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Review: MMReflections was contracted as the photographer for my daughters wedding, event date December 10, 2011. According to the contract for services, signed by [redacted], owner of MMReflections, wedding photographs were to be available for viewing 2-3 weeks after the event date. However, photographs were provided on January 30, 2012. MMReflections provided 2 free photo prints for the delay.In addition to the delay in obtaining wedding photographs, I am dissatisfied with MMReflections response latency to communication attempts I have made to obtain information. In particular, both my daughter and I emailed MMReflections in order to verify when pictures would be released. After multiple days without a response, and additional communication attempts via telephone calls, as well as post on facebook, MMReflection returned an email indicating that the initial correspondence attempt was sent to junk mail, despite prior successful communication through email. Furthermore, similar communication patterns are continuing to occur as I await the final service included in the contract, a photo album, which has not yet been received. Lastly, I am dissatisfied with the overall time management displayed by MMReflections. Not only were wedding pictures provided a month after indicated in the contract, but another service product detailed in the contract was received in an unsatisfactory time manner. As part of MMReflections photography package, a CD of all digital images from the wedding was to be provided. Upon receipt and review of the CD, it was identified that not all images were included. After request for the images to be provided on a new CD was made to MMReflections at the end of February, the CD was not received until May. Similarly to the wedding photographs, multiple attempts were made to follow-up with MMReflections before the CD was provided.Desired Settlement: The photography package purchased from MMReflections was in total of $2,500. Due to the delay in receipt of wedding pictures, untimely obtainment of CD and photo album, as well as dissatisfactory communications, which continue to occur, I am requesting to be reimbursed $1,000 from MMReflections. Furthermore, I believe it is imperative that a compliant be filed against MMReflections so that future clients will have the opportunity to be made aware that although photographs from MMReflections are highly satisfactory, the time management and professionalism in regards to communication is lacking with this company.



In regards to [redacted]’s complaint:This complaint was made by the mother of a bride of mine. The complaint came as a shock, as neither the bride, nor her mother, had expressed to me any dissatisfaction with my services. There was plenty of communication with the family, both verbally and by email, and I provided many additional services for the bride free of charge.The happy wedding took place shortly before Christmas in 2011. As such, I verbally informed the bride that I would not be working over holidays, which would result in a slight delay. Unfortunately, while editing the photos of the wedding and composing the photo album, my family and I came down with the flu and I also lost two close family members within six short weeks. Other minor glitches included one email from the bride which was marked as spam by my service provider, as well as some missed calls to my home phone when I was at hospitals with loved ones. All instances of missed communication were rectified by either the bride calling or emailing me, or upon my checking my home phone after a few days. There were further delays in the creation of the album due to lengthy response times of the Bride for image selection and album approval.These events resulted in some of the delay in provided services. However, I was in contact with the bride on numerous occasions throughout the process (30+emails as well as phone calls) and they seemed very understanding of my situation. For these delays, I offered two additional free prints and I upgraded the shipping of their album for no extra cost. I also provided images in advance for use in thank you cards. I also provided free digital editing of approximately 20 photos at the request of the bride. Those types of edits are not typically included in my wedding packages or the packages of my peers in the field. These photos were provided online and in a mailed CD.I typically post “sneak peaks” within 1-2 weeks of a wedding for brides via social media. I also normally post all final photos online 3-4 weeks after the completed wedding date, as stated in my contract. All 900 final images of this wedding were posted on an online hosting site, for their viewing, six weeks after the event. My last communication with the bride was in response to getting her correct mailing address to have her album delivered directly to her; she wrote back with her address thanked me and wished me a great evening. Based on this and all previous communications, I assumed they were satisfied with my services. The complaint came as a shock, and honestly I felt hurt. I understand that there were delays in the process, but I provided extra services and was in communication with the bride throughout the process. If the bride’s mother was unhappy with my communication, then I wish she would have reached out and let me know. I value my clients and I value my work. I believe I gave the best service possible under the circumstances. ~MMReflections



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 9073583, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

Hello Mr. [redacted],

The following is a response to MMReflections' reply to my initial complaint. I greatly appreciate all of your assistance throughout this complaint process.

Complaint ID: 9073583

Resolution Moderator: [redacted]

In regards to the response to my complaint, I would like to state that MMReflections' reply is not believed to be entirely accurate. Although many conversations between myself or the bride (my daughter) and MMReflections occurred verbally over the phone, and therefore cannot be documented or verified, I would like to state the reasons that I continue to be dissatisfied with the service I received.

To begin, I would like to state page 1 of the contract provided by MMReflections (attached in email): “The above signed will be notified upon completion of the images and of the final order within 2-3 weeks after the said above wedding date.” The event date was 12/10/11 and the final images were received over a month and a half later (as MMReflections also noted in her reply). Specifically, on 1/30/12, an email was sent from an online hosting site indicating that our photos were ready.

