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Lyons Home Improvement

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Review: June 17, 2015 Signed contract to have Lyon's refinish our kitchen cabinets. At that time we made a check out to Mr. L[redacted] for $1,150.00 as a half down deposit that he cashed. I have called and left messages 5 times in the last two weeks telling Mr. L[redacted] I need a work start date or my money refunded so I could hire someone else to do the job but Mr. L[redacted] has not returned any of my calls. I have also e mailed multiple times stating the same thing.. for him to please be in contact with me. I sent him copies of the check of ours that he cashed through the U.S. mail. Today (August 4 ) I called again and his phone messages are full.

I have lost my faith in the Lyon's business with their lack of response and am very afraid I will not get back my hard earned money and the project will have to go undone.Desired Settlement: I would appreciate a prompt refund of the check that [redacted] Lyon's cashed so I can hire some else soon to get this job done. thank you.

Review: Mr Claud L[redacted] was contacted to give a quote on a new roof we needed to put on our house. On April 24 2012 [redacted] and I signed a contract with Mr L[redacted] as he had the best price quoted after receiving other quotes. We had also at that point picked the color shingles we wanted and was very specific about making sure there was ice & water put on to the roof so we wouldn't receive ice dam damage like the year before. At that point we had pulled the permit not knowing that the roofer was responsible for that. April 27, 2012 [redacted] spoke with Mr. L[redacted] over the phone and was told that he would just come out to the house on Monday April 30 2012 to look at the roof and see what had to be done. [redacted] told him he wanted to be home when the roof was installed to make sure the ice & water had been done correctly. Later that day both [redacted] and myself arrive home from work and find around 12 guys up on our roof with the roof being almost all of the way done. At that point we could not tell if the ice & water was done correctly. The roofing company never had the roof inspected before putting the shingles on to make sure the ice & water was installed correctly. At that point there was no way to tell because the shingles had already been laid down on the roof. Mr. L[redacted] assured us that the ice & water was all set. We paid him his money, two men came back the next day to finish up some minor work and away they went.Desired Settlement: I would like the roof fixed correctly the way it should have been done the first time. I want the old shingles to be removed new ice & water to be put down correctly and new shingles on top. We cannot do inside work until this roof situation is corrected. The person whom we hired to do our inside work also does outside work roofing siding ect. it was suggested by him that we get this roof situation under control first because the same thing could happen this winter as it did last winter. House insurance will not cover to have the roof fixed. We should not have to pay to have the roof fixed because it almost seems like Mr. L[redacted] was being shady when it came to the roof. We never gave him permission to do work on the roof while we were at work. We only gave him permission to look. I do not want him near our roof again. I want the necessary funds to fix his mistake and the funds go to a qualified roofer who isn't going to try and pull the wool over ones eyes.



We install Mr [redacted] roof over 3 years ago. I called to let him know when the dumpster and the materials would be delivered and that we would start work. I had three men on the roof two men on the ground to clean up and put all the shingles that we ripped off the roof into the dumpster. We install the roof according to all building codes including the ice and water.Back in January or February when Mr [redacted] called to tell me he had a water leak on the inside of this house I came right over. He showed me where it was leaking on the inside of the house. On the outside of the house on the roof were there was about two and a half feet of ice dams all around the roof line. He also had somebody chisel and removing the ice dams off the roof. I explained to him that everything was done according to code and the problem was that he needed to remove the ice dams before I got this bad. Mr [redacted] call back after all the ice dams and snow is melted off the roof and said that there was no ice and water.I came over again and I lifted a few shingles to show him that there was ice in water and it was installed correctly. I told him the person who removed the ice dams had damaged his roof two or three feet back from the edge of the roof line.I remove ice dams for other customers to prevent water damage. I believe Mr [redacted] would like a new roof because of his neglect and the damage from the ice dam removal. I have many customers that are more than happy of the work that we perform and never had any problems.Thank you



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: in response to the contractor I am not looking for a new roof. Before Mr. L[redacted] started the roof, I explained to him because of the pitch of the roof on that side, I wanted ice and water protection above and beyond the code. I was willing to pay extra for it. Again he was told not to do any work on the roof without us present. We were informed that he was dropping the materials off and was told he was not starting at that time. Mr. L[redacted] did not have an inspection of the ice and water done to make make sure it was done correctly according to code. We had the local building inspector out and was informed that it would have to be ripped up to verify ice and water installation in the correct way. As far as Mr. L[redacted] saying he came out right away after the leak he did not come until the next day. We had to hire someone to remove the ice damn because water was leaking into our home. There is no way we were neglectful in maintaining our roof. Had there been plenty of ice and water protection as requested, we could have had a five foot ice damn and not had a leak. Three of our surrounding neighbors had new roofs put on and none of them had ice damn leaks. As far as the rest of the roof, there's not a problem We just want six feet of ice and water protection and shingles replaced on that side of the roof.


Review: Lyons Home Improvement has taken payment against two home improvement services contracts and has refused to complete one contract and to start the other as required. One contract covered interior painting, which was not 100% completed. Despite the fact that the interior work was not completed fully, a Lyons employee asked for full payment and promised to return to complete the open items. We provided full payment in good faith. We also signed a second contract with Lyons representative and provided a 50% deposit, or approximately $1400. Soon thereafter, it was discovered that Lyons employee cashed our two checks and did not turn the payment over to LHI. Upon discovering this fraud by one of his employees, the company's founder and president, Jay L[redacted], communicated to me that he would honor the payments we had made and would fulfill the contracts that were signed. Several weeks later, Lyons and two workers arrived at our house to start the work included in the second contract. Lyons asked if I would be willing to advance him additional funds as he was having cash flow problems as a result of some of the actions of his now former employee. I agreed to provide Lyons an additional $800 advance on the contract. Lyons told me that his crew would be back in three days to start the exterior work. That was more than three weeks ago and despite repeated attempts to communicate with Jay L[redacted], he has not returned any of our communications depsite the fact that I have now paid him more than $2200 on a contract of $2800 that his company has refused to start and complete.Desired Settlement: I am requesting that Jay L[redacted] return all payments made against the contract signed for exterior painting and $300 against the interior contract for which full payment was made but that Lyons workers did not complete per the contract.

Review: I signed an agreement with Lyons Home Improvement LLC on September 9, 2015 to replace two (2) windows in my condo unit in [redacted], Connecticut. The agreement was faxed to the company on September 9, 2015. At the same time I sent a deposit check in the amount of $750 which was cashed on September 14, 2015. I spoke with Claude L[redacted], Owner, several times to schedule a date. His reply to me was he was extremely busy. Mr. L[redacted] stopped answering my calls in the beginning of November. As a result, I sent a letter on November 11, 2015 asking to complete the project by November 20th or refund a deposit to resolve this problem. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard anything from him since that time.Desired Settlement: To get a refund of $750 which I paid as a deposit

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