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Review: This business has lied and is using illegal business practice. They charge for travel time, without letting you know that they do this. When confronted about the fact that they charged me for 30 minutes drive time, they lied and stated the invoice shows 10 minutes (however, I have the invoice and will upload it if possible). The business charged me $52.50 for 30 minutes of travel. The manager then stated that they never charged for 30. That the tech was in Aloha and went back to the office, then to my house, which is 10 minutes away. I feel this company is incredibly dishonest I cannot believe they charge customers for drive time. I was never told that when I called (which the female receptionist admitted to), even though the manager stated she had. He then had to retract it. The company lies and is dishonest across the board.Desired Settlement: Full refund of travel time and reversal of their shady business practice. There is no reason to charge for travel time, etc. If they did not have customers, they would not have to travel anywhere. Other plumbers do not charge this and it is ridiculous.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2014/07/24) */

MP Plumbing is a family owned business since 1942. We have tried very hard to build out customer base by giving our customers exceptional service and good value for their money. Over the past 72 years we have helped thousands of individuals, families and businesses solve their plumbing problems. We recognize that with helping people, there may be a misunderstanding once in awhile. MP Plumbing tries very hard to make every effort to resolve issues fairly with our customers. A small business counts on loyal customers to survive.

Regarding these allegations against us we find them unnecessary and unfounded. Travel time in the plumbing industry is a common practice, whether it is included in the hourly rate or in the first hour on the job. Our plumber was on the customers jobsite for 1 hour and 10 minutes which the GPS shows (attached). We charged 1 hour and 30 minutes to the customer which makes our travel charge 20 minutes. Our plumber did come from Aloha however he did not charge the customer all of the drive time, again only 20 minutes. This customer has used us twice before this call, this year, and has never voiced a concern on travel time before? Unfortunately, on this call when the complaint came in it was a relative of the customer that called in. MP Plumbing offered to credit 15 minutes of time, $26.25 to the relative. We never heard back until this complaint was filed? We will refund the requested amount of $52.50 to the customer, however we desire to have this claim eliminated from the records as it is unwarranted.


Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 8, 2014/07/28) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

You may be a family business, but you have shady practices. I am more upset about the continual lies. You cannot say you charged me for 20 minutes travel time, when my invoice clearly states 30. Your plumber was doing work for about 1 hour only. Please stop with the lies. You offered my Step-Father $17.00 (1/2)of the supposed 20 minutes you charged me and he told you to keep it, you would lose more in business from those of us that have used you in the past and that is the truth. He also stated I would be filing a complaint, so you knew this was occurring. In fact, you told him that was fine. You stated you had "vehicles to fuel and maintain" and you had to charge extra for that.

You did send me back the full amount. However, I still feel you have lied to many people and have a shady practice. My family and friends will not use your service again and this complaint should not be removed. It is completely warranted and any potential future customers have the right to know that you are not upfront and honest and when confronted you continue to not be truthful. It is sad that this came to this when it could have been resolved when my step-father talked on the phone to resolve this and you chose to lie.

Review: The key issue was that I worked with this company as I was looking to replace the faucets in my bathroom. They told me to contact a show room to evaluate the options. The agent told me that I needed to get the exact measurements of the hardware, I did not feel confident to take the measurement myself so I asked them to have it done. The technician told me he add everything under control and he knew what to do. Then he tried to convince me to have them to purchase the new trim set and that he would have sent me options for possible compatible sets pretty soon. 1 week later I had no received any news so I called the office. The technicians called me back and gave me the dimensions he had taken and told me to handle it by myself. I emailed the show room with the dimensions and they called me immediately telling me that the measurement were not completed and some were clearly wrong. I had to personally remeasure some of them and they were definitively wrong. I then called [redacted] myself and figured out what was needed and I found out a key measurement had not been performed. I called MP plumbing again and they made me talk to [redacted] the customer service manager. This guy cut me out telling me that he had to go to a meeting and he would have called me back., He clearly did not. I called him back the next day and he told me that the tech was out until the end of the week. I said that I could not wait (I had to put the house for sale and they were very aware of it) and told that I wanted the money back as I had to urgently hire someone new. [redacted] told me he would call me back (again) to discuss the issue but the refund would not be a problem. Clearly he did not call me back, I emailed him asking for a refund last week, never heard from him. This company is totally unprofessional and clearly lie to customers. They have no sense of accountability for what they commit to. I am not sure how they can have these nice reviews as they totally failed me. By the way, I got a different plumbing company to take care of it and now I have a new trim set in my bathroom. So it was just a matter of doing the right thing. Desired Settlement: I want a full refund of $222, as I was charged for a job not done.



Business' Initial Response /* (1000, 6, 2013/08/19) */

Customer satisfaction is of upmost importance at MP Plumbing Company. In reference to our service call with Ms. [redacted], we were not able to meet the level of satisfaction that we strive for. Therefore we have refunded the complete cost of the service call on 8/16/13 and mailed a check to Ms. [redacted].

Consumer's Final Response /* (2000, 8, 2013/08/22) */

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

full refund was issued, I did not cashed the check yet but I must believe they have taken onwership and closed the issue.

