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Mac Haik Dodge Chrysler Jeep

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Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:Unfortunately as the events transpire the root cause of break down is completely inconsistent with your different service advisors. As stated in my original complaint, which I'm shocked how fast I got a response when Mopar has been trying for the prior five days to get. This system was compromised and touched only once since I have owned this truck, this was done by your dealership. Your company opened a closed system in two different places which requires top off of some kind. The coolant which conveniently was not put on the receipt for us to have proof of what you put in the truck. Your advisor when questioned about this stated it was put in the truck and he did not know what was put in. Then when asked by another service advisor from another dealership about this, your service advisor stated he believes they caused this issue and cannot convince "the boss" to do the repairs. Twice have I heard we probably caused the issue, but stories keep changing. This was the same service advisor that assisted me on the first repair prior to this visit. As far as blame placed elsewhere, Sears does my oil exchanges and does not do any type of coolant top offs. I have been going there six years, and have never experienced any issues. I have been going to your dealership six months and here we are. As far as putting blame before your repairs both your service advisors stated they believe if there are any issues in coolant usually show up pretty quick. The car fax that you added shows no need for coolant or any components being replaced to compromise that. So we can rule that out as well. That raises yet another question if the coolant was compromised when you did the repair back in February why was this not fixed then? As a dealership whose soul job is to be experts on this make of vehicle why would we let that go unfixed? I'm amazed how this dealership states you cannot test coolant to find a proper diagnosis but yet assumes it's lotion and you state I compromised it. Why would I do this for any reason? I will attach a forum from Mopar who diagnoses why coolant has a ammonia smell, which it states it gets that smell from being topped off by another wrong fluid. Only top off has been done was by your dealership. 

Could the customer provide proof of the car fax report they were shown? If the customer would like they could have us appraise the vehicle. I would appraise the vehicle more on its current condition then deduct for prior repaired damage. Although it is a factor it wouldn't be based solely on that....

It certainly isn't our practice here to mislead a customer about prior damage.

This is in respond to Mr. [redacted]'s complaint. The vehicle has been here once back in Feb of 2017. We did replace a couple of sensors. One of the sensor as Mr.[redacted] stated did required topping off with some coolant. It did not require a total replenishment but rather a top off. The coolant...

that was added was the correct coolant for his application. This coolant is used in most 2013+ year vehicles. As stated from our service manager we do not know what has contaminated his coolant system. It is not consistent with mixing of coolants. Which as stated we have seen before since now there are so many different types of coolant, however it looks like a different substance. When coolants are mixed  in most cases can be flushed out and the right coolant put back in. That is not the case here. This substance is something we have not seen before. recommended coolant when topping off or flushing the system. Again we do not know what has been added to Mr. [redacted]'s coolant system prior to or after the repair was made. The history on this vehicle suggest several maintenance or repair facilities have also serviced the vehicle. This vehicle prior to Mr. [redacted] owning was owned by a fleet company and then bought at auction by [redacted] where Mr. [redacted] bought the vehicle with roughly 38000 miles. It was brought to us at close to 40000 miles and it currently has almost 50000 miles now. Sears has been the primary service facility since Mr. [redacted] bought the vehicle. Perhaps this is something that was done prior to ownership or another facility accidently put something in the coolant. We simply don't know. We only know that it is contaminated with something. Contamination is not a warrantable item. I would never point to another facility however we believe based on our professional opinion that this was not of our doing. I would be glad to work with the customer with the repair cost, the contamination is pretty extension because there is no flow at all through the coolant system. I am very sorry I did not return his call. I did have my service manager call him immediately after receiving his message as I was in a meeting. I have attached the repair invoice from Feb as well as the vehicle Carfax to show how many people have serviced the vehicle before us. Again I am willing to help out with the cost of the repair but do not feel as though we are at fault for the contamination.

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