While I understand that my complaint may have come as a shock to MMReflections, I contacted the business and left a message in June to discuss the arrival of the photo album, as well as to express my frustration. However, despite following up with a second call to MMReflections regarding these two issues, I still have not yet received a return phone call. In addition, while the bride did not voice dissatisfaction to MMReflections, this was in an effort to remain respectful, particularly in light of the fact that services were still to be rendered by the business.

Secondly, there was no verbal discussion with the bride that there would be a delay in services due to the holidays. MMReflections was aware of the event date, and its proximity to the holidays, when the contract was written and as such, the holidays should have been taken into consideration when the timeline for producing the pictures was established.

Furthermore, in regards to communication throughout this process, it is accurate that we were in contact on numerous occasions. However, there were several instances in which multiple emails and/or phone messages were left by the bride or myself (both on MMReflections home phone and cell phone) before a response was received. While it is understandable that illnesses and family emergencies were a cause of delay, MMReflections also noted on the phone to both myself and the bride that she was also very busy with other events, which also contributed to the delays and is an issue of time management.

Regarding the delay in the creation of the album, after the bride selected the images for the photo album, MMReflections provided a date by which the album would be available for view online. However, a link to the album was not provided to the bride to view until nearly a week after MMReflections said it would be sent, and not until after a follow-up email was sent by the bride. Furthermore, when the bride reviewed the album on 3/26/12 (4 days after the link was received) and requested two minor changes, MMReflections did not make the changes and send the modified sample to the bride for over a month (received 4/30/12), and not until two follow-up emails from the bride.

Lastly, in regards to the additional free services provided to myself and the bride, it is accurate that two free prints were provided and shipping was upgraded (shipping was only updated on wedding album discussed above), however, there was no discussion, or agreement, that these services were satisfactory compensation for delays. Also, while MMReflections did provide images in advance for use in thank you cards, these images were sent via email on 1/4/12, which was after the contracted time that pictures were already to have been released. Lastly, in regards to the free digital editing on request of the bride, the description of the photography package on MMReflections contract (attached) indicates that a complete CD of all digitally retouched wedding images would be provided. Although I appreciate the editing of the photographs, it appears that this is not an additional service, but rather part of the package. MMReflections did not state otherwise when she agreed to edit the pictures.

Overall, as mentioned at the start of this response, I continue to be dissatisfied with the services received for our event and maintain the belief that I am entitled to compensation for the delay in services, as well as the poor communication. Furthermore, I also remain convinced that this complaint should be made public knowledge for future clients researching photographers.

Thank you,

I can not say enough good things about my experience with Melissa Michelle Reflections. Melissa is very professional and took the time to really listen to my vision of what I wanted our wedding photos to be. Before the wedding I communicated with her on a regular basis, and she was very quick to respond all the time.

On the day of the wedding, Melissa arrived slightly earlier than the scheduled, and started working with her assistant as soon as they arrived (side note: punctuality is pretty big in my book and I really appreciate people who respect time). Everything went by so smoothly, the entire wedding party had a great time with her. Besides producing great work, She brought great energy and enthusiasm to the event, and has great people skills. Our wedding party commented on how fun she was to work with. Looking back on the wedding day, my husband and I recall the wedding party shoot with Melissa being one of our top 5 favorite parts of the day.

Melissa's work is great, she works to get the right shot, from the best angle, with the most interesting compositions. And when she wasn’t doing posed shots, we hardly even noticed her and it was obvious that Melissa and her assistant had all angles covered, and their shots were diverse. This makes it a lot more fun and interesting to look back on the photos afterwards.

It's really been a great pleasure working with her. I have been highly recommending her to all my "single" friends to keep them in mind for their future weddings.

I have done business with MM Reflections for the past 8 years, and couldn't be happier with the results. [redacted] is a very talented, creative, and personable phototgrapher. She has been there for the most memorable moments in my life. From my wedding, pregnancy, and recently the birth of my son. [redacted] captures the emotion and timelessness of those special moments. I recommend her all the time to friends and family!

MM Reflections is great! My daughter just recently had her 3 year pictures taken by MM Reflections, and they turned out incredible! My daughter had a blast and I am sooo happy with the results! :)

Review: My husband and I signed a contract with MMReflections on March 29th, 2013 to do our wedding on July 31st of 2013. Our contract was for her "Want It All" package minus a DVD slide show and photo prop box in which she lowered the price of the package for us. We made our payments on the specified dates and everything was fine until after the wedding when it came time to get our products. Our main issue has been getting our Wedding Album. The problem started roughly in November.