Review: The plumber that MP Plumbing Co. sent to my house, on September 3, 2013, to repair the water dripping from my kitchen sink did not fix the problem and caused damage to the diverter valve of my water filter and to the cartridge. Desired Settlement: Refund of $199.50, which I paid to MP Plumbing Co. In addition, I need MP Plumbing to pay for a new diverter valve and a new cartridge for my water filter.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 8, 2014/09/11) */

This customer has never contacted us regarding this situation. We have been trying to contact her since we received this complaint as we never worked on her water filter back in 9/3/2013. We repaired a drain on the kitchen sink and installed her parts on the kitchen sink faucet on 9/3/13. On 9/19/13 we returned to her home on a complaint that the handle was loose on the kitchen sink faucet, this is a faucet that she purchased elsewhere and that she had other plumbers working on as well. We charged her an hour minimum she paid the our plumber and then stopped payment on the check. As you can see by the invoice she signed for the work. We have had no contact with her since this. The owner of our company has made several attempts to contact this customer to discuss this matter since we received the complaint. 9/5/XX - X:XXpm. 9/9/XX X:XXpm. 9/11/XX X:XXam. She also attempted to get ahold of the on site manager, [redacted] to try and resolve the issue. 9/5/XX X:XXpm. 9/9 2:35pm. Called the management company, [redacted] they stated they will no longer be dealing with this property. MP Plumbing feels that we have made every attempt possible to resolve this situation with no response from the customer. This customer has made no attempt to contact us directly and had no knowledge of any issue for almost 1 year until this complaint. We would like to have this complaint eliminated from our record. Thank you

Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 12, 2014/10/02) */

I'm writing regarding the response of the owner of MP Plumbing Co. to my complaint. I totally disagree with his response; therefore, as I stated before, I maintain my complaint.

I expected the owner of MP Plumbing to send his response to my complaint to the In addition, due to the fact that I was afraid that the owner of MP Plumbing Co. would be rude to me and due to the fact that I am ill, I was unable to return his phone calls. When I did talk to the owner of MP Plumbing, he was very rude and would not let me speak.

I disagree with the response of the owner of MP Plumbing Co. for the following reasons:

1) It is untrue that the plumber of MP Plumbing Co. "repaired a drain on the kitchen sink and installed her parts on the kitchen sink faucet on 9/3/13." On September 13, 2013, the employee of MP Plumbing Co. came to my condominium for the first time to look at the water leak in my kitchen sink. He stated that there was no water leak and that instead the problem was caused by the faucet. Acting in bad faith, he removed the faucet and put it back. He also told me that MP Plumbing had a faucet to sell me. MP Plumbing employee got upset because I told him that instead of buying a new faucet, I was going to request a replacement faucet and parts from the manufacturer. I paid MP Plumbing Co. $199.50, which included a charge of $8.50 for material. What kind of material and material for what? After the MP Plumbing Co. plumber left, I noticed that the faucet was extremely loose. When I received the new faucet and parts, I acted in good faith and I called MP Plumbing Co. to schedule a second appointment for the plumber to install the new faucet and parts. On September 19, 2013, the same MP Plumber came back and again acted in bad faith. On this occasion, again I acted in good faith and I told the plumber that I needed a new water heater installed. He was very rude and intimidating and was upset because I didn't buy one of their faucets. He pretended that he was going install the new faucet and parts sent to me by the manufacturer. Then, he stated that the wrong faucet and wrong parts had been sent to me. He insisted in selling me on of MP Plumbing faucets. He put back the faucet incorrectly and left. Subsequently, my faucet and water filter malfunctioned. I didn't know the MP Plumbing employee had broken my faucet and diverter valve of my water filter.

2) I thought that MP Plumbing had taken advantage of me the first time because they charged me $199.50 for no work performed by their employee. On September 19, 2013, I refused to pay him $118.00 because he didn't install the new faucet and parts. I thought that they were trying to take advantage of me again. Because the MP Plumbing employee was intimidating and rude, I was scared. I signed the order and gave him a check for $118.00 because I didn't know that he had broken my faucet and the diverter valve of my water filter. On August 19, 2014, a plumber came to my condominium to look at the water leak in my kitchen sink. He told me that the faucet was broken. He also told me that the diverter valve of my water filter was also broken. As a result the hot water got thru my water filter causing damage to the cartridge. I replaced the cartridge in January 2014, which should have lasted one year. I need to replace the cartridge immediately because the hot water caused damage to it. I paid for the cartridge about $70.00. I also bought the part for the faucet that needed to be replaced. Attached is the receipt.

Again, I request that the offers me this opportunity to participate in mediation or binding arbitration. I maintain that to resolve this matter MP Plumbing Co. refunds me $199.50. In addition, I need MP Plumbing to pay for a new diverter valve and a new cartridge for my water filter.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.


Final Consumer Response /* (4200, 32, 2014/12/19) */

I don't want to continue the process of trying to get them to replace the water filter cartridge and diverter valve. I will accept their offer of a refund.

Final Business Response /* (1000, 43, 2015/01/23) */

It is unfortunate that it has taken so long to get to this point but we are happy that we have been able to come to a satisfactory resolution. To resolve this issue we are putting a refund in the mail today. We appreciate all the effort by the to help us resolve this.

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