even read our claim. In addition, the settlement offer excluded items on our claim which I have documentation O'Brien's damaged in transit. I took photos of all items leaving the home undamaged, then photos of all items arriving damaged. This is really black and white, they damaged ~17k worth of furniture in one way or another (e.g. scratches, ruined rug pads, etc). I only ask that company pay the $0.60 per pound that was agreed upon in the contract. No more, but surely no less. I have provided a link to the claim form and photos of each item damaged:[redacted]
In regards to the company statements that I was unhappy that I had to fill out the form. This is 100% true. I left several voicemails and sent several emails immediately following our move to determine the next steps. All went unanswered until I reached a phone operator and demanded to speak to someone, anyone. At that point I was willing settle for just $500 to make this all go away. But O'Brien's demanded I follow their process and detail each and every item providing images, etc. claiming they had no record of my complaint as they had "lost" the bill of lading (which they now claim they have, but still have not furnished me a copy after repeated requests). The documentation process was long and laborious, I followed it to the letter. Now I expect to be fully compensated under their $0.60 per pound "rule". It's not my fault O'Brien's refused to negotiate the $500 back in August, I probably would have walked away at $400. But now that I have taken the time to follow their process and documented each damaged item, it's a fairly clear cut case. They damaged each item, I have it documented leaving in their ands undamaged, and arriving at my new home damaged. I can't imagine a magistrate won't side with the overwhelming evidence. But if he or she rules in O'Brien's favor, so be it. At least I tried to right the wrong.It's a shame the company didn't settle in August, it would have cost us both less in the long run. But it's not about the money to me, it's now about principles. I filled out the form, documented everything they broke. It's time for them to pay the agreed upon rate.

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Address: 155 E Silver Spring Dr, Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, United States, 53217


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