(I have an entire spreadsheet that I have made that is more detailed that I would like to attach or send with this)

On September 23rd, I sent [redacted] a Facebook message letting her know that we had narrowed down our images to the 80 favorites as she had told us to. She acknowledged the message.

39 days later I sent her a message on Facebook asking how the album was coming along. I did not get a response for 5 days. She then told me I would have the proof to look at on November 14th, 2013.

November 26th (12 days after specified) she sent me the link. I noticed right away that the album only had 13 pages or 26 side credits and not the 30 pages or 60 side credit that my contract included. I immediately asked her about it, she then said 2 pages did not upload. I continued to question her about the fact that the album should have 30 pages and not 15 either. She then told me she was confused and would look into it and get back to me. I did not hear back from her that day.

November 27th I had to message her to find out if she had an answer for me regarding the pages of the album. She said that she had made a mistake and it should have been 30 pages and she will redo it. She did not give me a time frame.

Since it was around the holidays we did not inquire anymore about the album until January 8th, 2014 (42 days after being told she would redo it). I sent her a message on Facebook asking how the album was coming along. I did not get a response for 7 days. I then sent her a Text message on January 15th, asking how the album was coming along. She replied great and that she was fixing to send me the link.

14 days later I still had not received the link, so I sent her a Text message on January 29th asking if she had sent an e-mail with a link to the album , because I never received it. She replied that she was in the middle of a photo session and would send me the link when she got home. She did not send the link until the next day on January 30th.

On February 25th I sent an e-mail to [redacted] with a list of the corrections that we would like for the album.

I never received a response as to whether she got the e-mail or had applied the corrections.

On March 17 (20 days after e-mail), my husband called the number on her contract, there was no answer so he left a message on the Business' Voice mail. We never got a call back.

On March 19, my husband attempted again to call and left a message, but we still never received a call back.

On March 28th, (8 days since last phone call attempt, 30 days since e-mail with corrections was sent, 123 days since incorrect album proof was provided), we decided that we had had enough and wanted to request a refund of $500 for the Wedding Album we were not provided with. We then sent [redacted] a Certified Letter to the address listed on her Contract and which is listed on her business license. According to the Post Office notices were left for her on 3-29, 4-4, and 4-14 that she had a Certified Letter, however, she did not pick up the letter and it was returned to us on April 17th.

Coincidentally, on April 9th we suddenly received an e-mail from [redacted] with an attached e-mail messaged dated March 9th. However, we never received that e-mail on March 9th. But in this time frame we had tried calling her twice and we tried sending her a certified letter, to which we did not get a response.

So we tried again to attempt to close out our contract and get our Wedding Album. My husband responded to her questions on April 10th. She had one other question that we were unable to respond to until April 12th. We then did not hear anything back.

On April 21st, my husband e-mailed her when we got back into town to verify she received the last e-mail. We did not get a response. On the 22nd, he tried to call her, she did not answer , so he left a message. On the 23rd, he received a strange e-mail that said "no content". He then replied to the e-mail saying that he is not sure what happened to the message. She then replied saying that she had gotten our voice mail and she had gotten our answer to her last question. She then stated that the Album takes 4-6 weeks to print and bind and will be shipped directly to us. We were not sure if this meant that the album had been ordered or not and when the album had been ordered. My husband then replied asking for confirmation that the album had been ordered, but to this day we have never received a response.

We believe that she has chronically shown that she is unable or unwilling to communicate with us after she received payment despite all good faith attempts on our part to get a hold of her.Desired Settlement: Basically, we would like to get our Wedding Album that was included in our contract that we paid for almost a year ago. We would also like others to be aware of her habitually poor communication and tardiness of delivering products that have been paid for in full.



I have never received a certified letter and never had any idea that they had sent one, nor did I ever receive any phone calls until the one on the April 23rd. When I wrote to them in early March to ask how things were going and if they were done making changes and ready to order the album they responded with more changes to the album design and said then I was hard to get a hold of. I responded then asking what that meant since I hadn't heard from them, but they ignored my question and only replied with more album changes after I made the additional ones they wanted.

The album was ordered on the 22nd after all the changes they wanted were completed. I sent an email stating that it was ordered and would be shipped directly to them. They called the next day asking if it was ordered while I was at a doctor appt for my son, later that night I emailed them saying sorry I missed the call was at an important doc apt for my child and that yes it was ordered. As stated in the contract and like the clients have already said it takes 4-6weeks for the wedding album to be print and shipped to the client.

All business with this client is done and I feel the matter is closed and that they just need to wait patiently while the album is being printed and shipped directly to them.



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received, your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved],

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]


Hello [redacted],

MMReflections is the Best Photographer around! She is very kind and creative. Her Photos were amazing that we had done. We couldnt be any happier! Thanks for the fabulous photos :)

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