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Review: We hired [redacted] to fix our inoperable heater on 10/11/13. He was paid by my wife at her work that afternoon, $466.00. When I returned home from work at 4:00PM, I fired up the heater and it did not work. After his saying that he couldn't return until the following week, I reminded him that he was paid in full, and he demanded he return on 10/12/13. He showed up with a different control than the one he replaced. We fired up the heater (11:00AM) and it worked fine. He said the part he put in wasn't the exact replacement part, and had the new one, and he claims that he told me for an additional $50.00, he would put in the new part. I don't remember him saying that, but that is a moot point as I will explain.Why he wouldn't put in the correct part to begin with is beyond me. He said the heater was working fine, and left. For the past 5 weeks, the heater has worked early morning, and not at all in the afternoon and evening, which explains why it fired up when he came back.Today I called [redacted] and [redacted] and [redacted] was here within the hour. After some diagnostic work, he discovered that the part that was replaced was a 1994 part!! It did not work! He also discovered that [redacted] had spliced some wires to make a 30 year old part fit, and he had to undo all of that. He was back with the correct part within 30 minutes. ([redacted] could have easily purchased the correct part) He installed the correct part, and fixed the problem. We now have heat.There are two issues to deal with here. The correct part we were charged $150.00, and we were charged $187.00 for a 30 year old part, to be upcharged $50.00 for the correct one. OK, buyer beware. But [redacted]'s integrity comes into question when he tried to get away with installing a 30(29) year old part, hoping we would be none the wiser. And we wouldn't have been had it worked. He also replaced a $43.00 part that [redacted] said was perfectly fine.I will be seeing [redacted] in small claims court. I have all of the evidence in hand. Beware of [redacted]!

Product_Or_Service: Forced air furnace

Order_Number: no invoice #

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

I want the price of the bad parts refunded. I called him, and told him I didn't want him back in my house to make it good. The fact that he tried to run an old part by us makes that understandable. He hung up on me. I will eat the labor charge as I should not have hired him in the first place, and that's on me. $187.00+$43.00=$230.00. I think this is more than fair.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 9, 2013/12/18) */

I worked on this costumers furnace on the 10/11/2013 and the 10/12/2013 and after working on the furnace on 10/11/2013 the costumer said that they would have a check in the house for me to fill in for that they left a key under doormat to get in, I called him when I was done and that he said he forgot and to call his wife, I called his wife and she said to come to where she works but wont be there for awhile, by the time I got thur the heavy traffic of beaverton and portland I got there and she paid me, after all that I had most of the hole day into the job as the map quest can show you all my travels, all my job charges can include all travel time and that I spent over 2 hr working on the furnace alone and I wanted to keep the price down because they knew a lone time (30 years) costumer of mine, later that night he called me and said that the furnace wasn't working at all, I said that I found the original part in the bottom of furnace and that I came back to replace the part that I would put in the original part and that the warehouses were closed on the weekend and that it would cost me 75.00 to get a part out of the warehouse on the weekend and that the extra cost of the part was about 50.00 more, he said he wanted fixed right now and was mad so I said I would be there Saturday with the part, I showed up and his house was 68 degrees and said he tried the furnace before I showed up and it didn't work, after turning it on it came on right away, as I was turning it on and off he said that he looked up the part on the internet and said that he could order it for 85.00 and that he wanted me to pay him 100.00 back for the part I put in and that I over charge him, I showed him the cost of the part in the book of 235.00 and I would put it in for him and he pay me the difference of the 187.00 I charge him, he said to leave it alone and he wasn't going to pay, I told him that the fee was 75.00 to get parts on weekend and that I wouldn't charge him for any extra labor or weekend part fee, just the difference in the part, again he said that it seemed to be working and to leave it alone.

After one month I never heard from him and my labor is guaranteed for 30 days I took the part back and not heard from him, month and a half later he calls me demanding I pay him some 200.00 and

calling me a F ING Dourk many time and telling me that I cannot come in his house ever and

still demanding money, I saw no reason to try to communicate with him and ended the conversation.

When I left my house on that Saturday my house was at 60 degrees and I spent 3200.00 on insulation this summer, it seemed odd that his house was at 68 degrees and that he cost me many hours of driving not to mention time on the job and that it was working just fine, also please note the date of the return of the part, I tried everything to take care of him and he just keeped giving me the run around from the start of the job, also notice the cost and part # and the invoice part # are the same.

I have included a bill with all information that he owes for the Saturday call for all my work is time and material that I will try to collect from him.

[redacted] 12/02/2013

Bill To: [redacted] Invoice# XXXXXX

[redacted] Invoice Date 10/12/2013

Beaverton, Oregon 97006 [redacted] XXX XXX XXXX

Job Description: Rheem Gas Furnace

On 10/11/2013 went thur gas furnace and cleaned furnace that was very dirty and not in operation, after going thur furnace and finding old ignition control at bottom of furnace found ignition control had been replaced before, left that original control on top of furnace and put the same that was in the furnace that was there and had just a board in van as lot of furnaces have control with no cover box, put board in the cover box that was there, that night was called that there was no heat, explained that if I change the control that I would put in the (original equipment part) OEM part and that all warehouses are closed on weekend and that there is a $ 75.00 charge for getting part on weekend, [redacted] said he wanted heat, on Saturday the 11/12/2013 I got the part ant came over to put it in, when I got there he said it hasn't worked at all, after turning on furnace it came right on and all worked great, turning furnace on and off for about 1 hour or more all worked great and that after showing him the price of the other part he didn't want to pay for the additional cost of part and to leave it the way it is.

(Mies) Cost of getting part

Total= 75.00

4 Hr Labor At 78.00 Hr. (includes all travel on weekends) Total=312.00

Total Job Cost=387.00

[redacted] 10/12/2013

Final Consumer Response /* (3000, 11, 2013/12/28) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

[redacted] told 4 blatant lies in his response, but I am not interested at this point of playing I said, he said. I found it interesting though, that after all of the hyperbole, he failed to address that the part he installed was 30 years old!! As I mentioned before, after he left the second day saying it worked fine (it did that morning) it failed again that afternoon, and every afternoon thereafter until we had a qualified technician replace it with the correct part that he purchased for $150.00. [redacted] installed a 1994 part (clearly visible on the part) and tried to get away with it. He did mention it was not the exact part, but he NEVER mentioned that it was 30 years old. When he mentioned in his response that he guarantees his work for 30 days (not on his invoice,BTW), I guess he will if he can charge another 50 bucks. That is when I knew I was done with him. He wanted a surcharge to put in the part he should have put in in the first place.

He charged me $187.00 for the 30 year old failed part, and that will be the extent of my claim. He is welcome to have the part back, but not before I have cash or a money order in my hand.

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